One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 71

“Elizabeth!” Sebastian called as I walked down the hallways with Charlie, George and Fred.

Bill decided to join us and had gone ahead with Ron, Harry and Ginny. We all looked at my brother came walking towards me but then he saw Charlie and I noticed they both nodded slightly.

“Charles.” My brother greeted coldly.

“Sebastian.” Charlie greeted back. Sebastian eyed him one last time before looking at me.

“I have to talk to you about your essay.” My brother said, standing with it in his hand.

“Can’t it wait until after the holidays? We’re leaving early and I don’t wanna spend the last moment here with you.”

He sighed, raising his eyebrows while looking at me with a look that told me it had to be now.

“Fine.” I said, opening one arm to show him he could talk. “What? Is my essay completely terrible?”

“We’re gonna be in the common room.” Charlie told me, placing a hand on my shoulder. He gave it a small squeeze and when I nodded at them, the three of them started to continue, George’s hand leaving mine.

“Actually, it was completely terrible.” Sebastian told me, handing it to me. “I know you can do better than that. You’re a smart girl with a talent and I know you want to try and aim for the auror career which means you need high grades.”

“Not in Muggle studies I don’t.” I said. “And why do you think it’s terrible? I can’t exactly concentrate with the person I hate the most in the room.”

I handed the essay back to him, taking a step back. “I don’t care that it’s horrible. Just fail me, I don’t care.”

When I turned around to walk away, I was stopped again by his voice. “Why are you leaving early? I thought that maybe we could go home together. Mum and Badger invited me for Christmas and Ben is pretty excited to go with me instead of the train.”

“I’m not going home.” I said without turning to look at him. “I’m spending Christmas with the Weasleys.”

“Why? We’re your family.”

“Gosh, Sebastian.” I groaned. I then decided to look at him, frowning at his little comment. “Now you care about family? You didn’t when you left.”

“I told you I’ve changed.” He said. “I’ve apologized, I’ve admitted I was a stupid and naive boy. Just come home for Christmas and we’ll all be together again like the family we once were.”

“No.” I simply told him before I left him in the hallway, hurrying to catch up with the boys. When I did, I grabbed George’s hand and he plus his two brothers looked at me.

“What did he say?” George questioned.

“Nothing that’s worth talking about.”

“You seemed to know him.” Fred commented and looked at their older brother as we reached the moving stairs.

“We attended Hogwarts together.” Charlie said. “I was in my third when he was in his seventh. I believe Bill and he shared a dormitory during Sebastian’s last two years.”

In the common was both Kathleen and Hermione. Hermione was joining us today but Kathleen was going home to her own family for Christmas so I had to give her a big hug when it was time to say goodbye.

I weren’t supposed to be this close to George or Fred but I kept forgetting the decree that told us to stay six inches apart. We had gotten a lot of detention since it got put up three weeks ago because we all kept forgetting and kept hugging and whatsoever.

Kathleen chose to help me pack. We walked around the dormitory, talking about everything while laughing softly and as I zipped my bag, I heard George and Charlie talk outside of the door, somewhere near the stairs.

“We’re only seventeen.”

“That wasn’t what I asked.” Charlie said. Both Kathleen and I were listening now, standing behind the door so they couldn’t see us. “I asked if you wanted to marry her after you graduate.”

“Of course I do but I don’t want to rush it and I don’t want to rush her.” “You know, mum and dad married only the year after they left school.”

“But I’m not dad and she’s not mum.” George laughed softly. “When the time is right, I will ask her but first I want to focus on continuing our life together outside of school.”

Kathleen started punching my arm with both fists out of excitement and I bit back a laugh as I pulled her away from the door.

“I have to be a bridesmaid.” She whispered, making me roll my eyes.

“There’s no wedding that need bridesmaids.”

“Not yet but you heard what George said. First he wants to continue your relationship outside of school which probably means living together and then he wants to marry you.” She said but then frowned at me. “Or do you not want him to propose? Do you not want to marry him?”

“Of course I want to someday.” I chuckled. “But someday, not today.”

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