“Hey, Terence, are you okay? You stormed off yesterday and I was confused.”

“Oh yeah I’m fine, I forgot I had an assignment due. Thanks, though for worrying.”

“You wanna go eat?” I asked him.

He shook his head and we headed out, Draco joining us on the way to the great hall. Terence threw his arm over my shoulder while we walked

“There’s Slytherin secret slut,” Cormac snickered surrounded by his friends.

“Shut it Cormac,” Terence said, his arm on my shoulder tensing.

“What? Did she let you hit? Did you finally shag her? Is that why you’re defending her?”

Terence shot a quick glance at Draco, Draco returned it before striking Cormac across the face, making blood shoot from his mouth. Cormac fell to the floor holding his cheek in his hands.

“So I was right, bet you let Draco shag you too,” Cormac chuckled, staring at me.

And those words were the breaking point to Draco’s anger. He pushed Cormac to the floor and started pummeling his face into the ground. Putting more force into his face with each hit. Everybody was watching and Terence stood behind me, he rested his chin on the top of my head.

“He’s so dreamy,” Terence fawned. “I’m gonna marry that man one day.”

“Shouldn’t we do something?”

“Maybe later.”

Cormac reached for something in the side of his pants. His hands gripping a pocket knife, flicking it open before striking Draco in the leg. Cormac pulled the blade out to stab Draco’s abdomen but he grabbed the blade before it could impale his skin, slicing his hand open.

“Terence do something.”

“Fine,” he said before looking over at miles.

Draco threw the pocket knife across the floor and struck Cormacs face harder only stopping once Terence and Miles pulled Draco off. We couldn’t bring him to the hospital wing because he would probably attack Cormac again and get in trouble with Pomfrey.

“Get fucked Cormac,” Terence said, spitting at his limp body while flipping him off.

A few of Cormac’s friends dragged Cormac away bringing him to the hospital wing.

“That little fucker got what was coming to him,” Draco chuckled, blood coming out when he coughed.

“He fucking stabbed you,” Miles said, dragging the blonde back to the common room with the rest of us.

“Bring him to his dorm, you go get the first aid kit from under my bed,” I ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” Terence saluted and ran up to my dorm.

Miles set Draco up on the dorm couch.

“Miles, go give me the wound cleaning potion we made,” I demanded, studying the wound in Draco’s leg and hand.

“I used it already,” he gulped.

“Dracos, wheres yours?”

“In there,” he pointed to his night table and Miles searched through it finding the vial we needed.

Terence barged into the dorm throwing the first aid kit hitting Draco straight in the face.

“Sorry,” he yelped, hiding behind Mile’s tall frame.

“You little fucker,” Draco tried to stand up but the wound on his leg pushed him back down.

“Your room is terrible, its worse than Kyra’s and that place is a pigsty,” Terence said picking up one of the shirts that rested on the floor

Miles handed me the wound cleaning potion, I grabbed the surgical scissors from the first aid kit and cut a portion of the pants off revealing the stab wound.

“This is gonna hurt,” I took the tie from Draco’s neck and stuffed it in his mouth.

I grabbed a cotton napkin and applied the serum on it and patted the wound on his leg with it. He screamed but it was muffled with the tie I stuffed into his mouth. I wrapped his leg with a bandage and worked on his hand, doing the same process until I was finished. I cast a few healing charms, his shirt and pants were drenched with the blood of both him and Cormac. I plopped down on the seat next to him. Terence and Miles already left.

“You’re gonna get yourself fucking killed Malfoy,” I mumbled.

“He was hurting you.”

I rolled my eyes before saying “it was just an aggressive remark, but thank you,” I gave him a peck on his cheek and grabbed a pain reliever potion from the kit.

“That’s been my first fight in a while hasn’t it?” he chuckled.

“You do know I have like 20 first aid kits just for you,” I grinned.

“Are you still hungry?” I asked him.

“Yeah, kinda in the mood for some garlic bread.”

I closed the dorm door and took off my shirt which was also covered in blood. I grabbed one of Draco’s shirts from his drawer and put it on.

“You’re gonna take my whole closet Kyra,” he groaned.

“You’re just mad, I look better in it than you do,” I mocked, waltzing around the room before exiting, blowing him a kiss goodbye.

I went to my dorm to grab Cormac’s jacket, which he lent me the night of our first date, and walked to the great hall. I grabbed some food for both me and Draco, grabbing a loaf of garlic bread for him, and headed to the hospital wing throwing the jacket at one of his Gryffindor friends before heading back to Draco.

“Are you nox because you’re really turning me on,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re so dumb, nox is turning off the light, not on you daft dimbo.”

“Oh, well call Ollivander because I think my wand has found its master,” he shot a wink at me.

“Just shut up already,” I said, hitting him with a pillow.

He grumbled something under his breath before I left to go put on one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers. I pulled up the briefs when I heard footsteps coming from behind me. His arms snaked around my waist.

“What are you doing?” I asked as he placed warm kisses in the crook of my neck.

“You- look- So beautiful- in- my- clothes,” he said in-between kisses. Bodies close, my back against his erection. He placed his hands on the side of my hips, swaying them back in forth while he groaned into my neck.

I glided away, making my way to his bathroom to brush my teeth. I conjured my toothbrush and squeezed some toothpaste on it.

I sat down on the counter, my back pressed against the mirror. He joined me a few moments later, grabbing his toothbrush and toothpaste. I finished brushing my teeth, spitting out the toothpaste, and wiping my mouth.

He spat out the toothpaste, and that alone made my heart skip a few beats. His grip on the sink counter made his biceps pop out of his shirt, and the veins in his hands tense.

He must’ve seen me staring because he placed his hand in between my thigh slowly spreading them apart. He put himself in between my legs and gave me kisses running up and down my neck. The toothpaste residue leaving a cold touch on my skin. Adding to my arousal.

“You don’t know how crazy I am for you,″ I could feel his smirk on my neck as he gave gentle pecks onto my skin.

“Oh really?” I ground myself against his body, palming his erection.

He groaned as he kissed my lips, bringing his hands to my breast, massaging them gently making a moan coming out of my mouth, muffled from his lips.

I unzipped his pants slowly bringing them down while also pulling down his boxers. I stroked him at a slow pace paying attention to the tip.

“Don’t tease me,” he groaned.

“Don’t test me Draco, I can end this whenever I want to,” I whispered before nibbling on his ear. Seeing him all flustered definitely added to my own arousal.

He removed my underwear, lifting my hips slightly so he could pull them off.

He put his hands on my pussy gently stroking my clit. He slowly entered a finger into me, pumping it, curling his finger at a torturous pace.

“Dra- don’t- fuck.. Don’t do that.”

“Don’t test me, Kyra,” he rested his forehead against mine.

He inserted another finger fastening his pace, to which I fastened my pace on him. I took my free hand and grabbed his chin so he could look at me. I removed my hand from his chin and put a few of my fingers in my mouth. I saw his jaw tense while I sucked on my fingers, his eyes full of lust and frustration. I took the fingers out of my mouth, trailing them down to his dick. Stroking him with my wet fingers.

“Are you done teasing?” he asked with a smirk.

“That’s for you to decide.”

He looked at me with lustful eyes, he stroked himself before teasing my entrance. I bucked my hips against him but he grabbed a fistful of hair lifting my head up, straining me so I couldn’t move closer.

“Say my name.”


“Say it,” he growled.


He drove into me, my mouth opening in both surprise and pleasure. Giving me no time to adjust to his size. He tightened his grip on my hair “Say it.”

I shook my head, whimpering. My legs wrapped around him. Pleasure ran through every nerve I had, hitting every spot I needed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he rammed into me at a furious pace.

“Don’t you wanna see how pretty you look when I fuck you?”

I wasn’t even able to spew out words from the amount of pleasure he drove into me.

He wrapped his hand around my throat, making the pleasure and pain so much more heightened.

“Answer me when I’m fucking you, be a good little whore for me,” he cooed in my ear. “Say my name and maybe I’ll let you walk after.”

“F-fu-fuck. Draco.”

“Good girl.”

He pulled out of me, the loss of being full making me whimper. He flipped me over on the counter, my ass sticking up and my breast pressed against the counter.

“You’re gonna watch yourself in that mirror, and see how beautiful you look when I fuck you. Got that?”

He grabbed the back of my neck crashing his dick into me. I placed my hands on the mirror as he fucked me, he took his fingers out from my hair and grabbed my ass, drawing himself out before slamming back into me. He groaned as he slapped my ass, making me moan from the tingly sensation.

“Look at beautiful you are. Be a good girl and scream for me.”

It wasn’t hard to follow his request, I let out relentless moans- the pleasure being too much making my walls tighten every time he entered me. My orgasm building at a rapid pace.

My orgasm hitting my peak before crashing down, he gripped my hair again and slammed into me harder as my walls tightened around him. Pleasure and pain mixed together fueling my orgasm. I looked up at him from the mirror, his breath raggedy close to cumming. Hair and sweat running down his face as he continued his delirious pace. His biceps shining through his shirt. He pumped into me a few times before coming.

“You’re beautiful.”

He regained his breath giving me kisses up and down my body before pulling out and turning on the bath turning the water to the perfect temperature. he picked me up and sat me down in the tub, massaging my body, paying special attention to my breast.

“Round two?” he suggested.

I giggled a little before saying, “I don’t think so,” I gave him a peck on the cheek. he massaged my hair letting me melt again from his touch. My gentle hands running up and down his perfect body and scars.

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