One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 59

“I can’t believe I got you into this mess.” I groaned as George and I waited for Umbridge to be back with the quills that she had left somewhere in he castle.

“Who got who into this? I refused to kiss you.” “I attacked you.” I argued.
“But I ordered you to kiss me afterwards.” “This is not your bloody fault, George!”

“Well it isn’t yours either!”

“Fine. Then it’s both of our faults!”

“Or neither!”

The bickering continued until Umbridge was back, sending us a look that told us kindly to shut the hell up. She put a quill on either of the parchments and then I looked at her.

What would happen if I just refused to do it? If both of us refused? She could continue to punish us but we could continue to refuse.

“You are going to have the same sentence.” She spoke and looked between us. “I must not act inappropriately.”

Was she serious? Was this old hag serious? As she walked over to one of the walls to look at the moving cat pictures on the wall, George leaned closer. “Does it hurt?”

“Like a bitch.”
“Well thanks. Now I feel better.”
“Well what would you have wanted me to say?” I asked. “Lie and say it doesn’t hurt at all?” “Yes!”

“That would make you disappointed.” I told him, looking into his eyes. “I can tell you it hurts and it will continue to be sore for a couple of days before it starts to heal but in this case, we won’t have time to heal since we have to do it every day for a month.”

“Less talking, more writing.” Umbridge said and George let out a sigh, ripping his eyes away from mine as we both began to write.

Soon after we started, I felt the familiar itching appearing on my skin, soon followed by a deep pain within my hand. George hissed next to me due to the pain and I placed the now hurting hand on his thigh to comfort him. I had been through this so I had learned to bite through the pain but he hadn’t tried this before and the first time is the worst because you don’t know what to expect and in my face, I didn’t know I was gonna be cut into by a quill that uses blood as ink.

After we finished detention, we found ourselves in the common room, Fred going in about Umbridge who shouldn’t be able to get away with torturing people and while he talked, I took care

of George who was obviously shocked by the pain. I don’t think he’d expected it to be that bad.

“Is that better?” I asked after haven put some ice on his hand and then wrapped it up in bandages.

“A little. Thank you.”

“We need to stop her.” Kathleen said. “This is out of control. You have to go up there for an entire month and this was only day one which means there’s a long way to go.”

“Thanks for reminding us.” George sighed, placing his healthy hand over his eyes. I gently placed his now wrapped up hand down on his thigh and scooted closer, bringing my bad hand to the side of his neck, caressing his skin to make him feel better.

“She did this for what?” Fred asked. “For you two acting like a regular couple in the corridors?”

“For kissing on the floor.” I said. “I was on top of George and she called it inappropriate and disgusting.”

“I’ll show her disgusting.” Fred scoffed and looked at Kathleen. “I’m not gonna hit a woman but you’re a girl...”

“No ones hitting anyone, Fred.” She replied. “It’ll make it worse.”
“And it’ll get her in trouble as well.” I told Fred. “She’s probably be expelled.”
“Right.” Kathleen nodded. “I don’t want that.”
I removed my eyes from the two of them to look at George.
“Are you okay sweetie?” I asked, causing him to remove his hand and look at me.
“I’m glad you didn’t lie and said it didn’t hurt.” He told me. “Would’ve made it so much worse.”

He let out a small chuckle which caused me to smile. I pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips before snuggling up to him. I was just happy that he was alright.

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