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''Can I stay a bit longer?'' ''Stay forever,'' -Modern hogwarts| NO GEN-Z HUMOR -Super smutty fanfic -Explicit -Friends to lover -Happy ending?

Action / Erotica
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“Hurry up Kyra, I wanna get changed before we go,” Alyssa said tugging my arm.

“Thanks, Freddie.”

“Anytime Kyra” he tossed me the muggle herbs and a skiving snack box giving me a wink.

I blushed as Alyssa dragged me back to the dorms.

When we got back to the dorms there was a letter on my bed from my father.

’Come back Kyra, please. Your mother and I love you. I didn’t mean to hit you, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I don’t know why you’re throwing a fit, you’re just acting and forcing some tears to get attention. Come back for winter break, you are being dramatic and sensitive.

-Sincerely Frankie Liner’

Pathetic excuse of a father, he stripped away my self-love until there was nothing left.

I spent my whole life trying to please a twisted man. I loved a man who tormented me every waking minute. I wanted to love, I truly did. My father broke me before any boy could. He told me he loved me and i thought he meant it, but why would I ever want a love like his.

“Are you in love with blaise?” I asked Alyssa.

“I think so,” she said smirking at the thought.

“What is it like?”

She thought a little before saying “You don’t exactly know at first if you have fallen for someone. you feel this deep attraction towards them and you wish you can spend your every waking second just looking at them.”

“That’s fucking gross,” I said, sarcasm thick on my tongue. I wanted to love but I didn’t want all that lovey-dovey bullshit.

She sighed and her lips pursed into a straight line. She hopped on my bed and gave me a hug.

“Do you think somebody could love me?”

“I love you.”

“Not in a platonic way, but romantic like you and Blaise?”

“Yeah, you just need to find the right person.”

She stayed silent for a while before saying “it’s not your fault, it’s your father’s.”

“Read this,” I gave her the note sent from my father. She skimmed through the parchment and looked up at me, showing me a little smile.

“I know you got daddy issues,” she sang in a mocking voice. I threw a small pillow at her and a small shout left her lips.

“You bitch,” she tackled me into a hug and started tickling me. “You’re not going back home for break, we’ll find a place.” She retracted and let out a few chuckles. We talked for a few minutes before heading to the boy’s dorm, grabbing the herbs and the skiving snack boxes.

“You’re being a fucking hog, Pucey,” Blaise said, putting his hand out.

Pucey grumbled before putting the blunt in Blaise’s hands.

He held the small blunt in between his lips, inhaling the smoke and blowing it out, his posture relaxing ever so slightly.

Alyssa snatched the blunt from his hand and put it between her lips repeating the same process.

I watched the group pass around the blunt until Draco entered the room.

His face lit up as he saw me.

“I missed you” I ran up to him and gave him a warm embrace.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Draco said, showing a slight tug on his lips.

He grew to be more handsome and masculine since the last time I saw him. He was more charming and you could tell from his eyes, a little more scandalous. Like most, I changed over the summer. My curves became more prominent and my features complimented me more.

I sat on his bed as the small circle formed again.

I brought out the skiving snack boxes from the Weasley twins and opened them, it had an arrangement of candies and flavors.

There were a few edibles in the assortment of candies.

“Wanna take one?” Draco said seeing me amused with the wild flavors in the box.

I shook my head and he grabbed an orange-flavored edible.

“This your first?”

I shook my head yes “have you had them before?” I asked the blonde with the edible in his hand.

He chuckled a little before saying “I’ve had these a few times, how about we split this one in half.”

he took a bite of the candy, splitting it semi-evenly. He handed me the remains and I ate the rest, chewing it slightly. It was very bitter, it tasted like a very fake orange candy.

“Is that it?” I asked Draco.

“You haven’t even given it time to kick in yet,” he laughed a little rolling his eyes.

Around 30 minutes later of gossip and drama I felt my surroundings change. I looked over at Draco and you could tell it hit him too. I felt as if I was moving in slow motion, voices echoed throughout my head as I laid down on his bed. Draco’s body hit the bed laying next to me, seeing him so dazed sent me into a laugh of hysterical fits. I shot straight up and shook my head, that was a big mistake because when I did I couldn’t stop. It felt like my head was slowly unwinding itself from my neck like a balloon getting ready to pop. I was able to steady my head and look at the rest of the group that sat on the floor.

“Kyra are you okay?” Terence asked, chuckling slightly from the weed he had smoked.

Words couldn’t form from my mouth as it felt like the room was expanding and closing in on me, surprisingly I wasn’t scared. I felt very relaxed and relieved.

Draco sat back up and I rested my head on one of the podiums on his four-poster bed.

Adrian brought out a small vial from his bag. “Does anybody want to play Truth or dare without the dare?”

Everybody somewhat agreed.

“Blaise you first,” Draco said.

“Drink this,” Pucey shoved the vial in his palms.

“So nobody is gonna ask how I feel about this.”

“Drink a drop, that shit is expensive to make.”

Blaise took Alyssa off his lap and put a drop of the mysterious liquid on his tongue.

“Blaise are you in love with Alyssa”

Blaise said a bunch of random lovey-dovey things that echoed throughout the room. My focus coming back every so often.

“What the hell was in that?” Blasie snapped.

“Veritaserum,” Adrian said, a large grin appeared on his freckled face.

Alyssa blushed and then smothered Blaise in kisses.

“Your turn,” Blaise said while placing the vial right in Alyssa’s gentle hands.

She then put a drop on her finger and put it on her tongue.

“Ready?” she shook her head yes. “What is Kyra’s biggest secret?” Blaise asked.

My focus snapped back onto the group as the attention grew on Alyssa.

“She is scared of loving, she doesn’t think she is capable of it,” she blurted, smacking both hands over her mouth.

I turned on Draco’s bed and face planted into his mattress.

“Ooooooo” Blaise teased.

“Shut up,” Draco said. He then laid next to me and cooed in my ear “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think I am either.”

I lifted my head and showed him a smile.

“BORINGGGGGGGGG” Pucey boomed.

I threw a pillow at him and hit him square in the face.

“You bitch!” he ran up and put me on his shoulders.

“PUT ME DOWN” I threw a riot in his arms kicking and punching his back.

“Not until you say sorry.”

I gave him a wet willy and he dropped me and rolled on the floor hitting his ear.

I stumbled back to Draco’s bed. The room felt like it was spinning and I was going to fall. As soon as I hit the bed he wrapped me in his arms putting me to sleep


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