One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 65

A few days passed and it was Friday. I was sat in the courtyard, studying by myself. I hadn’t talked to Sebastian after Wednesday and George had kept ignoring me while Kathleen and I went back to talking yesterday. She hugged me as the first thing that morning as she told me she had a nightmare about me dying which made her realize she couldn’t lose me.

Today I didn’t really bother with how I looked. I had everything planned out. The first three hours after breakfast was free lessons but after lunch I had two times potions and then another free lesson before dinner. So this is how I was spending the last free lesson of the day... studying in the courtyard.

Normally I used contacts. I use contacts every single day and I actually haven’t used my glasses since my fifth year but today I had found them and put them one since I couldn’t bother with the contacts. My dark brown curls were pulled back into a high ponytail and I was wearing my uniform but without the robes. Though I was wearing my winter coat.

While I finished my essay, a figure sat down across from me and when I looked up, my eyes met a pair of brown ones.

“Don’t speak.” He said when I opened my mouth to great him. “I need to say something.”

He waited for me to write my name on the essay and to pack away my quill and textbook before he continued to speak.

“I know it might seem like I’m overreacting.” He said. “But I was really hurt to know you didn’t tell me about your older brother. That means you’ve left out all details in your life that included him while I’ve told you everything there is to say about mine. We are supposed to completely trust each other and I thought we told each other everything... but I’m ready to listen. I’m ready to hear your explanation.”

I let out a small sigh and folded my hands on the table, looking at my boyfriends face.

“Sebastian is... he was nine when I was born. He himself was born in ninety-sixty-nine. Mum and dad were nineteen and had just graduated a year earlier.” I said. “Right away, Sebastian helped take care of me and my first memory was actually of him. We were so close and I know it hurt when our dad died. He was eleven and had to deal with that kind of loss while I was too young to quite understand it. He had just started Hogwarts the same year but he refused to go home to grieve so I guess he never really let himself get to that stage. When he was around fourteen and I was five, he’d start to take on the fatherly role. Mum had remarried and she was pregnant so Sebastian was pretty upset because it had only been three years since dad passed. I think the biggest reason for him looking after me was to make sure I didn’t start calling Badger dad, and I didn’t. My brother would keep telling me all these amazing stories about our dad and remind me who my real dad was. I looked up to Sebastian and I loved him so much but then he graduated from Hogwarts and he left as soon as he could. He didn’t even say goodbye to me. The first night back... he was gone in the morning. I didn’t see him again until he showed up here last week. Sure, I noticed him in the newspaper and I heard people talk because he joined the British quidditch team as a beater and it did hurt so see the brother who left, live this great life with money and attention while I couldn’t even talk about him without getting this empty feeling.”

Without saying anything, George stood up and moved over to sit next to me, a leg on each side while facing my left side.

“I never meant to keep it from you.” I said. “I just don’t talk about him.”

“Okay.” He nodded. His arms snuck around my waist while he rested his chin on my shoulder. “I’m sorry for being a jerk.”

“Well I’m sorry for not telling you about my brother.” I said with a small smile. He hummed lightly and moved his head to look at the front of me. I frowned in confusion as he snuck his hand into my coat.

“You’ve left a button unbuttoned.” He told me and shortly glanced at my eyes before fully buttoning my shirt only using one hand. “There. Umbridge would go mad if she saw it. Even if it’s only one button.”


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