Once I thought I had Kyra, the weasels took her from me. I didn’t mean anything to her, it was just a quick fuck. At least the Gryffindor is gone, I didn’t like him anyway. I wanted to be happy with her. I wanted her to be happy. I thought she chose me but she didn’t, the edible did.

Nobody would ever know the number of nights I lay awake, thinking about her delicate body pressed onto mine, the way she hiccuped when she cried, the way she glistened in every season of the year. She was just in my grasp. I admired every single thing, every small imperfection. The nights I would wonder how I would feel in her body, wondering how she felt.

Her gentle hands healing my skin from the cuts and bruises. The way her face would light up every time she got a question right, her scent driving me over the brink. It angered me to see her with that Gryffindor, the one who couldn’t make her come. The one who couldn’t make her feel good. It made me smirk thinking about how no other human could make her feel as good as me. She’s mine whether she knows it or not.

I’d see her standing next to Cormac, enjoying his presence, his kisses. I watched her go on walks with him and the flowers he gave her. She was happy with him, at least on the emotional range. The weeks she spent with him I could barely read her. I couldn’t tell if she was actually happy. I barely spent time with her unless it was on the behalf of Cyprus. Cyprus wasn’t as bad as I thought, she’s stubborn but she likes to cuddle. She’ll cry if someone doesn’t hold her while she sleeps.

She misses Alyssa, she misses Blaise. She’s worried for Terence, she thinks she can protect him. I don’t know what could possibly protect him,

Each year Kyra progressively grew farther from the girl she once was. She had her episodes, she’d stay in her bed isolated for weeks on end. She’d starve herself, or she’d purge. She’d push everyone out of her life, leaving Alyssa in the dust while she wept.

It took the whole friend group to make Kyra eat or at least drink water. One particular winter after a long episode she came out of her dorm, decorating a tree in the common room. Decorating it in hideous ornaments, but nobody would tell her that, she would crumble. She spent weeks on it, spending all of her money, her parent's money on presents. She even bought presents for random Slytherins she’s never met- including mudbloods. She strung Christmas lights all over the common room, aggravating the paintings. Blaise and I threatened to burn the paintings if they ever said anything about her decor. She became obsessed with white roses and lights. Terence, Miles, and Adrian almost burnt out their pockets from buying her roses.

She was delicate but hated when people treated her like it.

Shed hex people that removed a pedal from them, she worshipped them. She grew close with Luna Lovegood and when the roses wilted Kyra disappeared into the forest. Madam Pomfrey became a mother to her, checking up on her nearly every day. Dark and gloomy. Sometimes I’d see her in the astronomy tower, watching the stars- cheeks stained with her tears. Sometimes after her depressive episodes, she’d be hyper, running around the common room. Asking, no ordering one of us to go with her. She brightened up a room, it was lonely when she was sad.

When I saw her this year she came back to her old self. She enjoyed the sun, the flowers, the small things. She became more active, she let Alyssa back in. She felt again, she was happy. Her scars faded, mentally and physically. She wanted to love, she wanted a change.

I got up from where I sat and stormed to her dorm, banging on the door until she opened it.


I took her face in my hands and stared into her beautiful eyes before kissing her. Trying to remember the way her lips felt on mine before pulling away. She melted under my fingers as her chest rose up and down. “You’re beautiful,” I muttered against her lips.

Her eyes lit up before she was pushed to the side, Terence storming out.

“So I guess you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I guess not.”

She deserved to be happy, she deserved to be cherished. I could see it in her eyes she was back.

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