One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 64

“Remember I want that essay on my desk by next Wednesday!” Sebastian shouted after the clock tower sounded, ending class.

Everyone got up and I did as well. When George walked past me, I grabbed his arm which made him look at me.

“Can we talk?” I lowered my voice so only he could hear me.

“Elizabeth.” I heard from Sebastian before George could get to answer me. “Stay behind? I have to have a word with you.”

I looked from my brother, back to George who yanked his arm free of my grip. “Looks like you’re busy with your brother.”

He turned away from me and left the room with everyone else while Fred was still next to me. “He’ll—”

“Come around.” I finished his sentence before I looked at him. “You keep telling me that, yet I’m starting to believe it’s worse than ever. He’s never been so mad at me before.”

“I’ll talk to him, okay?” Fred said with a smile. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, giving me a squeeze before he grabbed his bag and left me alone with my older brother.

When I turned to him, he sat on his desk, holding an apple in his hand. He was supposed to be a professor but he didn’t act like one. He acted way more chill than the others and he taught the class without his robes on. He’s wearing a pair of regular black trousers and a white button-up shirt along with a black tie which I recognized to be our dads.

“Which one’s your boyfriend?” He asked me. “The one that’s angry with you or the ones that not?” “Is that what you wanted to say?” I questioned. “I have better things to do, Sebastian.”
“It’s Professor Blossom.”
“I’m not calling you that.” I scoffed. “Can you get to the point? I have to get to lunch.”

“I have to ask you to not bring our personal stuff into the classroom.” He said. “In here I am not your brother. I am your professor.”

“You’re not my brother out there either.” I said, motioning towards the door. “I’m not interested in having you in my life again. I thought I made that pretty clear.”

He let out a sigh and jumped off the table, approaching me with the apple still in his hand.

“Do you remember when you were around seven or so?” He asked. “You were sick, the doctors thought you were dying. I stayed with you the entire time you were in the hospital. I missed school to stay with you and why do you think that was? Because I love you. You’re my baby sister.”

“Well I’m not a baby anymore and I see you for what you truly are. You might not have been once but you’re selfish. You left us.” I said. “And then you show up here and you have the nerve to lie to me.”

“What did I lie about?”

“You said you came here to make sure I was alright because of the Dark Lord’s return.” I said. “You were obviously here to teach.”

“What I said was true.” He told me. “I just never got to that part.” “You’re full of crap.” I said.

He let out a breath and chuckled. He shook his head and then looked down for a moment. “What happened to your hand?”

“Nothing for you to worry about.”

Sebastian looked up, his eyes meeting mine and then he held out the apple. “Here, take this.”


“Keep it in your dormitory in case you get hungry past curfew.” He said and I grabbed the apple but then threw it at the wall.

“I don’t want anything from you.” I said before I turned around on my heel and made my way out of the classroom.

Later that night, I had astronomy. Class was at midnight and George was the only one out of the four of us that I had it with. He was walking a few feet in front of me on the way to the astronomy tower and I tried to catch up with him but he was much taller with longer legs.

When we got to the tower, we were the first ones there apart from Sebastian. I stopped in the door, staring at my brother for a moment before I watched George walk to a wall where he leaned against.

“How many other classes do you teach?” I asked Sebastian, causing him to look up from the book he was holding.

“Only the two you’ve seen me in.” He told me. “I thought you’d be here. You’ve always liked the stars.”

Memories of him sneaking me outside at night when I was outside, flashed through my head. I had always loved star gazing so as my big brother, he made sure I could do that when the sky was clearest.

“Where’s Professor Sinistra?” I questioned.

“Oh she’s still teaching.” Sebastian smiled softly. “But fewer classes. She teaches year one through five while I do six and seven.”

I hummed slightly before I walked over to George, placing myself right in front of him. He didn’t even acknowledge me. He kept staring out onto the stars but when I hit him in the chest, he moved his head to look at me.

“Don’t bloody ignore me.” I said. “I’m tired of it.”
“Do you want to talk about it here?” He asked with raised eyebrows. “In front of your brother.” “I want you to stop torturing me.” I said. “I know I was wrong about not telling you but I already

feel bad enough about it and I don’t need you to walk around and act like I don’t exist.”

He didn’t respond. He stared at me and then the tower slowly started filling with students, making our conversation irrelevant at this very moment.

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