One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 94

The twins left after they had flown out into the courtyard and written an ‘W’ on the sky which obviously stood for Weasley. Kathleen and I had joined the students as they walked out to watch and George and Fred gave us a wave before they flew away, their bodies getting smaller and smaller in the air.

The prank had been big. The fireworks had also smashed every single educational decree on the walls, making Umbridge angrier than ever.

I couldn’t believe that we now had to spend two months left here, celebrate our birthday without them. We were both sad as we walked back to our common room, heads hung low and a sad silence between us.

We ended up on the sofa, somehow cuddled up in a hug that was supposed to comfort the both of us.

Gosh we bloody loved those two. Ever since we first met in 1989 when we started school. They had a way to charm their way into our hearts and they freaking stayed there.

That night both Kathleen and I packed for the Easter holidays. Kathleen was lucky, she got to spent Easter with them so she wasn’t exactly sad about not seeing them for a while. She was sad because they had left school and we had always imagined the four of us would finish together.

The next day, we spent the six to seven hours on the train, talking over every memories we had with the twins.

At King Cross station, Molly came to pick up the remaining kids she had at Hogwarts, plus Kathleen and I also got to say hi. She wished me congratulations on being engaged to her son and told me couldn’t wait to see us get married.

After that I went home with my mum, my stepdad and my younger brother. Sebastian was waiting at home and when I entered the living room, so was his boyfriend.

“You must be Elizabeth. I’ve heard so much about you.” The tall and handsome man said when they saw me enter. He was quite opposite of Sebastian. Sure, he was as tall but his hair was a blonde color and his eyes were brown. His face was smoothly shaved and he had dimples when smiling.

“And you must be Emmett Dime.” I replied as I shook his hand. “My brother had told me about you once, but to his defense, I haven’t been the easiest to talk to lately.”

After chatting back and forward, getting to know Emmett while Sebastian stood next to, I finally decided to tell my family at dinner.

So that night as Badger asked Ben to pass the potatoes, I put down my fork and finished chewing the food in my mouth.

Sebastian and Emmett stopped talking and my older brother looked at me. “Is everything okay, Betsy?”

“I have an announcement.” I spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear. The talking stopped, the sound of the knifes and forks stopped and all eyes landed on me. “All right. This may come as a

shock, especially because I have yet to turn eighteen but I am getting married in August.”

I didn’t think it was possible but the room fell even more quiet. Some eyes had widened while others just kept staring at me.

“George’s family already knows.” I said. “It’ll be held at the Burrow, in the garden. Before anyone judges me, I want to say that this is the right thing. George and I really want to get married and we’ve been talking about our future a lot so we thought; why wait?”

“Didn’t George just drop out of school?” Sebastian asked. “How do you expect him to support you?”

“For the last time, Sebastian. I can support myself.” I said. “Also, I’m moving in with George and Fred in a flat above their shop in Diagon Alley.”

My mum’s jaw dropped. Great, she never responded when I wrote home about getting married and she didn’t comment one it when I came home but moving out is what she decided to react on?

“Why are you moving out?” Ben asked as he shoveled some mashed potatoes onto his plate.

“Well, Ben. That’s what some people do when they grow up. They moved out from their childhood home and since I’m also marrying George, it only makes sense that I go live with him.”

“When are you deciding to do so?” Badger asked.

“Sometime after school ends and the flat has been renovated and furnished.” I said. “I’ll have to talk to George and Fred about it.”

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