One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 92

That day in the D.A. meeting, I successfully produced my patronus which turned out to be a young stallion. George had picked me up and spun me around, telling me how proud he was of me.

Then as he had pressed a kiss to the side of my head and a few patronuses ran around the room, everything shook, making us all stop what we were doing.

The room shook again and the sound of something large filled the air. I couldn’t put my finger on what but it was exactly but something was happening.

The chandelier shook, the sound of the crystals making me look up. We all gathered as we slowly approached the wall where the sound came from. George wrapped his arms protectively around my waist, keeping me locked against his chest while Fred held an arm out in front of Kathleen in an act to protect her as well from whatever was happening.

The mirrors on the wall suddenly shattered in a thousand pieces and all fell to the floor. Both George and Fred raised their wands, preparing to defend themselves and slowly, Kathleen and I followed the act.

The wall behind the mirror had a small hole in it and my little brother whom I so didn’t want to be a part of this, approaching to see through the hole.

“Ben!” I hissed. He looked back at me but continued.

“I’ll make short work of this.” Umbridge’s voice spoke loudly on the other side of the wall. Harry approached behind Ben and looked through the hole as well before he quickly pulled my brother back who then ran over to us.

Umbridge said a spell that I didn’t quite hear because I was focused on making sure Ben was okay but then a blast sounded and the crushed bricks were flying everywhere.

George covered both me and Benjamin, making sure we didn’t get hurt by it while Fred protected Kathleen.

When all the dust cleared off, we straightened up and saw who was on the other side.

Umbridge at the front with Filch, Crabbe, Warrington, Pansy Parkinson and some other Slytherins. As they walked closer, Draco Malfoy stepped in between Umbride, holding onto Cho Chang who looked awfully regretful.

“Get them.” Umbridge ordered Filch and before I knew of it, Filch walked into the room and out of nowhere came Percy.

“What in the world.” Whispered Fred as we all watched their brother grab Harry and guide him out where he also grabbed Cho.

Later the same evening just before curfew when I walked the corridors, I saw Percy again, standing and talking to Malfoy for some reason and the conversation did not look pleasant.

“You’re a real knob!” I exclaimed as I approached them. Both turned towards me. Percy’s expression didn’t show much. Just that he didn’t want to bother with whatever was going to happen. Malfoy on the other hand looked pleased.

“I believe you need to go back to your common room, Blossom.” He told me.

“Shut you filthy mouth, Malfoy!” I snapped at him. “Go suck some fucking cock!”

“You will not be talking to me like that. I am a prefect and could easily deduct some points!”

I didn’t know what came over me but in the next moment, I had punched Malfoy in the nose as I was tired of his bullshit.

He yelped, stumbling back and I felt Percy grab onto my arm to pull me away.

“You filthy little—”

“What?” I urged. “Mudblood? Check the difference between half-blood and muggleborn.”

“Half-blood is just as filthy.” He spat before he hurried away from the scene, hand covering his nose.

“It’s almost curfew.” Percy simply said, causing me to look at him.

“The twins told me about your decision to cut your family out of your life.” I said, folding my arms over my chest. “Don’t believe in them, do you? You’re a terrible person, Percy. I don’t care what they say, I don’t care that they keep defending you. You are not worthy of them. You do not deserve a good family like them. They support the people they love, they protect each other and you just turn your back on them because they believe in something you don’t? Your loyalty truly does lie with the Ministry.”

“I’ll warn you to not talk to me like that.” He said coldly. “Keep your nose out of my business, Elizabeth.”

“Your family is my business, Percy Ignatius Weasley! By the time summer is over, I’ll be your sister-in-law so you better get used to me telling you when you’re wrong when no one else seem to want to stand up to you!”

His eyes slightly widened at my statement and he moved around on his feet, a bit uneasy. “You’re marrying George? You’re seventeen.”

“I’ll be eighteen next month.” I shrugged. “That’s not what I wanted to discuss. I wanted to tell you to stop being so stuck-up. Stop being so proud and tell your goddamn family that you love them and that they are your priority but while we’re at it, don’t say it because I tell you to. Say it because you mean it.”

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