One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 89

April arrived with the leaves coming back on the trees. It was beautiful. George and Fred turned eighteen and heck, they did not try to hide it from us. They were too full of themselves, enjoying the fact that they were older than Kathleen and I again.

Eighteen years old. In a month or so it would be us. All four of us would finally be eighteen and George and I would both be able to marry. Though we weren’t doing that until this summer. We had decided on August. We had talked about it a lot, even started planning what we wanted it to be like.

We were of course gonna get married at the Burrow, his home, my second home. A lot of people were gonna get invited. Both of our families. Both intimate family and extended. We would also be inviting some friends from school but first we had to actually tell our families we were wanting to get married in only four months.

It all seemed to crazy but it still seemed right. I had never felt stronger for a person so it was only right that he was the one I was going to marry. I felt so excited, yet nervous. Not nervous about the wedding but nervous about telling my family.

Some new decrees had been made in the last week. On March 30th, Umbridge made a new one that stated that if students used spells outside of class, their wands would be confiscated until further notice.

On April 2nd, she made a decree that said to maintain dress code at all times. She had been roaming the corridors lately, flicking her wand to fix if someone’s tie were loose, if their shirts weren’t tucked in, stuff like that.

“Ow!” Fred exclaimed, snapping me out of my thoughts. It looked like George had tripped him on purpose for some reason. I swear, if they were fighting again, I’d kill both of them. “Why’d you do that?!”

“Do what?” George asked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “Lizzie!” Fred called, looking at me. “Tell your boyfriend to stop being a jerk.”

“George, stop being a jerk.” I said, looking down at my book again. I scrolled to the next page, leaning back in the chair as my eyes read the words on the first line.

“Well, tell my brother that he needs to stop teasing me about loving my goddamn girlfriend.”

“Fred, stop teasing George about loving his goddamn girlfriend.” I said, quoting George. Fred scoffed and suddenly I heard the two of them, tumbling on the floor, fighting. “Goddammit. Not again.”

I put down my book, the bookmark placed between the two pages I was currently on. I got up from the chair and made my way over where the two identical creatures were playfully fighting. They would never fight seriously and they’d never hurt each other but still, I didn’t like it.

“Right, break it up guys.” I said, grabbing Fred by the arm to pull him up. He was stronger than George and always ended up being the dominant one in their fights.

“Bloody hell, Fred Gideon.” George cursed and pulled himself up from the floor. “I swear I’ll beat

you up the next time!”
“I’d like to see you try.” Fred scoffed.

“What were you two fighting about this time?” I questioned as I continuously looked between them.

“He called you beautiful.” George said, folding his arms over his chest.

“Well she is beautiful.” Fred said before he looked at me. “I called you our beautiful little dove. It’s not like it’s illegal to compliment your best friend. Apparently George doesn’t agree with me.”

“What?!” George exclaimed. “I call her beautiful every day!”

“Right, so you two are fighting because Merlin, I’m getting tired of this.” I said and approached George. I patted his chest. “If you pick a fight with him again at our wedding, I will personally murder you.”

I immediately realised what I just said and my eyes widened as well as George’s. He was the first to look at his brother and then I turned around to look at him as well.

Fred watched the two of us, wide eyes and his lips parted. He moved a hand up to his hair, ruffling it a bit. “Wedding? When the bloody hell did that happen?”

“It hasn’t happened yet you git.” George said. “We’re thinking August.”
“You’re actually engaged?!” he exclaimed. “Holy cow!!”

“This is going to be good.” I breathed and walked to the sofa to sit down. Kathleen came stumbling out of our dormitory, hair messy and her shirt buttoned wrongly while Lee came after. My jaw dropped and I ran a hand up to cover my mouth.

“Okay so first these two are getting married and now you’re having sex? I can’t even have sex with who I want to have sex with ’cause she’s a bloody teacher!”

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