One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 90 Chapter NotesMATURE CONTENT

“Have you told your families?” Kathleen said as she was cuddled up in Lee’s arms. The five of us sat by the fire in the common room, it was past curfew and everyone else were asleep. We had waited to have this conversation to right now for a reason.

“Not yet.” I said. “We’re scared they’ll think it’s crazy.”

“It is crazy.” Kathleen told us. “But that’s alright because it’s you. You do crazy things but it’s out of love. You’re practically already married so I’ll be there as your biggest support.”

“Think again dear Kathy.” Fred spoke. “You’ll be their second biggest support. I’ll be number one.”

Then he turned towards us. “I think mum will be thrilled. One, she’s going to be allowed to host a wedding and two, her and dad got married when they left school and then had Bill only two years after they graduated.”

“Lee? You’ve been awfully quiet.” George spoke, catching Lee’s attention from playing with Kathleen’s hair.

“No, I’m cool with it.” Lee said with a shrug. “You two would be one of those fun married couples that people never grow tired of.”

“Not true.” Fred stated. “I’m already tired of seeing them snog each other in the hallways when there’re no teachers around.”

“They are fucking adorable!” Kathleen exclaimed. “So shut your mouth and let them be you...twat.”

“Not this again.” Fred groaned as he let himself fall back onto the sofa before turning around to look at George and I who sat next to each other on the floor. George had his knees bended, his arms resting over them and his hands meeting, fingers intertwined while I sat in a tailor position, my knee touching his leg. “If I have to be honest, I am your biggest fan. Mostly I’m surprised that George managed to find such a good catch.”

I rolled my eyes at him and George reached over to hit him but I grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on my knee instead. He squeezed gently before his arm went up around my neck.

“My parents married in ninety-sixty-eight.” I said. “The same year they graduated. Had my brother a year into marriage. I don’t think my mum would mind this. The question is my brother. Sebastian, not Benjamin.”

“Oh Merlin.” George spoke. “I completely forgot about that. He almost already strangled me that day in detention with all those questions. He’s gonna actually strangle me when we tell him this.”

“Don’t worry.” I smiled. “He’d get fired for murdering a student.”

“Thanks.” he said flatly, looking at me. “That’s the only worry there? Not that I’d be dead? Your boyfriend?”

I smirked at him, grabbing his hand that hung over my shoulder. I intertwined our fingers, giving his hand a squeeze.

“I’m tired.” I said. “I’ll go to bed.”

As I got to my feet, George’s arm slid off my shoulder. I brushed off the invisible dust on my trousers, making my way towards the stairs after telling them goodnight.

“Kathy.” I heard George say. “Why don’t you stay with Lee for tonight?”

This was going to be good. Shortly after I entered the dormitory, George entered it as well and closed the door behind him. I turned towards him, smiling cheekily as I started unbuttoning the buttons on my blouse.

“We’ll have to be quiet.” I whispered while George locked the door, not keeping his eyes off of me. “Angelina and Alicia are both very much asleep.”

“I can be quiet.” he whispered. “The question is... can you?”

I raised an eyebrow, letting the blouse fall off my shoulders and hit the floor. George’s eyes lowered but then came back up to my eyes before he pulled off his jumper, throwing it on the floor while making his way towards me.

He attacked his lips with mine, his hand resting against my jaw. He grabbed behind my thigh, lifting me up and throwing me on the bed, making it creak. I broke the kiss and shushed him while I hit his chest. He ignored me but instead smiled as he leaned down to kiss me again.

“George.” I groaned against his mouth, forcing the kiss to break again. “We need to hurry. If we take too long, we risk waking Angelina or Alicia up. Hurry.”

“Hey, hey, hey.” he spoke, placing a hand over my mouth. “Let me do my magic.”

I bit my lip to not laugh at his comment, shaking my head before I wrapped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him down to meet my lips. George’s right hand ran down to the back of my thigh, urging it to go around his hip and once I had both legs wrapped around him, he thrusted against me, causing a soft moan to fall from my mouth and mix into the kiss.

George always focused mostly on my bottom lip when we were making out before sex, paying extra attention to it because he knew I was more sensitive there. He’d lick the inner side of my bottom lip, while thrusting against me, having me a crumbling mess underneath him.

My free hand found its way to his hair, getting tangled in it as I tugged his head back to look at him, both of us panting.

“Condom.” I whispered. “We always forget, and I do not want to end up pregnant.”

I nodded towards the nightstand next to my bed, letting him know that I had one there. He hummed softly in acknowledgment. I studied his face as he reached over to pull out the drawer to find a condom. When he looked at me again, our eyes met and we both started smiling. He placed the condom on the bed as he leaned down to kiss my lips softly.

He trailed kisses from my lips to my jaw and continued down to my neck. Pretty quickly he found

my pulse point, sucking and lapping his tongue against it. I quickly threw a hand over my mouth, moaning into it to suffocate the sound.

George continued down over my collarbone and planted kisses on either one of my boobs before he signaled that he wanted it off. I lifted my torso, making access for him to slide his hands underneath my body to undo it. Once my bra was off, he threw it on the floor, then continued his trail of kisses down my cleavage to my stomach.

He looked up at me, making eye contact with me, then smiled as he kissed my skin right below my belly button. As he stood up between my legs, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of my trousers, pulling me towards the edge in such a quick motion that I had to cover my mouth to suffocate the shriek that dared to leave.

George chuckled softly, his fingers undoing the buttons on my trousers. I flipped him off – my way of telling him he couldn’t pull me like that without some type of warning.

I lifted my hips to allow him to pull off both my trousers and my knickers at the same time. George leaned down over me, placing a hand next to my head as he kissed me, but at the same time as his lips found mine, his fingers found my clit, making me moan into his mouth as he circled it.

Shots of electricity were sent through my body, my hips rocking against his hand for some more friction. George sensed how eager I was, smiling into our kiss as he then ran his fingers down and through my folds that were already soaked with arousal.

I had to break the kiss to throw my head back against the mattress as he dipped his middle finger into me slowly, teasing me. Then he pushed the entire finger inside of me, making me gasp. George’s other hand clamped over my mouth, suffocating the sounds coming from me.

“Be quiet, remember?” he whispered with an annoying smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes but in response, he then inserted another finger, pumping them in and out as I moaned and whimpered into his hand. My right hand came up to hold his wrist of the hand that was pressed against my mouth and my other hand was clutching the blanket that was covering my bed.

His thumb was rubbing my clit in circles while his fingers were thrusting in and out of me at a pace, hitting my g-spot that had my eyes roll back into my skull. The wet sounds filled the room and if George hadn’t been covering my mouth, I’m sure I would’ve woken up my dear roommates along with every other Gryffindor student that was currently sleeping.

Suddenly the sensations stopped, and George pulled out his fingers while removing his hand from my mouth. I breathed deeply, watching him suck his fingers clean while keeping the eye contact with me.

“Knew it.” He then grinned as he leaned down to kiss me. “Haven’t tasted you in a while. Just as good as I remember.”

If this boy doesn’t stop talking and fuck me already...

As if he could read my mind, he went to undo his trousers, watching me with an expression that expressed love as well as lust. I picked up the foil package next to me, smiling cheekily at George as I propped myself up on my elbows.

“Better fuck me good.” I spoke.
He raised his eyebrows at me, his lips forming a smile.

“Don’t I always?”

I didn’t respond, but instead watched as he grabbed the foil package from between my fingers, ripping it open before he rolled the condom onto his already hard length.

His left hand grabbed the back of my thigh while he used his right to line himself up to my entrance. When his right hand then came to grab my other thigh, he slowly pushed himself into me, filling me up and stretching my walls.

I accidently let out a loud moan, causing George’s eyes to flick to my face while I clamped a hand over my mouth. He looked at me for a second, then he looked back down between us while slowly pulling out, then thrusting back into me with so much force that the bed creaked.

He started to form a steady yet fast pace and while his right hand stayed behind my thigh, his left hand came up to grab the frame of my four-poster-bed, giving himself some support as he thrusted in and out of me, grunting under his breath while I moaned into my hand.

The bed kept creaking with every thrust, but it wasn’t loud enough to wake up anyone. At least I hoped not. The way he with every thrust hit so deep inside of me, stroking over my g-spot, made my legs shake slightly while I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was definitely on cloud nine.

“Shit – Lizzie.” He moaned softly into the room. “Fuck... you take me so good, darling.”

In response, I moaned loudly into my hand while my other hand ran into my hair, tugging at it. My eyes closed; my head tilted back against the mattress. It felt like George kept hitting me deeper and deeper with each thrust. Like he was seconds away from reaching my cervix.

I removed my hand from my mouth, biting my lip instead while I reached for George to pull him down.

“Kiss me.” I breathed. Immediately he let go of the frame of the bed and leaned down, kissing me deeply with a hand pressed to the mattress. He hummed against my lips, sucking gently on my bottom lip before our tongues met.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, one staying there while the nails on my other hand dug into his skin and dragged down his back. He moaned in response, confirming what I already knew.

He loved the pain because it mixed perfectly with pleasure, making the sex so much better. I couldn’t judge him. I was the same.

George’s free hand slid down between us to rub my clit and add to the sensations that were already going through my body. The only thing I could do in response to that, was moan into his mouth and tighten my arms around him.

“Fuck.” I breathed, breaking the kiss. He rested his forehead against mine, both of our eyes closed. “George – faster.”

I didn’t actually know that it was possible, but George sped up, his hand going back to hold my thigh as a kind of support while he now thrusted even faster, hitting even deeper than I knew was possible. Our lips met again – our way of drowning out the sounds we were both making.

I was already getting close, feeling the familiar knot start to form in the lower part of my stomach. I squeezed my legs around his hips, urging him to get even deeper than he already was.

Our tongues met again, mixing saliva.

I ran my hand back up his back, letting it run into his hair, my fingers getting tangled up in his ginger locks. At the same time, I had to break the kiss, the pleasure getting so intense as I was getting closer and closer to the edge.

I tilted my head back into the mattress, biting my lip. My legs began to shake around him and the way he immediately sped up, were telling me that he knew I was close.

My orgasm hit me like a wave. I didn’t make a sound. My toes curled, my mouth opened, and my eyes rolled to the back of my skull while my back arched off the bed, my boobs being pushed against his chest.

I dug my nails into his back again, my other hand tugging at his hair. George rode me through my orgasm, panting slightly against my neck. He started to slow down, signaling that he was close too, and with a few slow thrusts, I felt him twitch inside of me as he came, filling the condom with his semen.

A heavy breath left my mouth as soon as I got down from my high. I placed a hand over my forehead, my eyes closed as I tried to catch my breath and get back to normal. I heard George chuckle softly, thrusting very slowly to empty himself from the last spill.

Then I felt him press a kiss to my shoulder before he pulled out slowly. He grabbed around my legs, carefully putting them down. He got rid of the condom with a spell and got his underwear back on before I felt him slide my knickers up my legs. He patted my hip, urging me to lift them. I did and he quickly slid my knickers up so I could put my hips down again to relax.

“You okay?” he checked, brushing his knuckles over my cheekbone. I hummed in response, smiling weakly at him as he went to lie on my bed. I moved up to cuddle him and he made sure to pull the covers out from under us to cover our half-naked bodies He pressed a kiss to my forehead, holding me tightly. “Good.”

Her tighten his arms around me while I nuzzled my nose against his shoulder, closing my eyes to get comfortable to sleep. Then Angelina’s voice filled the room, making my eyes shoot open. “I wish to never hear that again.”

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