One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 80

“It’s ridiculous.” George scoffed, throwing a rock at the frozen lake. “Weasley products will be banned? They don’t harm anyone. Well, they do but not in a serious and dangerous way. They’re fun. They are for fun.”

“I’m afraid Umbridge doesn’t see it like that.”
“Well... I’m afraid Umbitch can go jump off a cliff.” he said, making me chuckle softly.

“Charming.” I smiled. “Should we change the subject? I feel like this one will only get us bummed. How was your day, my love?”

“Apart from the classes we had together?” he turned to me, picking up a new rock from the ground. “It was alright. Ancient runes was boring though.”

“I can imagine.”
“And you? How was your day?”

“I only had charms today.” I said. “That was the only time I saw you apart from meals as well. I missed you.”

“Yeah?” he smiled, turning around to throw the rock onto the ice. “I missed you too.”

“Guys!” Kathleen shouted before she came running down the small hill, a newspaper in her hand. George stopped in his action to pick up another rock and watched as Kathleen joined me by the stones. “I have something to tell you.”

She handed me the newspaper. On the front page was a moving picture of Bellatrix in chains, struggling while she laughed in a very creepy way.

MASS BREAKOUT FROM AZKABAN “What is it?” George asked.

“The Ministry of Magic announced late last night that there has been a mass breakout from Azkaban. Speaking to reporters in his private office, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, confirmed that ten high-security prisoners escaped in the early hours of yesterday evening and that he has already informed the Muggle Prime Minister of the dangerous nature of these individuals. ‘We find ourselves, most unfortunately, in the same position we were two and a half years ago when the murderer Sirius Black escaped,’ said Fudge last night. ’Nor do we think the two breakouts are unrelated. An escape of this magnitude suggests outside help, and we must remember that Black, as the first person ever to break out of Azkaban, would be ideally placed to help others follow in his footsteps. We think its likely that these individuals, who include Black’s cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, have rallied around Black as a leader. We are, however doing all we can to round up the criminals, and we beg the magical community to remain alert and cautious. On no accounts should any of these individuals be approached.”

I looked up at George after I finished reading it. Our eyes met and I instantly knew we both knew Sirius had to be warned if he hadn’t seen it already. We couldn’t talk about it in front of Kathleen, she still didn’t know about the order.

“This obviously has something to do with you-know-who.” Kathleen said. “But do you think Sirius Black is a death eater?”

“What do you mean?” George asked.

“Well, he knew how to escape. They said it themselves. Sirius must’ve been the one to break them out. He was probably working for the Dark Lord.”

“I don’t think so.” I said with a shrug. “Something doesn’t seem right.”

Kathleen hummed before she stood up and I handed her the newspaper. “I’ll find Fred and inform him. We all need to be prepared if Black shows up in the castle like he did two years ago.”

George and I were silent as Kathleen left but when she was no longer nearby, we looked at each other.

“This sucks.” I said. “She’s our best friend and we can’t tell her about the order so she has to walk around and think Sirius is a murderer.”

“I know where you’re going with this.” he said, shaking his head. “And no. We’re not telling her. Not only because we’re not allowed to but also to keep her safe. If she finds out, she’ll be in just as much danger as the rest of us when you-know-who...-”

“Voldemort.” “What?”

“His name is Voldemort.” I said and stood up. “Why have we always called him you-know-who? What does it help to be scared of his name?”

George leaned down to pick up a rock again and threw it on the ice with even more stenght than before. “We have to warn Sirius.”

“I know.” I replied, folding my arms over my chest. I watched George’s back muscles as he stretched his arms, watching the water in the lake. “George.”


“I’m scared.”

George turned around quickly when he heard my words and then dropped the rock he had just picked up. He walked towards me with fast steps, pulling me in for a hug. I hugged him back, burying my face in his chest.

“I am too.” he whispered against my hair. “But I’m here, remember? I once told you I’d never let anyone or anything hurt you and I meant it. It still applies here.”

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