One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 82

“What’re we doing for valentines?” George whispered as he showed up behind me in the library, hands on either side of my body and his face so close to mine that I felt his breath. I turned my head to look at him and as I placed a hand on the side of his head, I kissed him. He hummed against my lips, deepening the kiss. Every time my lips touched him, it felt like the first time again. Fireworks shot through my stomach and it felt better than sex.

Sure, sex was great but kissing him was everything and I could do it all day, every day for the rest of my life.

“We could do that for valentines.” he suggested and pulled away to look at me. I smiled, shaking my head gently before kissing him again, this time shorter, yet still as passionate. “No but seriously, what do you want to do? We can stay in the castle, hide away somewhere and just spent the day together, I can plan a nice picnic on the quidditch field...”

“It’s February.” I told him. “There’s still snow out there.”

“We could also go to Hogsmeade and find somewhere to eat or to drink.” he said, brushing some hair behind my ear. “What do you think?”

“Hogsmeade date it is.”

“Great.” George smiled, kissing me before he sat on the table right next to my textbook. “What’re you doing?”

“Our essay for History of Magic. Dissolving of the Wizard Council, remember?”

“No.” he mumbled. “I don’t remember. We have to write an essay?”

“George!” I exclaimed. “Yes! For tomorrow. Go get your textbook and I’ll help you get started.”

“You’re a treasure.” he breathed while pushing himself off the table. He quickly pecked my cheek before he ran off.

The library is one of the places where Umbridge never really goes so we can actually get a bit closer to each other and I like that. When George came back, he had Fred with him and they both sat across from me. “Don’t tell me you both didn’t know we had an essay due.”

“We weren’t listening.” Fred told me. “We were planning a new prank.”

“Of course you were.” I sighed. “Guys, we have four months left of school so right now would be a good time for you two to get your stuff together and work for your grades.”

“We aren’t really gonna need it though, are we?” George commented.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t try. I love you both and I love your pranks. Heck, I’m bloody excited to see your joke shop but right now, school is what counts and I myself don’t want to get in more trouble with Umbridge. She can fail me in Defence Against the Dark Arts which is the most important class for me if I want to become an auror.”

The two looked at each other before both opening their textbooks. With a smile, I closed my own. I had convinced them to do their homework which was a victory for me.

“It would be a good idea to start off the essay by writing what it’s all about. What is the dissolving of the wizard council. What is the wizard council and then afterwards go into detail, look into the council, look into the transfer from the wizard council to the Ministry of Magic.”

As they both individually started writing, I finished my own essay and then decided to just stay in their company as I had nothing else to do. I ended up catching myself smiling like an idiot as I watched George’s concentrated face, his eyebrows knotted together and his lips slightly parted, the quill moving across the paper.

When he reached to dip the quill in some ink, he noticed my staring and our eyes met. I winked at him, making him chuckle and that caused Fred to look up.

“You’re doing it again!” he told us. “Thought you said we had to focus on our schoolwork.”

“Don’t be rude.” George said and pushed him in the shoulder. I laughed softly and stood up, gathering my stuff.

“I’ll leave so you can focus on writing. Don’t get distracted, okay? It’s due tomorrow.”

I turned around and walked out of the library, making my way to the common room. I felt happy. It may sound cheeky but sometimes I just look at the people in my life and realise how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have George, my lovely boyfriend. To have Fred and Kathleen, my best friends.

“Blossom.” someone who passed me spoke before I felt a hand around my wrist, pulling at me with so much force I stumbled backwards and dropped my stuff on the ground.

Cassius Warrington.

Slytherin’s chaser for the quidditch team. He’s the same year as me, I know him very well. He’s not exactly a pleasant guy.

“What do you want, Warrington?” I asked and crouched down to pick up my books and quill.

“I have to pass astronomy and I’ve seen you in action. You’ve got the best grades in our year.”

“I’d love to help you but...” I looked up at him, narrowing my eyes as I shook my head. “No, I actually don’t want to help you.”

“Don’t be a prat.” he said as I stood back up.

“I’m a prat because I simply do not wish to help you?” I asked with a sarcastic laugh. “I remember very well that little stunt you did in year five. Hitting George with the bludger on purpose? He was in the hospital wing for a week because of you.”

“Oh c’mon, Blossom.” he laughed. “You’re still mad about that? It was two years ago.”

“And if it was an accident, I wouldn’t still hate you for it.” I said. “Find someone else to tutor you and leave me alone.”

When I turned around to walk away, he grabbed me again but this time even harsher, my stuff dropping again, hitting the floor with much more force.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” I yelled and pushed him violently in the chest before I crouched down again to pick up my stuff. My quill was broken. Great. Thank you Warrington.

“I wasn’t talking about tutoring.” he told me once I stood up again. “We have an essay due next

week about those star chart. Professor Blossom is your brother, right? I’m sure he’d give me top grades if you just asked.”

“Who do you think you are?!” I shouted. “I will do no such thing!”

“It’s either that or I’ll tell your other half that you and I had a little fun in his bed when you weren’t at breakfast this morning.” he said and stepped closer to me, lowering his voice while grabbing my wrist for the their time. “You invited me into the common room and you were all over me. You didn’t even notice that it was your boyfriend’s bed.”

“You’re seriously messed up.” I laughed sarcastically. “Let go of me.”

“Fine. Have it your way. Where is he? The library? Why don’t we go tell him the slag his girlfriend is?”

“Okay.” I nodded. “Shall we?”

He frowned at me but let out a scoff as he led the way into the library. When we approached the table, George and Fred looked up, confusion written all over their faces.

“Which one is George?” Warrington asked, pointing between them. George eyes flicked to me, an eyebrow raising.

“You must be George then.” Warrington said. “Your girlfriend and I have something to tell you.”

“We certainly do.” I acted, walking over to stand next to George. I placed my arm on his shoulder, tilting my head as I looked at Warrington. “Go ahead. Tell him.”

“Why do you not care?” he asked me. “You should be doing everything to stop me.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” I told him. “I can’t carry this guilt anymore, Cassius, tell him. We have to tell him the truth.”

“What truth?” George asked and Warrington looked at him again.

“Weasley.” Warrington spoke. “I would hate to be the one to break your little heart but I of course think you deserve better and I see what you see in her. Good in bed she is.”

He barely got to finish the sentence before George stood up so abruptly that his chair fell over. I had to grab his arm so he wouldn’t jump Warrington over the table.

“It seems as if she wasn’t pleased enough by one man. She had to have two.” Warrington continued. “You must’ve wondered why she wasn’t at breakfast. The truth is that she was with me and unfortunately, we fucked in your bed. I thought it was wicked too, and not in a good way. Did you know she’s into hair pulling?”

Fred sat with a grin on his face, obviously knowing it was all just a story made by Warrington. It was pathetic, really. George watched Warrington for another moment before he laughed, his arm sneaking around my waist. “For a moment there I almost thought you believed yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a good liar, I have to give you credit for that.” George chuckled. “But you see, there’s two holes to that story. If you hadn’t noticed, I wasn’t at breakfast either. I was with her all morning in

Hogsmeade. Oh, and no, hair pulling is actually a big no. It’s awfully painful, isn’t it my love?”

George looked at me at the last sentence and I nodded with a smile. wrapping my arm around his neck.

“It’s a turnoff.” I agreed. “But nice try Warrington. I’m sure you’ll manage to convince someone else that you slept with their girlfriend.”

With a scoff, he turned to me. “You manky maggot.” “Manky maggot?” I laughed. “What a great insult.”

He rolled his eyes at me before he turned around and stomped out of the library. George looked down at me before he took my hand that rested against his chest. He pushed up my sleeve to look at my wrist which was a bit red and sore from how hard Cassius had grabbed me those three times.

“Did he do that?” Fred asked when he saw the redness. He stood up to stand next to us and looked at my wrist again.

“What was that all about?” George asked.

“He wanted me to tell Sebastian to give him top grades in astronomy. I said no and he went on about wanting to tell you I had slept with you in your own bed.” I said with a shrug.

“And you let him walk straight in here and humiliate himself.” Fred smiled and raised his hand. “Good job. That’s how it’s done.”

I laughed softly and connected my hand with his in a high-five. George looked down at my wrist again, running a few fingers over it.

“Fred.” he spoke. “I think I found a new victim for the rest of the year.” “Heck yeah!” Fred nodded with a huge grin on his face.

“This wasn’t how I wanted valentines day to turn out.” George told me, his eyes meeting mine. “For you to end up with a bruise like this.”

“Oh it’s fine.” I smiled. “I had fun this morning so I don’t care about this.”

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