-Authors note, I’m so sorry for my use of words. But the words pussy, dick, vagina, and penis aren’t good descriptives for smexy time and get really annoying and repetitive. I was cringing while writing the words but it pained me to use the same words to describe something.

Without further ado this smut is not for the faint of heart, it will contain; choking, rough sex, sub/dom switch, fingering. Some dirty talk, unprotected sex (no pregnancy), biting, scratching. Now let’s all hope I don’t disappoint


“Smile,” Terence said while holding his camera, making all of us fit in the frame.

“Can this take any longer?” Draco groaned under his breath.

“Don’t know why you’re in a rush,” I said smiling, making bunny ears with my fingers and putting them behind Draco.

“You already know why.”


“What do you think of Pansy?” Alyssa asked me, whispering so nobody else could hear. She laid across a beach towel, sunglasses and drinks next to her. Draco’s hand was on my thigh, his fingers tracing up and down impatiently.

“I think she’s moving too fast. She just started being nice and she wasn’t even supposed to come here.”

“I think she’s a little too comfortable for someone who slut-shamed us since the first year.” Alyssa turned to her side to talk to blaise.


“Finally, I got you away from them,” he said in between kisses, his body pressing me against a tree. My breath hitched when his fingers slowly moved to my lower region, slipping under the fabric.

“Malfoy? Liner?” Miles’s voice echoed through the trees.


“Try and stay quiet for me. Can you do that?” I nodded my head as he inserted a finger. He looked up at me with a smile and dark eyes, slowly pushing his finger deeper. His torturous pace made me whimper. I ground against his fingers unsuccessfully trying to increase the friction but to no success. He used his other hand and tilted my chin, pulling my lower lip down. “The things I’m gonna do to that pretty little mouth of yours.”

“Kyra? Draco?”

I unmounted his fingers, the danger of being caught was too much. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else.” I grabbed Draco by the hand and listened to the rush of a waterfall close by. My bare feet pressed against the leafy ground while my fingers were intertwined with Draco’s. The sounds of the rippling water not too far ahead of us.

And there it was; a beautiful waterfall. It glistened with the remaining sun left. Vegetation and plant life surrounding the body of water. “Let’s go,” I said, kissing the blond on the cheek.

I walked on the rocks that connected the waterfall to land. Draco right next to me when we reached the rush of water. The waterfall was barely translucent, something hollow and dark behind it.

“Is that a cave?” He walked through the waterfall, disappearing into the water. He poked his hand through, motioning me to come forward.

The cave was lit up with some old lanterns, filled with beautiful flowers and foliage, blue luminescent plants adding a glow to the cavern.

He pushed me against the cave wall, pressing my body and lips against his. I kissed him back with the same passion and force. His hands cupped my face and intertwined with my hair.

I wrapped my arms around his neck but he gripped both of my wrists, pinning them above my head. “You know what you’re doing to me? You want it don’t you? Want me to fuck you in this cave while our friend is trying to find us?”

I propped my knee so I could rub his arousal through his swimming shorts, making his head roll back in pleasure. “You wouldn’t dare, you’re too much of a tease.”

He cocked his head before fixing his hands to my waist and bringing me to the ground. Casting a cushioning charm with his wand.

He kissed me before moving down, taking off my underwear; planting gentle kisses on my thighs. Muttering sweet nothings between them. He teasingly took them off while gazing up at me.

“Are you going to eye fuck me all night or are you going to do something about it?”

“Are you testing me liner?”

“Am I?”

He tossed my underwear to the side and moved his face back to mine. “Don’t start what you can’t finish.” His fingers weren’t inside and yet they were making me feel so fucking good. He rubbed my entrance with his knuckles, his thumb rubbing on my clit making my body jerk in pleasure.

Taking his time he pushed two fingers into me, my nails clawing at his back. The feeling of his fingers inside of me had my eyes rolling back and flutter shut. He pumped his fingers in and out, curling them to hit my G-spot.

He smirked, moving my hand down to his erection. “Can you feel what you’re doing to me?”

I nodded my head and palmed him through his pants, trying to focus with the fingers inside of me. My fingers stumbled trying to pull down the hem of his pants so he pulled them down himself.

“Do you want this Kyra? You’re gonna need to tell me.”

“Draco, for christ’s sake. Would you just shut up and fuck me already.”

“Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?”

I pushed him so I was on top and he was below. He pushed back on his elbows while my legs were cradling him and my hands were pressed against his chest. I removed one hand from his chest and traveled it down to his length. He groaned as I guided him inside, sinking down on him. But something inside him changed, and his eyes shot open. I was now on my back, Draco hovering over me.

He grabbed ahold of his dick and soon pushed it in, letting me feel the ridges and veins of his cock perfectly. Spiking my neck with kisses and lovebites, his thrusts were tauntingly slow. “Draco, if you don’t hurry up. I’ll go get Miles to fuck me. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

He cocked his head to the side. “So desperate for it, aren’t you? Well, if you want it so bad you’d better start taking it.” Draco set a good pace of relentlessly pounding into me, with each snap of his hips another moan. The pain mixed with the pleasure, but it was so fucking good. My eyes fluttered to the back of my head as he took one of my legs and wrapped them around his waist, angling him deeper inside.

My nails clawed at his back, desperately leaving marks. His thrust drawing deeper the more I moaned. I moved my hips to match his rhythm, his groans filling my ears. He moved his calloused fingers in between us, making tight movements on my clit. The pleasure making me see stars, I bit down on his shoulder trying to suppress my screams. His cock angling, hitting the perfect spots. “I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered in his ear.

“Don’t you dare.” Teeth clenched as he looked me right in the eyes, thrusting into me repeatedly. He stopped, the loss of rhythm making me irritated. I propped myself up on my elbows, my neck quickly grabbed by Draco. He pushed my neck back down while starting again. “What’s wrong? I thought you liked teasing.”

He went back to his rough pace, his hand still around my neck. It was so wrong but felt so right. My hands were wrapped around his wrist and he fucked me. “Please don’t stop.” He hit that perfect spot inside of me, making me jerk under his grasp. “I’m gonna cum, i- it feels too good. Please.” I tried to kiss him but his grip on my neck held me down.

“I don’t care how good it feels you’re not cumming until I let you.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I tried to hold off my orgasm. Each pump brings me closer to insanity and bliss. I moved my hands to his hair, pulling it each thrust. He delivered a slap to my ass, making me jerk closer to him and scream. It hurt but in a good way, the shock and sting making it even harder not to cum. “Please… Don’t stop.”

He whispered dirty things into my ear but my find blocked it out, focusing on my pleasure.

I was right on the edge, not caring what would happen if came without Dracos order but he stopped. Completely. The knot in my stomach stilling as the stimulation fluttered away. Tears ran down my cheek as the bliss and comfort went away. “I hate you.”

“I promise it’ll be worth it.” He laid back on the floor and placed us back into the position we were first in. entering me again, “so fucking perfect.” He wiped the tear from my cheek and moved his hip. My legs cradled him and my hand caressed his face. Hitting that perfect spot inside while he whispered sweet nothings into my skin. The feelings coming back at a rapid pace before crashing down. My world felt numb as I was wrapped in a blanket of heaven. I was shaking in his arms while he rode out my orgasm, finishing in the last seconds.


“Where were you guys?” Terence asked with firewood in his arms.

“Oh, um, we got lost.”

“What were you guys doing?”

“Just doing what friends do.”

Draco elbowed me before whispering, “friends don’t do the type of shit we just did.”

I elbowed him back and fixed my gaze back to Terence.

“What was that Malfoy?”

“Nothing, let’s get back to the others shall we.”

Draco took the lead and walked with Terence back to the campsite. His back was red from my nails and a faint bite mark on his shoulder. I cast a wandless camo charm making sure to hide any marks I left on him.


“Just spin the fucking bottle already,” Miles told Adrian.

He cursed under his breath before spinning the bottle and landing on Pansy. Pucey leaned over and gave Pansy a sloppy kiss, swapping saliva. Pansy took the bottle and it landed on Blaise.

“No,” Blaise said simply, handing Terence the bottle.

Terence chuckled and spun the bottle, landing on me. I stayed in my spot while he crawled over to me. His pupils were blown wide as he pressed his lips against mine. I didn’t move my lips, it didn’t feel right.

“Not as good as I thought,” he said after pulling away.

I awkwardly giggled and held Draco’s hand secretly behind the seat.

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