“HEY BITCHES!” Terence screamed, sticking his head out from the trailer. “What are you hoes waiting for? GET IN!”

Draco shrugged his shoulders before hopping into the large trailer. I joined him a few moments later grabbing the things. The trailer was huge, it was an obvious house extension charm, usually used on tents for the Triwizard tournament.

When you entered the trailer you first saw the driver’s seat, accompanied by a companion seat. Then you saw a kitchen, it was decently sized with marble counters and basic kitchen needs.

There was a living space across from the kitchen containing a large tv and an expandable couch.

The theme throughout the trailer was a tan white, the couches were a smooth white leather and the carpet was off white.

“Terence I thought we were doing this the muggle way.”

“Sorry Kyra, I saw a listing for this, and I had to, no way ten teens could fit in a trailer.” He lit a cigarette and took a swig of it. “We’ll drive the muggle way.”

“No smoking in here, you’ll stink up the place.” I took the cigarette from his hand and threw it in the trash, casting a quick distinguishing charm.

“You’re a bitch.”

“Thank you, Terence. Where do we put the stuff?”

“Go down the hall and choose a bedroom, they’re all the same size and they each have a bathroom. Tracey is already in a room, I don’t know which one but she’s in there.” After Terence finished his sentence, Miles and Adrian came in with bags full of supplies. They unloaded some of it into the fridge and cabinets.

“Draco, join me.”

“Somebody is horny tonight,” he chuckled.

“No, I’m not carrying all these things by myself.”

“That doesn’t mean we can still get it on,” he winked at me.

I rolled my eyes before grabbing my bags.

“Let’s go,” I grabbed his hand and headed to the hall. He picked up the remaining bags and joined me. We opened the farthest door in the hall revealing a bedroom. The bedroom was decently sized, the bed was pushed to the side and in the middle of the room was a coffee table with some chairs.

I set down my bags, taking out comfortable clothes. Draco sat down on the bed and watched me unpack. I put on sleeping shorts and a large shirt.

“What do you want Draco?”

“Just looking,” his hands rested behind his head as he spoke.

“If you’re looking for a quick shag it’s not happening. I told Terence I wanted to drive.”

“Well, when will you be done?”

“I don’t know, Terence didn’t tell me anything about the location.”

“What are you ladies doing?” Adrian asked as his arm rested on the side of the doorframe.

“Hopefully you next,” Miles said, smacking Adrian on the ass from the behind.

“Stop doing that,” said Adrian, smacking Miles on the ass.

“You stop it.” The boys continued bickering and smacking each other’s butts until Pansy came and pulled Miles away.

“Why did I agree to come here,” Draco said, stuffing his face into the pillow.

“You should come out there, make some food or help unpack.”

“I’m gonna take a nap, you should join.”

“Draco we had sex like three weeks ago.”

“Kyra, I haven’t touched a single woman since you. Did you know that?”

“That’s a lie, Pansy Parkinson. The one in this trailer.”

“Oh, you’re right. Well, I haven’t had sex in three weeks.”

“Poor you, if you want my underwear they’re in the bag.”

I left the room and walked back to the driver’s seat, taking a seat next to Terence. We were still parked in the Walmart parking lot waiting on Blaise and Alyssa.

“How far is the drive?”

“About two days,” he said, opening a bottle of cola.


“Two days, it’s in the middle of a forest, far far away.”


“Why not?”

“We aren’t doing this.”

“It has a wonderful view and a beautiful lake that’s warm all year. All the animals live peacefully, and an amazing hiking trail.”

“That’s it?”

“It’s also far away from muggles and wizards, hidden from humanity. We could do so many things without being judged.”

“Sweet. Where are Blaise and Alyssa?”

“I don’t know, I think they went for a quick shag. They did that butterfly hand thing.”

“Was the month not enough?”

“Obviously not,” he smirked.

“Can I try and drive?”

“Do you know how?”

“Yup, me, and Luna had our fair share of driving.”

He agreed and we switched spots. His feet were kicked up on the dashboard, while I started the car. I stepped on the pedal, moving the car a few feet before turning it. I drove around the parking lot for a few minutes before Blaise and Alyssa hopped in.

“Where were you guys?”

“None of your business Kyra.” She had no other bags except for her personal ones.

“We were supposed to get supplies, you did- you didn’t even buy yourself a tent.”

“Why are you in my business?”

“Alyssa, stop,” Blaise whispered.

She rolled her eyes and stormed off bringing her bags to an empty room.

“Did I do something?” I asked Blaise.

“I don’t know,” Blaise said before leaving and catching up with Alyssa.

“I gave her more than half my savings and she’s barely said a word to me since she’s been back. She hasn’t paid me back, not that it matters but she hasn’t said thank you.”

“Kyra I can drive if you don’t want to.”

“No, I’m doing this. Get me a coffee.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

It was about three in the morning and we hadn’t even started our trip, but better late than never. He handed me a coffee and took a seat.

“How do we get there?”

“By driving,” he said.

I just stared at him.

“What?” he said cluelessly.

“What are the directions, Terence?”

“Oh.” He put the location into the GPS and sat back down. The GPS started and I followed its directions. We turned on the radio and talked about memories and old times. Draco joined us and he sat on the couch, eating a microwavable Macaroni and cheese. He watched a random channel on the television, talking about how terrible and pathetic muggles were.

About an hour into the drive Miles came out, his hair disheveled obviously from some vigorous activities. “Just got pegged for the first time,” Miles said, washing his hands in the kitchen sink.

“There is a sink in your room, you know that right?”

“Well Terence, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if I went to my bathroom.”

“You didn’t need to tell us,” I said, taking a sip of coffee.

“Just thought y’all should know.” He walked closer to the driver’s seat, resting his forearm on the top of the seat. “How long is the trip?” Pansy came out and kissed Draco on the cheek. She played with his hair and gave him a massage. Draco didn’t seem to have a problem with it, noted.

“2 days,” said Terence.

“What? That’s so long.”

“Yeah, we are taking shifts every few hours. Do you wanna do it?”

“Yeah, maybe later. It’s late and I haven’t slept.”

Tracey Davis came out of a room and walked to where we were speaking. She was wearing terences boxers and a flimsy tank top. She was very pretty, and eye-candy I must say. She sat down on Terence’s lap, running her hands up and down his body. Whispering something in his ear.

“Yeah Kyra, I’m gonna go to bed. You should too. We’ll start the trip tomorrow, just pull over there at that park,” he said eagerly. A smirk appeared on Tracy’s face as she got up and led him to their bedroom.

“Goodnight Kyra,” Miles said, giving me a sloppy kiss on the cheek. He grabbed pansy from where she sat and brought her to the room.

“Goodnight Bletchley.” I parked the car at the park Terence was talking about and cleaned up the kitchen. Putting all snacks and drinks away before heading to bed.

Draco joined me in the bedroom after a few minutes, taking a seat on the bed. “Can we shag now?”

“Shut up.”

“What? What did I do?”

“Shh.” I got up and wrapped my legs around him, removing my shorts but leaving my underwear. He groaned.

“Can you be quiet for me Draco? Or should we use muffliato?” I ground against his growing erection that was covered with his sweats. He wasn’t looking at my face, he was looking at where our bodies touched, and moved together.

“Look at me Draco.” I grabbed his chin so he would look at me. “Can you answer me? Can you be quiet for me?”

“Yes, Kyra I can be quiet.”

“Good boy.” I lowered his sweats and his boxers, revealing his erection.

I moved against him, letting the feeling build up. He put his hands on my hips and started to move them but I grabbed his hands, placing them on the headboard.

“Let me ask you this question Draco, and you have to be completely honest with me. Can you do that?”

He groaned but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I pushed my underwear aside and rubbed the tip against my entrance. “Answer me Draco, don’t you want this?”

“Yes Kyra, I’ll be honest.”

I sunk on him, hissing from the sheer size of him. I adjusted a little before saying, “Could Pansy make you feel this good?”

“Fuckk, Kyra.” he attempted to kiss me, but I grabbed his chin.

“You need to answer me Draco. Could she make you feel this good?” I moved again, speeding my pace of going up and down on him. One hand on his chest, the other on his chin.

“No, fuck, she can’t. Nobody can.” I kissed him and he kissed me back, he bucked his hip against mine, pushing him deeper inside me. I could feel him smirking against my lips as I moaned. I lifted myself almost all the way off before going back down, making a delirious grunt leave his mouth.

“I love when you make that sound,” I muttered against his lips, biting them slightly.

“Don’t tease,” he said, bucking his hips against mine. A moan from both shock and pleasure.

“Draco, why do you think you’re in control?” I sped up my pace, doing the same action that made him moan before.

“Did you really not have sex with anyone else for three weeks? I know you’re crazy for me but never in a million years would I think you’d stop for three weeks.” I moved my kisses onto his neck leaving marks, contrasting against his pale skin. The marks I left would be hidden by a simple shirt, so nobody would see what’s mine unless they were snooping.

“Kyra, fuc-they’re gonna see.”

“Nobody should see these, except me.”

He groaned as I picked up my pace, grinding against him while I lifted up and down. His peak was close, I could tell by the way his jaw tensed, and the veins in his arms twitched. His moans becoming more constant though he tried to hide them.

“Are you close Draco?”

“Yes, you feel- god fuck Kyra.. yes, but you’re not close.”

“Don’t worry about it, let me make you feel good.” And with those words, he came, muttering curses under his breath. I continued to ride him, making his high last as long as possible.

I removed myself from him and rested on his chest.

“Let me make you feel good Kyra, please.”

“Draco it’s okay, making you feel good it enough pleasure.”

“Please Kyra,” he pleaded.

“Fine.” He kissed me on the lips before moving down to my legs. He parted my legs and starts kissing the inners of my thigh. I squirm under his touch, his breath against me. But his hands gripped my stomach, holding me down. As he kissed the partings of my thigh he stared at me, with desperate wanting.

He kissed my clit and removed an arm from my stomach, bringing it to my pussy. He dipped a finger in at a slow pace, curling it to hit my g-spot, making a broken moan leave my lips. My fingers ruffled his blond hair as I moaned. He moved his tongue on my clit, swirling his tongue around me. He added another finger, making me tug at his hair. “You taste so fucking good.”

“Draco sl-slow down,” I moaned, attempting to stop the sound by biting my lip.

The words triggered something in him because he pumped his fingers at a furious pace, his tongue flicking my clit. My orgasm approaching at a rapid pace. My body being absolutely destroyed in a blissful paradise, my vision blacking out as if I was seeing stars.

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