One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 72

After saying goodbye to Kathleen, hugging her ever so tightly, we were on our way to the burrow. We had been going with the apparition method today and I had felt nauseous when we apparated so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to trying it again.

First Bill left with Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny and then Charlie, George, Fred and I were left back in the common room. Charlie held out his arm so that we all could hold onto him and I smiled at Kathleen who watched.

In the next second, we were standing on the lawn in front of the Burrow. I had dropped my bag to the floor and was now leaned forwards, hands on my knees as I tried to get over the nauseous feeling.

I hated the feeling. The two times I had tried it, it was awful. It felt like being pressed very hard from all sides, not being able to breathe. It felt like your chest tightened as if someone stood on you while your eyeballs were pushed into your head and your eardrums into your skull. That’s how it felt and it was not pleasant.

“Are you okay?” George asked and placed a hand on my back, the other on my arm to try and support me.

“I am never going to like that.” I told him, lifting my head to see his soft smile. “Hopefully you won’t have to do it again.”

Arthur had to stay in the hospital for a couple of more weeks and the doctors had sat up a bed for Molly as well so they had given Bill and Charlie the reigns while they were gone.

Everyone were walking towards the house but George and I stood on the lawn until I felt okay again. When he started laughing, I straightened up so I could look at him properly.

“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing.” He laughed, shaking his head. “C’mon. Let’s head up with our stuff.”

I playfully nudged him with my shoulder, smiling sweetly at him which made him narrow his eyes at me. “What do you want?”

“A piggyback ride.” I pouted. He watched me for a moment before chuckling lightly and pulled out his wand. I watched as he flicked it as it was pointed to the window to his room and then made our bags float up and through the window.

“Hop on.” He told me as he pocketed his wand. He turned his back to me, crouched a little in his knees and I placed my hands on his shoulders. As I jumped onto his back, he was quick to grab my legs, helping me to stay on.

“This is why I love you.” I said as he started walking towards the door. “Because I give you piggyback rides?”

“Because you don’t question my intentions.” I said. “You couldn’t know if I was feeling sick or just lazy.”

“You are feeling sick.” He told me. “From apparating.”

“It’s not as bad anymore though.” I said as we walked through the door that stood wide open. George put me down and I smiled, watching as he closed the door. “Thank you for the ride, my love.”

Ron. Harry and Hermione were all sat in the living area, talking while Ginny was with Bill in the kitchen. Charlie was walking around, looking at the house but I suppose he haven’t been home for a while. Fred was probably in his room as he wasn’t to be seen down here.

I always loved coming back to the Burrow. Everything here was so cozy and it was my second home. I walked further into the room. The big clock in the family room had all the Weasley’s faces on them. It even had mine which was a new addition. I hadn’t been on there the last time. I was pointed to home, along with everyone else here while Molly and Arthur was pointed to London where the hospital was and Percy was pointed to the Ministry.

“Mum made yours during the summer.” George spoke from behind me. “Said that it only made sense to have her daughter-in-law on the clock as well.”

“I’m not exactly her daughter-in-law.” I smiled. “You’d have to be married, wouldn’t you?”

“No matter what you are to me—” George breathed, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder. “You’ll still always be a part of the family.”

I placed my arms on top of his and we watched the clock together. Well, I didn’t know if he watched the clock but I watched our reflection in the glass. Charlie, Bill and Ginny were moving around in the background, helping each other get ready for lunch but no one seemed to notice that we were standing here, hugging like this. I mean, sure, we do this a lot when we’re here so they must be used to it.

“Do you want to join me upstairs?” George asked, placing a soft kiss on my cheekbone.

“Gross!” Ginny exclaimed, obviously having heard him. “We just arrived. Can’t you wait ’till you get back to school?”

“That’s not what I meant, Ginny.” George smiled, straightening up, his hand finding mine. I laughed softly and sent Ginny a wink before George led me upstairs to him and Fred’s room.

Fred was crawling around in the top bunk, making his bed but looked at us when we entered. “What’re you doing Freddie?”

I walked to the bunk bed, grabbing the bars as his eyes followed me. “You’d end up begging me to sleep up here so I’m doing it voluntarily this time.”

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