One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 76

“My father would have absolutely loved you.” I told George as we were together outside of the burrow, standing in the snow that had started falling after we got home from Diagon Alley.

“You believe that?”

“It’s not just something I believe. It’s something I know. He did like you, actually. I talked to mum about it in the summer. She told me about what your mum told me. About the times they babysat you and your older brothers and the time your parents babysat me and Sebastian.” I said. “My dad was crazy about you and Fred. Said that you were very active and crazy in a good way. Hell, you were two years old and you were already being difficult.”

George’s soft laugh was like honey to my ears. It made me smile automatically like it always did.

“He would’ve loved to see the persons you’ve become.” I said. “And I bet he’s up there right now, telling all his other heaven friends that his daughter scored the most amazing guy out there.”

George stopped walking, making me stop as well. I turned towards him, smiling.

“You’re a dork.” He chuckled. He tilted his head, watching me with an intense stare that made me blush.

“Stop doing that!” I exclaimed, turning away from him.

“I’m not doing anything!” He laughed.

“Yes you are! You’re doing it again. That thing with your eyes.”

“What thing with my eyes?” He asked as I felt his arms sneak around my waist from behind.

“That thing.” I repeated as I tilted my head so I could look up at him. “Like I’m the most important thing in the world.”

“Well you are the most important thing in the world.” He said with a smile. “You’re the most amazing thing in the world.”

He pressed a kiss to my forehead and I giggled quietly, turning around in his arms to bury my face in his chest. A kiss was now being pressed to the top of my head as George swayed back and forth from side to side with me in his arms.

“Look.” He whispered. I looked up at him before looking in the direction that he was pointing. Towards the trees.

“Can’t you see it?” He asked. “It’s an owl. It’s sitting right there, Liz. On the branch.”

“I literally can’t see anything.” I told him. He ran his hand down to my lower back, gently pushing me forward.

“Go closer.” He said. “It’s right there. It’s completely black so it should be easy to see.”
I walked forward, narrowing my eyes as I tried to get a look of the owl he so wanted me to see. As I

continued walking forward, I was suddenly hit with a snowball on the back of my head and I shrieked when the cold snow went down under my coat and down my back.

When I turned to look at George, he was grinning widely, raising his eyebrows at me before dropping them.

“Ouch.” He spoke, pointing at me for a moment. “That looked like it hurt.”

“George Fabien Weasley!”

“Elizabeth Chrissy Blossom.” He mocked the tone of my voice, making me gasp dramatically.

When I leaned down to grab some snow, George stepped back. “Liz... Lizzie, I’m sorry okay? You do not need to—”

He was interrupted as I threw the snowball with as much power as I had and it hit him straight in the face even though he tried to avoid it.

“Don’t start a war you can’t finish.” He told me but when he leaned down to form another snowball, I started running towards him. He screamed in a high-pitch tone but as he tried to run from me, he slipped in the snow and landed on his stomach.

I laughed loudly, watching as he rolled onto his back, a groan leaving his throat.

“That was great.” I laughed, standing over him with a foot in either side.

“That was your fault.” He grinned. “You made me slip.”

“You made yourself slip.” I smiled at him, offering him a hand. He took it and so helped him up. “Let’s go inside. It’s getting darker and that means colder.”

We went back inside where Bill was making tea in the kitchen as Charlie, Fred and Ginny sat in the living area. Charlie was reading a magazine and Fred was showing an invention to Ginny.

“Tea?” Bill asked us as we got off our coats and boots.

“I gotta go wrap presents.” George told his older brother before he made his way towards the stairs.

“I’d like some tea actually.” I said and approached Bill in the kitchen. He glanced at me with a soft smile before he turned his attention back to the tea.

“George told me a little something.” I said, leaning against the counter. “Leaving Egypt, are you?”

“I believe that I could help Gringotts better behind a desk in the actual building than in Egypt as a curse-breaker.” he said. “It also gives me the chance to be closer to the family.”

“Family is important.” I nodded.

“If you think so, why on earth are you ignoring your brother’s apology?” he asked and handed me a finished cup of tea.

“What... you said it yourself. He’s a jerk.”

“He’s still your brother. He might’ve hurt you but I believe everyone deserves a second chance. If Percy were to show up, I’d welcome him with open arms. Maybe Sebastian really has changed...

apart from his feelings towards my family of course. He might never learn to respect us.” “He’s going to have to.” I shrugged, taking a sip of the cup. “Thanks for the tea.”

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