One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 91

The next morning, I could barely walk. I was so sore between my legs and Fred and Kathleen had both noticed, teasing me about it all the way down to the great hall while George walked next to us, a small grin on his face.

We had a D.A. meeting tonight and I hoped my legs and definitely my vagina would feel better by then because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all those people, especially not Ron and Ginny, seeing as they’re George’s younger brother and sister.

When we reached the stairs and I stepped onto the first step, my knees almost gave in, causing me to grasp onto George who gladly helped support me.

“Looks awfully painful.” Fred joked. “Is it? Painful, I mean?” “Shut your mouth, Fred.”

“Of course it’s painful.” Kathleen commented as she looked up at Fred. “Didn’t you hear them? We slept in the same room. We should be able to hear the same things.”

“Oh I clogged my ears with tissue.” he told her. “I’ve heard them too many times to count and I didn’t want to add to those.”

“Can you two stop talking?” I groaned. “George, I’m going to need a piggyback ride.”

“Love, you’re wearing a skirt.” he told me. “I don’t want everyone to get a look at your groin.”

“Well I don’t care because I am bloody sore.” I argued. “If you could have been a little gentler—”

“No, none of that!” He said and pointed a finger at me. “You can’t beg me to go faster and then complain when you feel the consequences the day after.”

“Oh shut up you—” “Elizabeth!”

I immediately stopped walking at the sound of my brother and got out of George’s grip to turn around.

“Sebastian, hello.” I said. George rested against the railing of the staircase while Fred and Kathleen stepped to the side to let other people past. “Can I help you with something?”

I rested my arm on George’s shoulder, trying to stand in a way that didn’t hurt me but I probably looked awkward as hell since George snickered into his hand.

“Well...” he stopped and narrowed his eyes at me. “Why are you standing like that?” “Standing like what? This is how I usually stand.”

“You... never mind.” He breathed. “I have to talk to you about something later in my classroom. According to your schedule you have a free lesson after lunch?”

“Yes. Right. I’ll see you there.” I nodded. Sebastian eyes me a last time before turning around but he only walked a few steps and then turned towards us again.

“As I can see, you two are guys and you two... are not.” He said, pointing between the four of us. “I hate to be the one to say this but distance... if you let Umbridge catch you, you’ll get detention and I hate to see her torture methods.”

I gave him a small nod before he walked away again. Finally I could let out the breath I was holding, leaning my entire body on George and he simply let me, wrapping an arm around me to hold me steady.

“It’s because we went so bloody fast.” I whispered against his neck. “Next time we go somewhere where we can take long about it.”

“Are you done discussing your sex life?” Fred asked. “We kinda want to get going so we can eat before class.”

“Let them talk sex if that’s what they want.” Kathleen said and swatted Fred’s chest. “C’mon.”

She tugged at his arm and he followed her down the stairs, leaving George and I against the railing.

“We should go too.” George told me, locking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“We totally should.” I nodded. “Please carry me.”

“No way.” He laughed. “I told you I don’t want people looking up your skirt.”

“Oh bloody hell Georgie. You think I’m gonna go shag everyone who looks at my arse?”

“Of course not. It’s not about you. It’s about all the perverts at this school.” He said and wrapped an arm around my waist to lead me down the stairs.

When we reached the entrance to the Great Hall, we had to step away from each other and keep that eight-inch distance. It sucked but that’s how it had to be.

I sat down across from Kathleen while he sat across from Fred. The room was filled with chatter, laughs, bickering over different stuff like food for an example. Some girls at the Gryffindor table were arguing over boys which was ridiculous.

Friends shouldn’t be fighting over boys. If you’re truly friends, you’d leave it alone and decide that no one could have him. Unless one of the friends are already in a relationship with this boy. Then it’s the other friend who needs to withdraw.

“Fred!” Kathleen shouted suddenly and I noticed the two of them had started bickering too. “Hand me the goddamn bacon! Stop being such an annoying troll!”

“That’s not very nice.” Fred pouted. He grabbed the bowl of bacon and as he reached it towards Kathleen, George also grabbed some on the way, placing it on his plate.

I quickly grabbed a piece from his plate, him watching as I ate it. “What?”
“That’s my bacon.” He simply said. “You don’t see me stealing your food, do you?” “Don’t act like you don’t love me stealing it.”

Fred tried to steal his food as well but that didn’t go well as George slapped his hand away, hard enough for Fred to mumble an ‘Ow’.

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