One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 66

“George!” I exclaimed when I felt him pick me up for a moment, putting me down again in the classroom. I pushed him in the shoulder, causing him to laugh. “I’ve told you so many times that you can’t carry me around like that. I’m not a bloody bag!”

“Oh shut your eating hole, Lizzie.” He grinned, nudging me with his shoulder before pulling out the chair I usually sat in when we sat together.

“Why thank you, good gentleman.” I said, acting all flattered as I sat down. George leaned down behind me, pressing a kiss to my cheek before taking a seat next to me.

Fred had to sent a letter before he joined us in class but Kathleen was sick. She had influenza so she was in the hospital wing until she felt better.

“Do you remember last year?” George asked me.

“A lot of things happened last year, Georgie.”

“The first night.” He told me. “Before the feast.”

“Oh.” I smiled, realizing what he meant. “The whooping cushion I put on Snape’s chair? Yeah, that was fun.”

“He got so pissed.” He chuckled. “I just wanted to say that when Fred and I open our shop in Diagon Alley, you’ll always have a place to work until you become an auror.”

My smile grew and I thanked him before a book was slammed against a desk. We both looked up at the front of the class where Sebastian had been standing all along, hearing our conversation. There was no other people in the room. George and I were early like usual because I liked to be there with time to spare. My brother looked at me, his eyes meeting mine before he turned towards the chalkboard.

“Have you found new ideas for the shop?” I asked George and chose to ignore my brother. We had to spent an entire hour in here for Muggle studies but class didn’t begin until in ten minutes or so.

“Extendable ears.” He said with a slight smirk. “We’re planning to make them look as realistic as possible.”

“And... they’ll do what exactly? Make you hear someone’s conversation.”

“Exactly! You have the ear and you have a string that’s attacked to the ear. The string you put up to your own ear while you for an example push the fake one under a door to hear a conversation.” He said. “It’s great for a prank.”

“Right?” He chuckled. “We’re gonna try and sell them to students around the castle to test it and see if people would want to buy.”

I hummed and watched him for a moment, running a hand through my hair.

“It’s gonna be big.” I said. “I can just feel it. In ten years maybe, it’ll be the most famous shop in Diagon Alley. The kids will want to go shop there before school starts so they can have something to prank their friends with at night or in the morning.”

“We can only hope.” He breathed and tilted his head before reaching his hand out, locking a strand of hair behind my ear.

When the room started filling, Sebastian turned around to look over the class, his eyes landing on me and George a few times and when everyone had sat down, he spoke.

“Miss Blossom.”

I looked up from the table, seeing my brother look at me. “I’d like you to trade seats with Mr Towler here in the front.”

“What?” I let out a sarcastic laugh and Kenneth as well as the rest of the class turned to look at me. “You’re not serious.”

“I’d like it to be today.” My brother told me. I looked at George who looked at me but shrugged as to say he didn’t know why either.

I grabbed my books and my bag before I stood up and glanced at Fred who sat at the table in front of us before I walked up the aisle and Kenneth walked down.

As I sat down next to Alicia, I slammed the books on the table while dropping my bag to the floor. I leaned back in the chair and looked up at Sebastian who started the lesson.

What a moron. He had no reason to pull me to the front of the class. I always sat with George when we weren’t fighting but now I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore? I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand the reason.

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