One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 97

On April 27th, we went back to Hogwarts. Kathleen and I obviously sat together and under the feast as well. It was sad to not have George and Fred next to us.

Sometimes I forgot they weren’t there and turned to joke with them. It definitely took some getting used to.

As soon as the feast ended, we found a new educational decree on the wall. The ones that had been broken by the twins had been replaced.

Any literature by non-wizards or half-breeds is banned forthwith

The very next morning when we left for breakfast, another one was already put up there.

Students must consent to have their post checked for illegal contraband

Kathleen and I discussed how ridiculous the whole thing was. We discussed that a lot of times throughout the year. Kathleen had Lee. They were a couple now so some times I’d sit alone.

I would lie if I said I wasn’t extremely lonely. School wasn’t fun anymore without George and Fred to cheer me up. I never thought this was how my last year would be but I was so excited for it to end.

On May 2nd, another decree was hung on the wall.

Any complaints about Hogwarts or its staff must be made in writing to the High Inquisitor

And a few days later on May 5th, we once again saw Filch hang something on the wall.

Students must observe new restrictions regarding library and common room access

Today was May 10th. It was Friday and I had just finished having potions all alone. It was a class I used to share with George and Fred but now they weren’t here, I was just plainly bored.

In my free lesson after potions, I sat in the courtyard with Kathleen. She was talking about my wedding and how amazing it was going to be.

“We turn eighteen in seven days.” I interrupted her. “George always kisses me as the first thing when I leave the dormitory in the morning and then he gives me my present.”

“You’re talking about like him he’s dead.” “Oh c’mon. Don’t you miss them?”

“Of course I do.” She smiled. “It’s been a month since they dropped out and their letters are great but I miss their ridiculous jokes and your ridiculous pranks.”

“Gosh we’ve had some great times.” I laughed softly. “Like the time when the boys pranked you for the first time. You were so pissed.”

“And you just laughed!”
“It was funny!” I continued laughing. “Your face was priceless!”

“They made my hair green!”

“It wore off after an hour!” I argued and she nudged me with her shoulder.

“What about the time we walked in on you and George doing the dirty?”

“Oh Merlin.” I groaned. “Don’t remind me. That was almost as embarrassing as Angelina hearing us.”

“At least you were under the covers.” She shrugged. “It wasn’t very pleasant to look at though.”

“We should’ve remembered to lock the door.” I said. “It’s odd because normally we do.”

“Fred is probably going to walk in on you two a lot more. After all you will be living together.”

“And we’ll be close to your workplace.” I smiled. “We’ll come visit you at work and see how busy you are.”

“And I’ll come visit you at the flat.” Kathleen replied with a nod. “How crazy is it all huh? Graduating in a month. Getting careers and moving out from home. You and George are getting married.”

“Married.” I muttered. “Marriage. Two people who exchanged vows and wear rings. That’s so bloody odd to think about.”

“Elizabeth Weasley.” Kathleen smiled. “I like the ring of that.”

“Elizabeth Blossom-Weasley.” I corrected her. “I’m still keeping my maiden name even if I’m adding his.”

“Elizabeth Chrissy Blossom-Weasley.” She said. “Are your children getting both names as well?”

“Why are we talking about children, Kathy? I’m seventeen years old. Children won’t come into the picture for another five years or so.”

“They’re going to be so beautiful.” Kathleen gushed. “Little Weasleys running around with red hair.”

“If they do get the red hair.” I smiled. “Maybe it’ll be a browner color.”

“You don’t want them to have the red hair?”

“Oh I’d love for them to have the red hair!” I exclaimed. “Would be so adorable!”

“Right? Especially with the brown eyes— you both have brown eyes so there’s no way around that. Brown eyes, red hair. Imagine the hair being curled like yours.”

“Mine’s more wavy, isn’t it?”
“Waves are in family with curls.” She said. “And I believe it’s a mix between those two.”

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