One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 50

That evening after we finished detention, I went straight to the common room, forgetting everything about dinner which was about to start in five minutes.

I felt horrible and to be honest with you, I wanted to cry. That was probably the most painful thing that I had felt and it scared me that a teacher could get away with torturing students like that.

“How was detention?” Fred asked as he was the only one in the common room. I quickly hid my hand behind my back, shrugging as he watched me.

“It was just the regular boring stuff.” I shrugged. “At least it’s over with now, right?”

I let out a fake laugh before I hurried up the stairs to the dormitory where I was living this year. I found one of my protective gloves made out of dragon skin and I pulled it on, hissing at the sensitive pain that came from it touching the wound.

“Are you joining us for dinner?” Fred asked from the door, making me jump as I was lost in my thoughts. I looked at him, letting out a breath.

“I don’t think so, I’m not really hungry.”

He hummed, watching me for a moment before his eyes landed on my hand. “What’s with the glove? Are you going for a spin around the castle on your broom or something.”

“No.” I shrugged. “I uh. I get cold easily.”
Seriously? That was the best I could do? Fred frowned at me, obviously seeing right through me.

“You get cold easily so you decide to wear one glove?” He questioned as he approached me. “Can I see your hand?”

“You know what, Freddie? I think I’m kinda hungry anyway.” I said. “Let’s go. We shouldn’t miss dinner.”

As I walked past him, he grabbed my hand to pull me back and I hissed at the pain, instantly ripping my hand away from him.

“What happened to your hand?” “Nothing.”

“Nothing? Are you sure about that? Nothing doesn’t normally come with a look of pain on your face.”

“It’s nothing, Fred!” I snapped. “Just let it go, alright?”

I turned around and hurried out of the dormitory, continuing out of the common room. When I reached the Great Hall, I sat down next to Kathleen.

“Did Umbridge give you a hard time?” She asked but I simply shook my head.

“Did you figure out why she has taken such a disliking to you?” George asked, looking a bit puzzled that I didn’t sit next to him.

“No. I just wrote my lines and got through detention.”
“You had to write lines?” He laughed. “How old is that woman? Seventy?”

I only glanced at him which seemed to confuse him even more and that’s when Fred sat down next to George.

During the meal, Fred kept looking at me while it was George and Kathleen carrying the conversation. I knew that Fred was onto something but I really didn’t want him or anyone else to find out what happened. I didn’t want to get into more trouble with Umbridge and be punished even severe. If she could do this to a student, what else could she do?

“Freddie, you wanna tell them about the idea we had?” George asked and Fred hummed, glancing at his brother before going back to watching me. “Alright. Dunno what’s up with you but I’ll just tell them.”

George turned to Kathleen and I, his face lighting up with excitement. “We were planning on pranking Snape during potions class tomorrow. You aren’t in potions this year, Kathy so what about you, love?”

I looked at him when I heard his nickname. He waited for a reply but I just simply shook my head, looking back down at the soup in front of me.

“What’s going on with you?” He asked. “You’re acting strange. Is it because you were the only one who got detention?”

“I’m fine, George.” I sighed. “I’m just tired.”
“You sure you’re fine?” Kathleen asked. “Why’re you wearing a glove? We’re inside.”

“Cause apparently, she easily gets cold.” Fred said, still staring at me. “I told her it was ridiculous, especially because she’s wearing a glove on one hand and not the other.”

“Can you just leave me alone?” I hissed. “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

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