One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 78

Once again, we were on the Hogwarts express on our way back to Hogsmeade. I was currently in the restroom, changing into my uniform.

The holidays had been great. Molly and Arthur came home from the Hospital on December 27th so then we celebrated a late Christmas.

January 7th was today. We were officially in 1996 and I was excited to get back to school but still a bit nervous because Umbridge was still there, my brother was still there and oh... my cousin was going to be there.

We were between five and six months away from graduation and then I’d get to live with my two favorite guys on the planet. My boyfriend and his twin brother. I was going to spent the rest of my life with George... I just knew it. We had been together for over two years and we rarely had serious fights. When we did fight, we’d always end up apologizing and make up. We were loyal to one another and would never hurt each other on purpose. We trusted each other and we had also always been very protective of each other.

If it did happen to end someday, it would be the worst thing to happen. He meant everything to me and losing him would be a nightmare. That goes with Fred too. One of my best friends so having to not see him everyday anymore would break me.

The sound of the door opening, both pulled me out of my thoughts but also made me jump. George stood there, cheeky as ever.

“I’ve still got it.” He smirked and entered, closing and locking the door behind him. “Everyone can do that.” I chuckled. “I mean, everyone who knows the spell.”
“Don’t ruin my special moment.” He frowned, acting serious when I knew he wanted to smile. “You know—” I breathed, pointing at the door. “You can’t keep doing that.”

“I can and I will.” He now smiled, running a finger up my shoulder and across the bra strap. I was only wearing the trousers of my inform so far. George had interrupted me just as I was about to reach for my shirt.

“Wait a minute.” George said, his eyes landed on my hair and he gently ran his fingers through it. “Your hair is longer than the last time we stood here, isn’t it?”

“I suppose it is. That was a year and a half ago.”

“Time goes by fast, doesn’t it?” He smiled, moving to behind me. “You haven’t grown though.”

“Oh shut it!”

George laughed, leaning down to press a kiss to my shoulder. I watched him in the mirror. Watched as his hands ran down my sides to rest on the bare skin of my hips.

“Remember when you said you’d never have sex in a restroom?” He whispered as he now pressed a kiss to the side of my neck and gently sucked on my skin while he placed one of his hands on my jaw.

“I remember.” I smiled. I knew where this was going and I couldn’t say I didn’t like it.

“Is that still an active opinion?”

“What if it is?”

“Then I won’t do anything more than kiss you.” He said, now planting a kiss on the crook of my neck. “I’d never try and force you to anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

I turned around, leaning on the sink as I looked up at him. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” He smiled, bopping my nose. I grabbed his hand gently, studying it.

“So much.” I told him. “I love you so much. I rarely tell you but I do... love you.”

“You tell me enough.” He said and when I looked up at him, he was smiling. “I know you love me, Liz. You show me all the time and that’s more important than saying it.”

“You.” I said and pointed up at him. “Are gonna make me cry. You’re so sweet.”

“Am not!” He argued. “I am very much not sweet. Would a sweet guy leave a bruise on your neck?”

“What?” I questioned and turned back to look in the mirror. The spot he had kissed only a second ago, now had what looked like was going to turn into a hickey.

“Merlin.” I groaned, running my fingers over it. “What are you? Thirteen?”

“I’m offended!” He gasped. “I think it’s quite beautiful actually. You’ve got a quill? I should sign my name next to my work of art.”

“Real funny, aren’t you?”

“I believe I should be a comedian.”

“Oh yeah. Would fit you perfectly.” I smiled as George played with the hem of my trousers. His fingers slipped inside and then ran across the material of my underwear on my hips. “To answer your question, no. The opinion is not still active.”

His eyes flicked up to meet mine through the mirror. A small smile formed on the corner of his lips. “Really?”

“When was the last time?” I asked. “In the broom closet after curfew in the start of December?” “I think so.” He nodded. “It’s been a month.”

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