One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 60

Only a week later, Umbridge had made sure for a new Educational Decree to be hung on the wall. No music is to be played during study hours.

That decree didn’t really affect me, seeing as I like to study in silence but then already two weeks later, another decree was made.

Broomsticks may not be flown on school grounds unless during authorized quidditch practice.

Like, bloody hell! I can’t even use my broom now. I don’t play quidditch but sometimes my friends and I like to fly around the castle for fun.

Today’s November 2nd and in two days, the first quidditch match of the season is held. Gryffindor against Slytherin. Kathleen and I will be sitting on the first row, cheering on the Gryffindor team but mostly the twins and their younger brother Ron but also Harry, seeing as he’s basically a part of the Weasley family.

Every Wednesday since the D.A. was formed, we’ve been meeting in the room of requirement to learn from Harry and it’s been going alright. The danger of being caught kinda excites me but I would never tell George ‘cause then he’d just suggest we have sex in Filch’ office or something.

I was going to be spending Christmas with the Weasleys this year. Molly sent me an invitation yesterday and I happily said yes. Christmas with George’s family is always amazing. I love them all and I love the energy.

I heard that Bill will be there, along with Charlie and then of course everyone else but Percy. He’s still not talking to his family. It’s bloody ridiculous and if I see him sometime, I’d like to say a word or two to him. Kathleen is going to be spending Christmas at the Burrow as well and we’ll both be sleeping in the twins bedroom with them. I honestly am so excited to have a sleepover with the four of us again. We haven’t had that since before George and I became a thing.

This whole detention thing was getting old. Going in every afternoon to be tortured by Umbitch— sorry... Umbridge.

Today as I walked towards the common after dinner, I saw a little boy in the bench right outside of Umbridge’s office. He was crying and his hand was bleeding from the punishment. George and Fred were crouched by his side, comforting him by saying it only hurt for a little while and that he could have some of their candy. Hopefully they were talking about actual candy and not the puking pastels or the ones that makes you nose bleed.

Then when I walked closer, I recognized the boy to be my brother.
“Benjamin!” I exclaimed, causing him and the twins to look at me. “What in the world!”

I hurried over and gently pushed George away so I could access my younger brother, hugging him like I hadn’t seen him in a thousand years.

“It’s alright Benny.” I said, laying my head on his as I rubbed his back. “I know it’s hurting. I know it is. It’s going to get better. You just need to stay out of trouble and stay out of Professor Umbridge’s way.”

After I had comforted him as bit, I looked at the twins and motioned for them to take care of my brother while I got up and walked to Umbridge’s door. I opened it roughly and she immediately stood from her chair.

“Miss Blossom!” She shouted.

“How dare you!” I yelled, shutting her voice down. “Who gave you permission to teach?! You are torturing students! You are torturing my brother! He is eleven years old! He does not need this to be engraved into his soul!”

“Miss Blossom.” Umbridge repeated. “I would suggest you leave before I make you regret it.” “Eleven years old!” I repeated.
“Just like your father, aren’t you?”
“Don’t mention my father!”

“Your father was a fool, just like you. That’s what’s got him killed.”

As I pulled my wand and pointed it at her, George appeared by my side, wrapping his hand around the wooden material in my hand.

“Lower your wand, Lizzie.” He whispered as I felt his hand rub my back. I chose to ignore him. This woman could torture me but she made my brother cry and then started talking about my father.

“Your father was a coward.” Umbridge continued. “His loyalty laid with the muggles. He had no idea what being loyal to your own kind meant. He was a rule breaker, just like you are. He’d run around pranking people with Arthur Weasley, just like you and the Weasley boys are doing. Children like you need discipline. Otherwise you don’t learn. Your father being killed was his punishment.”

“My father was a hero.” I said through tears. I tried to keep the water back, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of breaking me with her words. “He fought for equal rights ’cause believe it or not, muggles aren’t that different from us.”

I lowered my wand before I turned on my heal and walked out of the office. George followed me, closing the door to Umbridge’s office.

Ben was no longer sitting on the bench and Fred was gone too. “Where’s Ben?”

“Fred took him back to his common room.” George told me and carefully grabbed my arm to make me look at him. “Are you okay?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “I’m not. Those things she said. They—”

“Are not true.” He cut me off. He cupped my face to press a kiss to my forehead before he wrapped his arms around my shoulders while I locked mine around his back, my head resting perfectly against his chest. “You don’t need to listen to her. She’s nothing but a cruel woman trying to break the students.”

“It’s working.” I sobbed.

“No, it’s not working.” He assured me. “C’mon my love. You’re a Gryffindor. You’re stronger than breaking because of those words.”

He leaned back a bit, his hands going back to my face but this time to force me to look up at him.

“I love you.” He said softly. “And you know the real person your father was. He wasn’t a coward and he fought for what was right. She doesn’t know anything so don’t let her get to you.”

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