One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 68

It felt good to tell Sebastian how I really felt about the whole situation and how his absence affected me through the years. Though I didn’t really tell him, I more yelled it at him. When I was yelling, I went up to the hospital wing where the boys were waiting by the door. We weren’t allowed to go in in case we’d catch the bacterias from Kathleen so then we just decided to go to Lunch after giving madam Pomfrey the homework for our friend.

When we walked down the marble staircase, a few students were gathered as Filch was banging a nail into the wall to hang up an educational decree.

“What’s the new decree?” I asked Neville as we stood next to him, watching the scene.

“No one knows.” he told me. “We’re waiting for it to get up on the wall so we can get a chance to read it.”

“It’s probably nothing.” Fred said. “Probably something like; students aren’t allowed in each other’s common rooms.”

“That’s already a rule you dumb twat.” George said, earning a push from his brother before he himself pushed back.

“Stop that.” I said and pulled at Fred’s sleeve since he was closer to me. They glared at each other and I ended up placing myself between them to prevent them from fighting. My arms were crossed over my chest as George wrapped an arm around my neck, lowering his head to look at me.

“You and your brother didn’t fight, did you?” he asked, running a finger over my cheek. “You’re flustered.”

“He’s an arse.” I simply said with a shrug before I looked at him and just by looking at his face, I couldn’t help but smile. That’s when I realised I truly had never loved anyone the way I loved him. I mean, George was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first everything but I had had crushes before and it never felt like this. It was to intense, like I would die for him without even thinking about it. I’d even kill for him and not question it. I’d help him hide a bloody body. Not that it was ever going to happen.

“So you did fight?” he asked, running his finger down to my chin before letting it continue along my jaw. His touch was so delicate that it almost tickled. He pushed some hair behind my ear and then focused his eyes on mine again.

“I wanted to know why he moved me to the front of the class.” I said. “And I found out it’s permanent.”

“It’s permanent?” he frowned before laughing softly. “He just doesn’t like me, does he?” “You could say that.” I nodded. “But he doesn’t like Fred either so...”
“Me?!” Fred jumped into the conversation. “What did I do?”
“Nothing. He’s being ridiculous so let’s just forget about it.”

George straightened up, his arm dropping from my neck to my waist instead.

“No, no.” Umbridge said and approached us as she walked down the staircase. She had her wand out and gestured for me to back up. As she came closer and closer, I stepped back until I stood about half a feet away from George, Fred and Neville. “The new decree clearly states that boys and girls are not permitted to be within six inches of each other.”

Neville looked at the three of us before he walked into the Great Hall. “Six inches?” Fred asked. “That’s insane.”

“Any complaints can be written in a letter and sent to my office.” Umbridge said. “And any breaking of the decree will results in severe punishment.”

When she walked away, George and I looked at each other, both of our looks filled with devastation.

That meant no more cuddling, no more hugging, no more holding hands and no more kissing.

Then I started smiling at him, causing him to raise an eyebrow in question. Though his brow quickly dropped again and he repaid the smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

George quickly approached me, placing his hand against the side of my neck, his lips brushing past mine before we kissed softly and passionate yet hungrily. I heard Fred gag at the sight of us which made me smile against his brothers lips.

I ran my hand up over George’s shoulder, wrapping it around his neck while my other hand slid into his hair. This was our very own personal fuck you to Professor Umbridge and her stupid Educational decrees. Our very own fuck you to the sexism she’s showing by allowing such a rule.

“Okay. It’s getting quite disgusting.” Fred commented. “You’re eating each other. Go have some lunch. I don’t want to have to pull you away from one another.”

George was pulled away from me and Fred placed himself between us. “You’re very welcome. Can’t have you two get in trouble with Umbridge again.”

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