“I could never love a daughter like you, your fucking pathetic,” he shouted. His hand struck my face as tears ran down. “Get out of my sight, I don’t want to see you.”

And I ran, far, far away until my lungs and legs gave out.

Love wasn’t supposed to hurt.

I wrapped my legs in my arms and cried.

My tears dampening my clothes and mixing with the pond.

I cried until there were no more tears, no more emotion, no more sadness. I thought about everything, everything that went wrong. Everything that went right. I tried to forget all the bad things, I tried to focus on the good.

slowly unraveling my feet into the shallow pond that sat across from me I stared at the sun, the clouds. Listening to the birds and gushes of wind

A small chuckle came from the tall grass that surrounded me.

A tiny fairy came out with a white rose offering me one, I wiped my tears and smiled at the small fairy. That smile ignited something in the fairies, more came out giving me more roses and flowers and gifts. They decorated my hair and the pond that was mixed with my tears. They gave me small candies and a blanket. They tried their best to comfort me, but they couldn’t speak. Tiny whispers or giggles.

They were absolutely beautiful, their wings sparkling in the sun.

One fairy grabbed a petal and wiped my tears. Other fairies sprinkled my skin with small kisses of affection.

I visited the fairy colonies often, providing them with food and supplies when I stayed at my house.

Summer- 3rd year

I sat in one of the living rooms playing with Casper, throwing the ball back and forth the halls.

Father drunk in the kitchen, mother coming back from a long shopping trip. She set down her purse and coat and walked over to the large mirror that rested on one of the grey walls. She examined her blemishes and imperfections, grabbing a small powder compact from her pocket. She set her face with the compact before saying, ” I want a divorce.”

“What?” My father asked.

“I said I want a divorce,” she repeated herself a little louder.

“You can’t divorce an arranged marriage.”

He threw a glass against the wall, the shards splattering all over the floor. He shot up from his seat over to my mother, towering over her tiny frame.

“Don’t you dare touch me.”

My father stormed off to the front door, slamming it behind him.

When he came back he held a bat in his hand. He looked at my mother before hitting the mirror she stood next to, shattering it. He moved onto an antique vase throwing it in the air before hitting it with the bat. Mother cast a shield charm so the pieces avoided her. He continued to smash all the surroundings, making holes in the paintings and walls. She stood unphased, he tried to break her, get a reaction. He couldn’t hit her, her family blood is higher than his.

Casper barked at my father, and my father’s gaze shot towards us. I tried to stop him, I tried to stop Casper from going any farther. But I couldn’t. Father looked at me before smirking and kicking my dog against a wall, making Casper cry in pain.

I ran over to Casper kneeling to comfort him while he whimpered. I grabbed my wand and tried to remember a spell, anything. Nothing. Nothing was working. A sob tore through my throat and tears ran down my face. My father’s shadow towered over me, taunting me. He let out a deep chuckle before walking in front of me so I could see him. He knelt beside me with a smirk on his face.

“Look at me.” He held my chin so I would stare into his dark eyes. “Pathetic,” is what he said before he slapped me, the force making me fall. He stomped on Casper with his right leg making the poor dog cry in pain. He stomped on its head repeatedly, a menacing grin on his face. The ragged bottom of his shoes made Casper bleed, tears and scream came out of my throat as I got up trying to pull my father away. Hitting him, trying anything to pull him away. Clawing at him, slapping him. By the time he stopped Casper was knocked out, blood everywhere.


Mother didn’t leave him, she was too afraid. She had affairs with many men, sleeping with them all over the house. She flirted with father’s colleagues and was gone most of the time. She was a narcissist. Casper survived that night, but the pain he’d have to endure the rest of his life wasn’t worth it. I asked for him to be put down. I felt lonely, but at the same time, I felt nothing at all.


I hid in a small cabinet close to my kitchen clutching my knees to my chest as my parents fought.

“GET OUT!” my mother yelled at him pointing towards the door.

“Join me Liv, you can be safe if you stay with me,” he gripped her wrist towering over her.

“You’re a monster,” tears streamed down her angelic face. “I didn’t fall in love with the man you are now,” she shook her head, not wanting to look him in the eyes.

He was not a father, merely human. A shadow of his old self.

Every passing moon my father looked less human, disappearing for weeks on end coming back aggressive or drunk-sometimes both. He was always angry, his soul rotten. He smelt like death or vomit.

He wasn’t the man he was, the man he was before was kind. He’d take us to the park or go on walks at the beach. The man enjoyed ice cream with his family, happy.

We tried to help, tried to be there. But he wouldn’t allow it, he followed the dark lord. Obeying all his orders like a fucking lap dog. He brought home random drunk men bringing them to the basement. At night screams tore through the air, he tortured them. He turned them into his minions. He made them hybrids.

These hybrids were like no other, almost immortal. They could regenerate faster, they could turn at will. They still had no control over how they acted when they turned but they were more powerful, more aggressive. They haunted muggle cities and low-income wizarding towns. The ministry wouldn’t dare to intervene, they were too scared.

He grabbed my mother’s delicate angelic face digging his disgusting fingers into her cheeks.

“I don’t care that you don’t love me, I need your last name, your reputation.”

“I would die before letting you ruin my name.” And with that Fenrir struck mother with harsh force making her drop to the floor. Her cheek marked with his handprint. ‘I love you’ is what she mouthed when she caught my eyes.

Screams flooded my ears, blood splattered the walls. I tried to cover my ears, I tried to block out her pain, her suffering. I couldn’t look at her. Silent tears streamed down my face. My hands couldn’t block her screams. Her pain seemed to last for eternity, I couldn’t save her. I failed her.

The door busted open and cloaked figures pulled my father Fenrir away, a psychopathic laugh leaving his mouth, leaving my mother bloodied on the floor.

The door shut and I ran to my mother, all her perfect features covered in blood, grasping onto the life she had left. I ran to the kitchen drawers and grabbed a health vial, sitting her up so she could drink it.

When she finished drinking I ran to the telephone, I called all my family members. Telling them what happened trying to compose myself. I waited for an eternity, seconds felt like years.

Once my uncles and aunts appeared here they took her to st. mungos. She went clinically insane, she was a distorted mirror of her once beautiful self. Her eyes that were once enchanting now cold and stale. She didn’t remember me, she was scared of me,

She thought I was my father.

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