One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 46

“Hi buddy.” I smiled as Ben came running towards us. I opened my arms and he ran straight into them, receiving my hug. “I am so sorry that I had to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Why did you?” He asked and looked up at me. “I woke up and mum said you had left.”

“I had some very important business to take care of.” I said. “But I am here now to help you get your supplies and I’ll still be attending Hogwarts this year just like you.”

Benjamin stepped back and looked at George who was next to me. “You look familiar.”

“Well I do believe we’ve met a couple of times.” George smiled. “It’s nice seeing you again, Benjamin.”

“Are you Fred or are you George?” Ben asked and I couldn’t help but laugh quietly at it. “Who do you think I am?”

“Well, this summer while my sister was home, she kept talking about someone named George so I think you’re him.”

“He is George.” I smiled. “His twin brother is Fred. You’ll learn the difference when you get to know them.”

“How long did it take you so know who was who?” Ben asked me.

“I actually always knew.” I said and then looked at George. “From the moment they introduced themselves, I knew who was who.”

George offered me a soft smile before I looked at Ben again. “Do you have your list?”

“Don’t you remember what to get?” He asked, handing me the letter that had all the required items. “You had to get the same things once.”

“That’s six years ago, Benny.” I said. “I can’t really remember.”
“Three sets of plain black robes, am I right?” George asked as I unfolded the piece of parchment.

“Yes. That’s the first on the list.” I said. “Followed by the pointy hat, gloves, winter cloak and then there’re the books and other kind of supplies.”

“When do we buy my wand?” Ben asked.

“Do you want that one first?” I chuckled. “We can go there now if you want.”

“That’s what I’m most excited about.”

“Alright then. I guess that’s settled. Do you have some money from mum so we can pay for everything?”

“It’s in my bag.” He told me.
As we walked towards Ollivanders, Ben walked rather quickly and George and I had to take big

steps to keep up with him. He was extremely excited about getting his supplies, mostly his wand.

It was rather fun seeing my brother try out different wands that Ollivander handed to him. It brought back memories to when it was me.

I know I once said that I met the twins for the first time in the common room but that’s not true. That was only when we introduced ourselves to one another. I met them for the first time here in Ollivander’s wand shop when we were getting our first wands. I was in line behind George and he kept apologizing for being too long about finding the wand that was right for him and I assured him it was fine.

“Do you remember when it was us?” I asked George, glancing at him and he hummed in response. “You were so shy and insecure.”

“I was eleven.”

“We both were.” I chuckled. “It’s one of my favorite memories of you. When I think back, you were so adorable.”

I looked up at him and he looked down at me, smiling.

“Look!” I heard Benjamin say. We both looked at him as he approached us, holding a wand. “This is so cool!”

“Is that a laurel wood?” George asked him and he nodded.
“With dragon heartstring. Thirteen inches and flexible.” He said. “What’s yours?”

“Well, mine’s a thirteen and a half inch maple wood with dragon heartstring as well.” George told him. “And your sister owns a what—”

George looked at me, narrowing his eyes. “I believe yours is a ten and one quarter inch dogwood with unicorn core.”

“How’d you know that?” I questioned.
“I notice things.” He shrugged. “You told me once.”
“I don’t understand it.” Benjamin said. “What does each string and core mean to the wand?”

“That’s something your sister is very smart about.” George said and I noticed how they both looked at me, waiting for an answer. Ben was generally curious while George looked at me with a small smirk and his eyebrows raised.

“Unicorn hair generally produces the more consistent magic. They are also the most difficult ones to turn to dark arts. They are the most faithful out of all wands and are usually the ones that are strongest attached to their owner. A downside though is that the hair might die and need replacing.” I told them. “Dragon heartstring have the most power. They have an easier time turning towards dark magic but they do learn more quickly and they have a quite big temper.”

“What about the Phoenix core?” Ben asked. “Mum’s a Phoenix core, isn’t it?”

“I think you’re right.” I nodded. “Phoenix cores are the rarest of the three. They are capable of a great range of magic but they may take longer than the two others to reveal its true power. Phoenix core are also the ones that are more picky when it comes to getting an owner and that’s why they’re

so rare, cause they choose very little people.”
“How do you even know all of that?” Benjamin asked me.
“I’ve simply studied it a lot.” I said. “I like school and I like to do my homework.”

“That’s true.” George spoke. “Lizzie is very smart. I sometime cheat off of her in class... not that you should ever do that. Cheating on tests are wrong.”

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