One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 5

The next morning, George had already left the common room but I quickly found him as I walked down the corridors on my way to class and heard him wolf whistling at me as loud as possible. I looked at him, seeing Fred next to him, shaking his head with a sigh.

George smirked at me and I laughed lightly before the two of them joined me on the way to Muggle Studies on the first floor.

“Tell your boyfriend to stop embarrassing me.” Fred told me. “Him acting like a wolf gets a bit tiring.”

“George.” I said, looking at my boyfriend. “Fred needs you to stop embarrassing him.”

“Well then tell Fred that he needs to stop being jealous that I have a girlfriend and he doesn’t.”

“I could get a girlfriend if I wanted to!” Fred argued.

“So you don’t want to?” George mocked. “What about Kathleen? Rumors has it you’re crazy about her.”

“Oh shut up!” Fred exclaimed. “But where is Kathleen by the way?”

“Sick.” I said. “Her theory is that someone tried to poison her last night but I just think she ate a bad muffin.”

“Is she throwing up?” George asked me as we reached the stairs and started walking up.

“Yes. Had to help her to the hospital wing early this morning. She couldn’t stay alone in the dormitory when she keeps throwing up. Madam Pomfrey’s taking care of her.”

“Maybe she’s just pregnant.” Fred suggested.
“Just?” I asked, looking at him. “And no, she’s not. She’s still a virgin as far as I’m concerned.”

“Yeah.” Fred nervously laughed, making me stop up. Him and a George followed my actions but George stepped aside to let other people past.

“She’s not?” I asked Fred who suddenly looked awfully nervous. “Did you two sleep together or something?”

“What is it with all these questions?” Fred asked. “We have a class to get to.”

He continued up the stairs, hurrying more than usual and I looked at George who shrugged.

“What do you know about it?” I asked him when we resumed walking again.

“Why do you assume I know something?”

“Well, I know that Kathleen went home with you and Fred for the summer so she’s been spending a lot of time with you. Did Fred and her sneak off at any time?”

“I honestly wouldn’t know, Lizzie.”

“You know something!” I said, reading his face. I knew him too well and I knew when he was hiding something.

“I promised not to say anything.” George sighed. “Kathleen was pretty embarrassed.”

“I’m her best friend.” I argued. “I ran to her when I lost my virginity.”

“You did?” He asked, looking at me with one raised eyebrow. “What’d you tell her?”

“Oh don’t worry Georgie.” I smiled, patting his shoulder. “I didn’t tell her about your skills.”

“But what does that mean?” He asked, chasing me up the stairs as I started walking faster. “Does that mean I was bad during our first time?”

When we reached the top of the stairs, I turned around, facing him as he stood on the step below me. Somehow he still managed to be taller than me but not much.

“You weren’t bad.” I told him. “I have nothing to compare to but I like our sex so don’t worry about it.”

“Good.” He nodded. “That’s all I wanted to hear.”

I smiled, turning around while I walked towards the door to the muggle studies classroom. George caught up with me, opening the door by pressing a hand to it above my head.

“Thanks.” I told him, walking inside. We sat in the seats behind Fred and as George sat down next to me, he firstly patted his brother’s shoulders.

Fred turned around in his chair to look at us, still some nervousness in his eyes.

“Don’t sweat it, Freddie.” I smiled. “I’m not gonna be asking you any further questions.”

“You’re not?”

“No.” I shrugged. “But I will go see Kathleen after class.”

“If you remember to do so.” George said and I turned to look at him. “What? We’re stuck here for two hours and your memory isn’t what it used to be.”

“Shut up.” I laughed. “I’ll go during lunch.”
“What? No.” George pouted, wrapping his arms around me. “I’ll miss you too much then.”

He pressed a kiss to my neck, causing Fred to fake gag like he usually did as a joke. I giggled when George kissed a ticklish spot and my giggle made him laugh against my skin.

“Isn’t that George’s sweater you’re wearing under your robes?” Fred asked me, making me look down and George moved my robes a little to get a look.

“What would make you think that?” I asked with a playful smirk.
“Well, it has a ‘G’ on the front and it’s the same kind as those my mum’s knitting.” “I think it looks great on you.” George told me. “They are comfortable, aren’t they?” “So comfortable.” I agreed. “Molly’s very talented.”

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