One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 7

Fred had explained everything to George in a very enthusiastic way. I currently found him annoying and probably because I was already pissed after what Viktor Krum said.

George and I were cuddled up on the sofa and I was staring at the fire in the fireplace while Fred was talking and George was listening.

“First she was being polite which confused me because everyone can see he’s a total prick who’s full of himself but then he commented on our family and it wasn’t the good kind of commenting. So then the alternative Lizzie Blossom appeared, staring at him like he was dead to her.”

“He is dead to me.” I said. “He was being rude towards the people I love.” “Aww.” Fred pouted, placing a hand over his heart. “You love me?”

I rolled my eyes at him and looked back at the fire as I adjusted the way I laid in George’s arms. He ran a hand through my hair to brush it out of my face and I smiled to myself but I think he saw it, cause he then ran a finger across my lips.

“Thank you for defending my family.” He whispered against my head. “Thank you for being my family.” I replied, closing my eyes against his chest. “Oh bloody Merlin!” Fred exclaimed. “That’s so cute!”

George reached for a pillow and threw it at his brother who shrieked loudly before he talked about how rude George could be to him sometimes and then he walked up the stairs and into his dormitory.

“I’m gonna tell my mum.” I said. “I can’t live my entire life keeping secrets from her because I’m too scared. Plus, my dad doesn’t deserve to be a forbidden subject.”

George didn’t reply, he just repeatedly ran his fingers through my hair, combing it.

“I’ll send her an owl tonight.” I said. “Explaining everything. Us, why I haven’t told her, everything.”

“Okay.” He whispered. “If that’s what you want.”

“It is.” I said as I sat up, looking at him. “What’re you gonna do if you get chosen for the tournament?”

“What do you mean?” He questioned, running his tongue along his bottom lip.

“Your name is in the goblet, Georgie. If Dumbledore reads your name off a piece of parchment, he will know you cheated and that could get you in big trouble, possibly expelled if you don’t die during the challenges.”

“I haven’t thought that far.” He admitted. I chuckled, shaking my head at him as he sat up as well, his face being nothing more than a couple of inches from mine. “But I’ll do what I always do.”

“And that is...”

“Just go with the flow.” He said, smiling cheekily at me. I laughed, running my hand to the back of his neck as I gently kissed his lips.

When I pulled away again, he gently grabbed my jaw, pulling me back.

“I’m not done kissing you.” He whispered, tilting his head as our lips met again. I smiled against him, kissing back, our lips moving in sync. I pushed him back, making him grunt as I straddled his waist. He ran his hands down to my hips and gently moved his head to break the kiss as he was smirking at me. “Will I be needing a safe word?”

“You tell me.” I smiled, leaning down again to kiss him but instead I just brushed my lips over his and then kissed him under his jawline.

“I have to be honest, Liz.” He said and I looked at him again, an eyebrow raised. “I am kinda getting—”

He was interrupted by the sound of Ginny shrieking. We both sat up straight and looked towards the painting where Ginny stood, covering her eyes with a hand.

“Why in the common room?!” She asked. “I don’t want to see that!”

George and I laughed as I crawled off of him and sat in the other end of the sofa.

“You can open your eyes now.” George said and she removed her hand.

“You two should really learn to not snog everywhere you go.” Ginny told us. “I have to deal with it at the Burrow during most holidays and now here?”

“We didn’t really think anyone was gonna be here.” I said. “It’s almost curfew and everyone’s in their dormitories.”

“So am I in a few seconds.” She said before she hurried to her door.

“We should go to bed.” I told George, patting his knee as I stood up.

“Or we could sneak down to the library and have some fun like we usually do after hours.” He said, pulling me to stand between his leg. He gently pushed my skirt up, planting a kiss on my thigh and goosebumps immediately appeared on my skin.

Last year we kept sneaking off to the library after curfew to well— have sex. Only once did we get caught by Filch but we quickly packed up and ran, laughing the whole way while Filch cursed about how much he hate kids.

“We haven’t done it in such a long time.” George pouted up at me. “Four months.”

“I’m tired. George.” I said, brushing his hair back with my fingers. “Defending you and your family to Krum, takes a lot of energy.”

George laughed at my comment but nodded and stood up. “Geez.” I spoke as I took a step back. “I’ll never get used to that.”

George crouched a little as he wrapped his arms around my waist, making me shriek when he lifted me up. He carried me to the stairs where he put me down so that we were equal tall.

“Goodnight then.” He smiled, pecking my cheek.

“Night.” I smiled back, turning around to walk up the stairs. “Love you!”
“Love you more.” He replied before I walked into my dormitory and closed the door behind me.

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