One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 70

Kathleen was staying behind as well as Hermione while the rest of us went to the hospital. We were actually already there. Dumbledore let us travel through a port key.

Bill had come in from Egypt and Charlie from Romania. Everyone but Bill and I were in the hospital room with Arthur. We were watching everything from the other side of a window.

Arthur was bruised all over his face from the snake that had attacked with its teeth. Doctors told us that he was lucky to still be alive.

When we went through the port key, we had ended up in Sirius’ house where the headquarters for the order was. I’m glad Kathleen wasn’t with us as she would’ve been pissed to find out we held that from her.

We spent the rest of the night with Sirius and the next day Molly arrived at five in the morning and then we left after lunch to see Arthur.

“I’m sure he has a good explanation.” I said as Bill and I discussed the fact that Percy hadn’t shown up nor written to anyone to ask how his father was doing.

“I think Percy has a hard time with who he can trust.” Bill said. “He’s always been very focused on his schoolwork and now his work at the Ministry. If just he’d show his face so that I could have a talk with him. I failed him.”

“How did you fail him exactly?” I asked, looking up at him. “It’s not your fault that Percy turned his back to you.”

“No... but I’m the oldest. I’m supposed to keep everything together and I should’ve showed Percy that having fun wasn’t illegal. Instead I joined our other siblings in teasing him during his entire life.”

“Do you think that’s why he chose the ministry over you guys?”

“It’s a theory.” He shrugged before looking at me. “Would you care for a cup of tea in the cafeteria? It’s on me.”

“Sure.” I smiled before I followed him down to the cafeteria. After we got our tea, we sat down by a table together.

“How is school?” Bill asked me, sipping some of his tea. “Are the twins worse or better when it comes to their pranks.”

“Somewhat better.” I admitted. “But that’s only because of Umbridge and her stupid punishments.”

“Like what?” He questioned. “Making you write lines with a quill that uses blood for ink?”

I frowned at his words, lifting my cup to my lips. “How’d you know?”

As I drank some of my tea, he motioned towards my hand. I had completely forgotten that the scars weren’t completely healed from last weeks detention.

“I noticed George had the same thing on his hand.” Bill told me. “I’ve seen it before but definitely not as a punishment in school.”

“As I said... Umbridge and her stupid rules.” I said. “So yeah, I guess they’re taking it a bit slow when it comes to their pranks, mostly because they know I’m gonna want to be a part of it and they are very protective, especially after the first time Umbridge punished me.”

“I heard about some of her rules, actually.” He said. “Ginny told me about the newest one.”

“The six-inches-apart rule?” I asked and he nodded in response before Charlie suddenly joined us.

“So dad is fine.” He said. “He’s a bit tired, we left him to sleep but mum is staying by his side.”

“Well that’s good.” I said. “That he’s fine.”

“Yeah.” Charlie breathed. “Well, I heard you’re staying at the burrow for Christmas.”

“Oh yes. Definitely. There is no way I’m going home.” I said. “Not right now at least.”

“Why not?” Bill questioned. “Family trouble?”

“You didn’t hear?” I asked. “Sebastian decided to return to teach both Muggle studies and astronomy at Hogwarts.”

“Really?” Charlie asked. “Is he still as big as a twat as he was back then?”

“Even bigger.” I told him. “He told me he didn’t want me near the Weasley twins because they’re bad influence. So ridiculous. The man hasn’t seen me for eight years.”

Both Bill and Charlie went to school with my brother so they knew him. I remember being eleven years old and meeting the twins family for the first time. I practically begged Molly as I was crying. Begged to not tell the twins about my older brother because I hated talking about it and I didn’t want to explain it all. She must’ve told her oldest boys to not mention him either.

Sebastian was two years above Bill but only one year older so my brother graduated while Bill was in year five and Charlie in year three.

“He never quite liked our family.” Bill said. “Something about us not being as wealthy.”

“He said that?” I questioned. Bill shrugged in response, sipping off his tea. “He’s a bloody disgrace to our family. I know for a fact my parents didn’t raise him like that.”

“I bet fame got to his head.” Charlie said. “He was very popular in school. The best quidditch player there was and girls would swoon over him.”

“Didn’t help that he then went and played quidditch professionally.” Bill said and looked at his brother. “If you decided to play, you could’ve beat him and shown him success without being a jerk.”

“Well, my heart belongs to the dragons.” Charlie chuckled, turning to me again. “To get back on track... Dumbledore gave you all permission to go on Christmas break a couple of days early due to this situation with our dad so I promised mum to take you back to Hogwarts so you all can pack what you need. I just wanted to tell you ’cause we’re leaving tonight.”

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