One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 95

It must’ve been awkward for Emmett to meet his boyfriends little sister and then have to hear my confession about getting married and moving out.

Sebastian wasn’t happy about it but mum explained to me how she hadn’t responded on my letter because she wanted to wait until I was home and she could talk to me alone. She was being very supportive of George and I marrying in August.

Badger wasn’t too happy about it but Ben said he couldn’t wait to meet George’s family. Even Emmett congratulated me.

I sent Kia to the Borrow after dinner with a letter for George. I explained to him that I had told everyone, I told him their reactions and that I already missed his face and his lips.

“Do you never use spells for that?”

I turned and saw Emmett enter the kitchen in a new shirt after Ben accidentally spilled juice on him at dinner.

“I like washing dishes.” I smiled. “Helps me think.”

“Ahhh. Thinking about your fiancé?” He asked and leaned against the counter next to where I washed the dishes.

“Actually, I am.” I chuckled. “I just sent him a letter with who from my family needs to be invited to the wedding. You’re obviously also invited seeing as you’re Sebastian’s boyfriend.”

“Well that’s an honor.”

“You just need to know something about my fiancé and his twin brother.” I said and Emmett raised en eyebrow to show he was listening. “Ever heard of the Weasley family?”

“I believe I have.”

“The Weasley twins are pretty popular at school for all their pranks and jokes. Usually I was a part of them and we all got detention all the time. Even Sebastian has given us detention at times.” I said. “I just wanted to warn you because I know they might prank you as a way of welcoming you, though I will try and keep them from doing so.”

“What kind of pranks? They can’t be that horrifying.” He said, making me laugh.

“Did you go to Hogwarts?” I asked in which he nodded. “Right, so you know Filch. Well, we covered his floor with glue and put dirty in every drawer and cabinet in there.”

“You’re not scaring Emmett off, are you?” Sebastian’s voice sounded as he entered the kitchen again, placing himself next to his boyfriend.

“We were simply talking, love.” Emmett replied. “You never told me your sisters boyfriend was a Weasley. We knew Bill very well.”

“Yeah, well you know how I felt about the Weasleys.” Sebastian replied.
“How long have you two been together?” I asked. “I mean, you went to Hogwarts together and you

both knew Bill.”

“We started dating in our last year.” Sebastian told me. “It was one of the reasons I left afterwards. I was scared of coming out to everyone. Eighteen years old and the only gay man in the family. Homosexuality was even worse looked at back then than it is now.”

I hummed before I went to grab a towel to dry the dishes I had just washed.

“The only thing that matters is that you love each other.” I said. “To hell with everyone who has a problem with it. Doesn’t effect their life in any negative way.”

“Lizzie!” I heard mum call. “It looks like George got your letter.” “Did he write back?!”

“Try and come here for a second!” She called and I sighed before throwing the towel at Sebastian while pointing at the dishes to show he had to dry them.

When I walked into the foyer, it wasn’t a letter I saw. George stood there, tall and handsome.

“George!” I smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“I got your letter.” He smiled. “I thought it would be easier to make the guest list together.”

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Mum smiled and patted George on the shoulder, telling him it was good to see him again before she made her way into the living room.

“How is it already miss you?” I asked. “I saw you yesterday before your big exit from Hogwarts.”

“I kinda have that effect on people.” He joked before I pulled him in for a hug. He tightly wrapped his arms around my back, burying his face in the crook of my neck. He planted a kiss on that specific ticklish place, making me giggle as I squirmed in his arms. George responded by chuckling himself and I felt the smile and vibrations through my neck.

“It’s good that you’re here.” I said and pulled away. “Before we sit down to write a guest list, I want you to meet my brother’s boyfriend and no pranks, alright? He’s off limits.”

“No pranks.” George smiled in agreement before he pushed his right hand into the pocket of his trousers. I grabbed his left one, guiding him into the kitchen.

“Look who showed up.” I spoke and both Sebastian and Emmett looked but while Emmett smiled, my brother just looked down at the dishes again as he dried them. “Emmett, this is George, my boyfriend... or, fiancé. George, this is Sebastian’s boyfriend Emmett.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Emmett said and held out his hand. “I heard about you when you were a young boy. I was friends with Bill.”

“Oh really?” George asked and pulled out his hands from the pocket. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Immediately I noticed he had a handshake buzzer on his hand. The one that gives the other person electric shock.

“Give me that!” I said and grabbed his wrist quickly. I pulled the buzzer off and looked up at George who looked at me. “I said; he’s off limits.”

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