One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 85

“You’re making so much noise.” I whispered to George and shushed him. “C’mon. We need to be quiet. If we get caught we get detention.”

“I’m well aware of that, Liz.” He whispered back as I grabbed his hand and guided him towards one of the classrooms. He made sure to intertwine our fingers, following me along the wall until we reached the door. I straightened up and he planted his hands on my waist. “Is anyone in there?”

“Why would there be—”

I stopped talking as soon as I had opened the door, seeing who was in there. The two of them looked at me and I quickly closed the door, turning to George who were standing against the wall.

“So that classroom might not be available.”

“Why? Who’s in there?” He smirked, trying to get past me but I placed a hand on his chest to keep him here.

“Let’s just say that Fred doesn’t care about the policy revolving around a student sleeping with a teacher.”

“What?!” He exclaimed in a whisper. “Fred and Deanne are going at it again?”

“Well, they were making out, nothing more than that.” I said. “Thankfully I didn’t get to see any parts.”

“You are going to see some parts.” He whispered with a smirk on his face before leaning in to kiss me. I chuckled against his lips, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He guided me around the corner and pressed me against the wall without breaking the kiss. My hands went up to loosen his tie and that’s when we heard someone clear their throat, making George jump back at the same time as I pushed him away.

Anthony Goldstein

“And what are you two doing out of bed at eleven at night?” he asked, looking at us with a bored look.

Anthony is a fifth year but he’s one of the prefects for the Ravenclaw house which means it isn’t the best idea to be caught by him out of bed after curfew. He’s also in Dumbledore’s Army so we do know him a bit.

“You see, Goldstein.” I started without knowing what I wanted to say. I looked at George, hoping he had some kind of excuse.

“Yep.” he spoke, folding his arms over his chest. “I’ve got nothing.”

I rolled my eyes and looked from him to Anthony who still had that bored look on his face. “I’m pretty clear on what you were doing.”

“Then why’d you ask?” George questioned, earning an elbow in the side from me.
“Twenty points from Gryffindor for wandering the corridors at night.” Anthony said. “Each. Also,

five points for talking back to a prefect. Go to bed or I’ll round that twenty up to a fifty.”

Anthony walked past us and I moved closer to George, lowering my voice. “What about Fred and Deanne? She’s a teacher. If Anthony sees them, they’re in trouble.”

“I’ll take care of it.” George whispered. “I’ll meet you in the common room.”

I watched him walk around the corner to run after Anthony. I didn’t know whether I trusted him enough to let him do it alone so I ended up following him just as an explosion sounded. George had used a firework he had in his pocket and then ran away, Anthony chasing him.

I hurried to the door to the classroom and opened it. Fred and Deanne were no longer making out and as I opened the door, they looked at me.

“What on earth was that?” Fred asked as he buttoned his pants. Well, this was awkward. Looked like they had been taking it a step further while George and I had gotten caught.

“That was George.”
“And why is George blowing up the school after curfew?” Deanne questioned. “To save you too, professor.”
My lovely cousin rolled her eyes at me and took on her robes.

“Anthony Goldstein was roaming around the corridors on the lookout for students out of bed. Imagine him finding a seventh year who’s about to graduate and a professor who was a student here only nine months ago.”

“I bloody told you!” Deanne exclaimed at Fred. “Next time it can’t be in a classroom. They get checked by the prefects.”

“Next time?” I questioned. “You sound like there was a last time.”

The two of them didn’t say anything which made me realise this had probably been going on for a while. Probably since January when Deanne took the job.

“Fred, hurry up so you can get back to the common room before Anthony decides to stop chasing George and comes back here.” I said and walked out, closing the door behind me.

I hurried my way up to the common room and paced back and forth until Fred entered. “Did you see George on your way up here?”

“He’s not here?”

“No, he’s not here!” I yelled/whispered. “Why would I ask you if he was here?!”

“Well alright. Sorry.” he held up his hands in defence. “You think he got into a lot of trouble?”

“He lit a firework in the corridors after curfew.” I said. “He’ll be in a whole lot of trouble. Oh gosh. What if Anthony goes to Umbridge about it? She’s gonna... she’s gonna...”

“Are you having a panic attack?” Fred cut me off. I narrowed my eyes at him, shaking my head as I ran a hand through my hair. “Because you need to breathe.”

“Thanks for the advise, Fred.” I rolled my eyes. “If you hadn’t been too busy shacking my cousin,

he wouldn’t have had to made a distraction to save you two and he wouldn’t be getting expelled at this very moment.”

“He’s not going to get expelled.” he told me. “And we never really got to the shacking part.” “One day Fred, you are going to die and it’ll be me who bloody murdered you.” I said.

“Alright.” he breathed. “I’m gonna take any offence to that. You’re freaking out because George isn’t back, right? That doesn’t mean he’s getting expelled. That simply means he’s running around, trying to get rid of Goldstein.”

I took a step closer to Fred, opening my mouth to speak as the portrait opened and George walked through.

“What the bloody hell was that?!” I exclaimed. “You told me you’d take care of them, not light a firework!”

“I saved their butts, didn’t I?” he smirked and I hurried over, punching him in the chest. “Ow!” “I thought you were getting expelled.”
“Not expelled.” he smirked. “But I did lose Gryffindor another seventy points.”

“Oh bloody hell.” I groaned, closing my eyes with a sigh as I ran a hand over my face. “Well this was great. I’m going to bed!”

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