One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 6

After class that day and during lunch, I went up to the hospital wing to see Kathleen. I asked her straight up if her and Fred slept together and she was honest and told me she had asked him for a favor because she didn’t want to be a virgin anymore.

It also turned out that George had walked in on them after Fred thought he had locked the door.

Well, enough about that. Kathleen had been food poisoned like she first thought. How that happened is a mystery thought. It was fresh food from the kitchen and we hadn’t see anyone do anything to it.

A few days later, Kathleen was still in the hospital wing, getting her homework sent up there with me. Currently I was sat in the goblet room, reading my book as Cedric Diggory put his name in the goblet, his fellow Hufflepuff’s cheering for him.

Then I heard the family sound of the twins. They came running in, cheering and making people cheer alongside them.

“Thank you, thank you.” George said as they ran in between the benches where most people sat, including me. Thought I was sitting at the end and they were in the middle. “Well lads, we’ve done it.”

“Cooked it up just this morning.” Fred said and I turned my head to watch them. They were both holding a small bottle with some blue liquid in it.

“It’s not going to work.” I told them. Both boys looked at me, then smirked at each other as they approached me, sitting on each side of me.

“Oh yeah?” Fred asked. “And why is that, Lizzie?”

“You see this?” I asked, motioning the blue circle around the goblet. “This is an age line. Dumbledore drew it himself.”

“So?” He asked.

“So.” I scoffed, smacking my book down against my legs. “A genius like Dumbledore couldn’t possibly be fooled by something pathetically dimwitted such as an age potion.”

“But that’s why it’s so brilliant.” George told me with a smile. “Cause it’s so pathetically dimwitted.”

Both guys got up and intertwined their arms. “Ready Fred?” George asked.
“Ready George.” Fred replied.

“Bottoms up.” Both said in unison as they drank the liquid in each glass. I watched as they jumped into the age line, cheering when they realized it had worked. They high-fived and threw their names in the goblet. It took a second and it looked like it worked. They cheered again but then something happened.

The flame fired up and the twins were suddenly thrown across the room, landing on the floor. I bit

back a laugh when I saw them. Both of their heads were filled with long grey hair along with beard.

“You said!” George exclaimed before Fred repeated and they started rolling around on the floor, fighting each other.

People surrounded them, cheering them up as they repeatedly shouted; ‘fight!’

Then the tension in the room changed. Viktor Krum entered and the crowd of people dissolved as he walked through with his headmaster behind him. He walked through the age line with ease, put his name in the goblet before turning, his eyes locking with mine.

He smiled sweetly at me as he then turned around and left and I rolled my eyes, not being the slightest interested.

After the twins had run out of the room, both looking like old men, I went back up to the hospital wing to inform Kathleen about what just happened and even later the same day, I entered the common room to see the boys back to normal.

“Well that’s a nice sight.” I breathed. “What were you two thinking? Trying to trick an age line that Dumbledore drew.”

“We actually thought it was quite smart.” George protested. “I don’t get how it backfired like that though.”

“How much did you drink of it?” I asked, walking over to one of the tables where I sat down with my book.

“Not much.” Fred spoke. “We measured it perfectly to make sure we only aged by around a year.” “Then it must’ve been the age line.” I said. “It knew you tried to trick it so it tricked you.”

As I spoke, they looked at each other. They both stood facing me with arms crossed over their chests.

“We got tricked by an age line.” George said. “Rubbish.”

He walked over and sat across from me, placing a hand on my book to pull it over to him so he could look at it.

“I have a question.” I said as Fred joined us by the table again. “What does a guy think if he looks at you, make eye contact— like a really intense eye contact and then smile a little?”

George didn’t answer as he was busy looking through my book but Fred looked like he was listening.

“How was the smile?” He asked. “Soft? Sweet?” “Both.” I nodded.

“Well then he probably want to bone you.” He said and that George heard. He snapped his head up, looking at me, Fred and then at me again. “He definitely find you interesting. That’s for sure.”

“Find who interesting? Lizzie?” George asked. “Who’re we talking about?” “I don’t know.” Fred answered truthfully as they both looked at me.

“Nothing.” I shrugged, scrunching my nose at the thought of Viktor Krum possibly wanting to ‘bone’ me.

“Someone hit on you, didn’t they?” George asked me. “Tell me who did. I’ll make sure they know you’re not available.”

“If you want to fight and lose to Viktor Krum then be my guest.” I smiled and his face dropped. “Viktor Krum? He hit on you?”

“He didn’t hit on me.” I said. “But after he put his name in the goblet, he looked at me, held eye contact and smiled. I felt a little uncomfortable if I have to be honest.”

“I’ll beat him up.” George said, getting up to leave but Fred was quick to get up and lean over the table to push him back into his chair.

“Relax, Georgie.” He said before looking at me. “I’ll be the one beating him up.”

Then before I could protest, Fred had fled out of the room, making me groan loudly as I laid my head on the table.

“I hope he beats him up good.”
I narrowed my eyes at George which he noticed. “What?”

“Fred shouldn’t be walking around beating up the guests of Hogwarts.” I said. “That could get him in some serious trouble and could possibly ruin the entire tournament.”

“No it won’t.” He scoffed. “And by the way, Krum deserves it for making you uncomfortable.”

I rolled my eyes at George before I got up from the table and left the common room through the painting of the fat lady.

Fred was walking down the moving stairs and he was walking quickly. I tried to reach him but it was almost impossible with the stairs that kept moving. One I finally got down, I ran after him and ran in front of him, making him stop.

“Don’t go looking for him.” I said. “Let’s go back to the common room and relax before dinner.”

“No.” Fred said, making me frown. Normally George and Fred, especially Fred would be scared of going against me because they know I can be strict and I wasn’t used to Fred saying no to me.


“No.” He repeated. “You know, when people look at us, they see Fred and George, pranksters. Can’t take anything serious. Only knows sarcasm and jokes but what they don’t know is that you really shouldn’t mess with people we care about.”

“But Krum didn’t mess with me.” I said. “He looked at me and he smiled at me—”

“And he made you uncomfortable.” Fred told me. “Everyone knows you and George are together. I’ve even talked to some of the girls from Beauxbatons Academy and even they know. You two are so open about it that anyone can see it and yet this Viktor Krum, Quidditch celebrity, thinks he can scoop right in and pursue you by undressing you with his eyes.”

“Maybe I saw wrong.” I shrugged. “I have no idea what each look mean so stop getting to riled up

when there might not be a reason for it.”

Fred sighed and lifted me up, placing me to the side like I was a bloody chair and then he kept walking.

“Fred!” I called, following him.

“It’s not just what you described, Liz.” He told me. “He’s been looking at you ever since he and his school arrived. He’s looking at you when George’s not there, he’s looking at you when George is there and he’s looking at you when you’re cuddled up with George during a meal. If he sent you the same look as the one I saw him have when looking at you, he definitely want to bone you.”

“Alright...” I breathed. “But the feeling isn’t mutual so why don’t we just forget about it and go back to George?”

Fred sighed and stopped walking to look at me. “No, Elizabeth. I’m going to be clear towards Krum. If he tries anything or if he’s messing with my brother’s girlfriend, he’s messing with me.”

“That is very sweet of you, Freddie but I—”

“Hey Krum!” He then shouted and I felt my heart stop for a moment as I looked to see Krum alone in the empty corridor. He looked up at the sound of his name being shouted and I basically ran after Fred to try and stop him.

“Ah, you must be one of the Weasley twins.” Victor said. “I’m going to be honest with you... I don’t know which one you are.”

“I’m the one who wants to have a little chat with you about sending Lizzie looks.” Fred said but Victor simply ignored him and looked at me with a smile.

“So your name is Lizzie? I’ve been meaning to ask but I’ve yet to be able to get you alone.”

“Woah.” Fred said, stepping in front of me which completely blocked the view. “She is not available and I’ll suggest you back off and leave her alone. Don’t even look at her.”

“I think Lizzie is able to speak for herself, don’t you?”

I moved to Fred’s side, glaring up at him. “I agree. Lizzie is very much capable to speak for herself.”

I then looked at Victor with a smile and held out my hand which he gently shook. “I’m Lizzie. It’s nice to meet you.”

“What are you doing?” Fred asked me.

“Being polite.” I said, shooting him a glance. “I am very sorry Viktor, I’ll just take this one with me and we won’t be bothering you anymore.”

As I pulled Fred by his robes, I stopped once hearing Victor’s voice again.

“You should learn how to control your boyfriend.” He said. “We’ve all heard about the Weasleys from England. They can get quite agressive at times but I suppose that’s a characteristic for red- heads.”

Now I was definitely pissed. “Excuse me?”

I turned around, looking at him as I slowly crossed my arms over my chest. “I’m just saying that—”

“No I got it.” I nodded. “But for your information, Viktor Krum. This one’s not my boyfriend. He’s simply my boyfriend’s brother and you see how angry he is so just imagine how angry my boyfriend is.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“No.” I said, sending him a fake smile. “No, I am simply suggesting you back off. I don’t ever want to hear you or anyone from your school, talk about my boyfriend, his brother or anything that has to do with their family. Oh, and don’t tell me to control him ’cause he does not need to be controlled.”

Viktor Krum looked at me for a moment before he continue past us without saying a word. “So—” Fred spoke, making me look up at him. “Still nice to meet him?”

“Shut up.” I scoffed as I turned around and started leading the way back to the common room. “He was insulting you and your family. I had to say something.”

“Thank you.”

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