I sat in the great hall chatting with Crabbe and Goyle about Snape’s assignment while I ate my breakfast.

“There’s my baby,” Draco said, walking with open arms towards the Slytherin table.

“Blaise, I think he’s talking to you,” I giggled.

“Very funny, but I was too busy making sweet, sweet love to Alyssa to be dating Draco, he’s dreamy though,” he mocked, fluttering his lashes.

Before I could retort my disgust, Draco sat next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He interrupted my anger with a squeeze on my thigh and whispered. “Pansy is acting crazy, please just go along.”

I rolled my eyes “yeah fine.” I turned back to face blaise, “I don’t wanna hear about your sex life, Blaise.”

“At Least I have one,” he snickered.

“You don’t have a sex life, Kyra?” Draco asked in a fake shocked manner. “You could’ve just asked,” he wiggled his eyebrows and showed a shit-eating grin.

“You boys are animals,” I groaned, taking a small bite of toast.

Draco whispered close into my ear so nobody else could hear “You seriously don’t have a sex life?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not a virgin if you’re asking.”

“Life seems so boring without sex, doesn’t it?”

“I’m not a nymphomaniac,” I gave him a soft kiss on the ear, letting pansy see the small interaction before saying “You owe me.”

I left my seat at the Slytherin table and headed for the dorms, but I was quickly pulled from the corridors. Two hands were suddenly cupped over my eyes as I was pulled.

“Guess who,” the boyish voice said.

“George is that you?” a smirk evident on my face.

“Wrong,” he chuckled.


He took his hands away from my eyes and trapped me in a hug, towering over me as he rested his chin on the top of my head.

I pulled away when the realization hit me, “What happened with Josie?”

“What about Josie.”

“Aren’t you still dating her?”

“She’ll never know if you don’t tell her,” he snickered a little bringing me closer to him.

“I have a boyfriend, Fred, sorry,” I hesitated with my words.

“We can just keep this between us.”

“Fred, that’s just not a good idea.”

“You can’t just lead me on and then bring up your imaginary boyfriend.”

“First of all you started this, second he’s not imaginary.”

“Then who is it?” he asked, giving me a hard glare.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, shit.

" Draco, I’m dating Draco.”

" Don’t lie,” he shoved me against a wall kissing my neck up and down in a messy pattern.

“I’m not lying,” I escaped Freds grasp and walked over to Draco. He stood in the great hall talking to Blaise and Adrian. My shoes made loud clicks and clacks as I walked through the hall. My hands start feeling clammy. my heart racing almost beating through my chest. my world spinning as if I’m falling out of my existence.

I arrived in front of him staring into his greyish eyes ” Draco, Kiss me.”

He showed a small smirk before taking my face in his hands, his lips like waves crashing against mine taking me at a mesmerizing pace. They were softer than you’d think but warm and rough. I pulled away but he pulled in once more, deepening the kiss grasping the back of my hair, wanting dominance as he bit my lips and entered his tongue. Gently making me melt, I put my arms around his neck, his masculine cologne sucking me like a dementor’s kiss. Almost earth-shattering as I melted under his touch. I pulled away and rested my forehead on the front of his shoulder.

“Was I a good kisser?” he asked, a smirk tugging on his lips.

I caught my breath before answering ” you never give up do you?”

“Do I still owe you?” he smirked.

“Not anymore. Surprisingly you’re not as bad of a kisser as I thought you would’ve been.”

“Fuck you.”

“You’d love to, Wouldn’t you?” I sneered. “Is he still looking?” I asked Draco, my head still resting on his shoulder.



“Yeah, didn’t you like him?”

“I’m not gonna be a homewrecker Draco. He’s with Josie and I couldn’t do that to her.”

“Let’s just go to the common room, hand in hand. Maybe it will get pansy off my back,” Draco sneered, lifting his brows. He took my hands that were surprisingly cold but comforting. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as I replayed the feeling of his lips.

We walked down the great hall with the eyes of our peers staring us down. Freds gaze stayed on us and Draco shot him a mischievous wink. I could see Fred biting his tongue, his arms crossed, with Josie holding his arm while talking to one of her friends.

We discarded hands after leaving the view from our peers.

“KYRA” Alyssa’s voice boomed through the hall corridors ” YOU KISSED DRACO!”

“I needed a cover,” my hands raised in surrender.

“Kyra, you could have chosen someone better.”

“You know I’m right here, ″ Draco chimed in.

“He needed to get pansy off his back and I needed to get rid of Fred. It was a one-time thing.”

“I don’t think so sweetheart,” Draco teased.

“You wish lover boy.”

Alyssas face twisted in disgust “gross.”

“Blasie told me about your active sex life, I don’t think I’m the gross one here,” I snorted.

“I’m gonna kill that man,” she gasped, digging her face in her hands. “oh, before I go, Kyra Don’t come to the dorms tonight, me and Blaise have some catching up to do.”

My face turned into disgust.

“Where is she supposed to stay?” Draco asked.

“In your dorm? Pucey is spending the night with Daphne, I think, also, don’t sleep on Blaise’s bed unless you want baby gravy on you.”

“Please stop talking about your lovemaking,” I begged.

"Fine, but please don’t go to the dorms tonight,” she left giving me a peck on the cheek.

By the time classes were over and dinner was served it was around 9 pm.

“Goodnight boys,” Alyssa said, tugging Blaise to the dorms. She gave me a quick peck on the cheeks and whispered ”don’t come to the dorms tonight.”

“I got the gist, don’t make any babies and keep off my bed please.”

“Goodnight guys, I got another appointment with Daphne,” he sneered, raising his brows with his dirty grin. He left the table and disappeared into the ocean of students. Fred caught my gaze while he was making out with Josie at the Gryffindor table.

“Filthy blood traitors,“Draco spat.

I went to push his arm but he grabbed me by my wrists. ” that’s not nice Draco.”

He let go of my wrist, ” Wanna go now?”

I nodded my head in agreement. We walked down the halls together catching up on our breaks. Draco talked about his entanglements during the summer as I showed visual disgust. We reached the Slytherin passageway.

“Salazar’s bitch” he said.

A slight chuckle emitted my lips. The stone wall expanded making a small opening so we could enter. The Slytherin common room was always so magnificent. Light shined through the window that showed the beautiful lake giving the room a greenish tint during the day. At night students would bring out oil lamps and the fireplace would supply most light within the large common room.

We entered his dorm and he sat on the bed, classes were over for the week so we had 2 days off for the weekend.

“Draco I’m gonna take a shower.”

“Got it,” he shouted, searching his drawers for something.

I entered the bathroom and it was more organized than I thought. The tiles along the wall were sage green, the boys surprisingly kept it clean. I entered the shower and the water was a perfect temperature. It massaged my skin and had perfect pressure. I used his shampoo that smelled of mahogany apple. I massaged my scalp as the water tickled my skin. I washed my body with some soap and exited the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel.

“Draco, do you have a shirt I can wear?”

“Yeah here, catch” he threw his Slytherin quidditch jersey at me.

“Do you have any underwear by any chance?”

“I have some past hookups, want those?”

“Nah, I’m fine.” Some time passed as I dried my hair, I left the bathroom, and there lay Draco, sleeping as peaceful as an angel. I tiptoed carefully not to make any noise and went under the blanket.

“You smell good,” he groaned in a raspy voice that sent butterflies into my stomach.

I hushed him and adjusted myself in a comfortable position. Draco draped his arms over me as I dozed off. After a while I awoke in a haze, I was resting on Draco as he held me in his arms. I shifted to escape his grasp but I couldn’t move. I realized my bare heat lay upon Draco’s hard erection. Draco’s eyes fluttered open.

"Fuck, stop moving so much.”

“Sorry I can’t sleep,” I whispered.

He groaned and rolled over still keeping me in his arms. We were now on our sides, my back touching his front. I tried adjusting myself so I couldn’t feel his erection pressing against my back. I tried moving one more time but he grabbed my wrist and pinned them down as he climbed on top of me. His legs trapping either side of my body.

“Do you know what you’re doing to me?” he said in that raspy morning voice that made me melt.

My breath hitched.

“Answer me,” He moved so his face was closer to mine.

“Fuck it,” he groaned, he started kissing down my neck in a mesmerizing pattern. His hands traveling down my curves. He sucked on the sweet spot under my jaw making a small moan leave my lips. He parted my legs so he could grind his clothed erection against me. My pussy slowly became more wet and heated.

“Drac-,” he interrupted my soft moan with a passionate kiss on the lips.

I traveled my hands down his back and moved against his erection. He let out shaky breaths and groaned. He moved his hand from my legs to my pussy.

“Did I do this?” I could hear the smirk on his lips, stroking close to my pussy.

"Fuckkk Draco please.”

He rubbed his fingers against my clit and a loud moan left my lips. He dipped a finger into my pussy as his thumb worked my clit.

“Draco fuck,” I moaned. I switched positions so I was on top of him, “Draco are you sure about this?”

“Kyra I’ve wanted this since fucking forever,” he groaned.

I traveled my hands down his toned abs and pulled his pants down letting his dick out. I stroked it a few times at a slow pace teasing him.

“Kyra don’t tease me.”

“Say please,” I picked up my pace, giving him more attention at the tip.

“Fuck no” he growled and threw my delicate body under him. He parted my legs and looked at me for consent. I shook my head, he shoved his length inside my pussy filling me up. Making a loud delirious moan leave my lips.

“Fuck you’re so tight,” He let me adjust to his dick and sucked on my neck leaving love bites.

“Please Draco move.”

“I’m in control, slut," he wrapped a hand around my neck. Those words alone made me even wetter if that’s even possible. I felt myself twitch against his dick.

“You like that don’t you.”

Before I could respond he started ramming into me. I couldn’t control the moans leaving my mouth, I wrapped my legs around him, my nails scratching up and down his back. The pain of him stretching me out added to the pleasure like a wave. He continued pounding into me in a rough pattern.

He grabbed one of my legs that were wrapped around him and put it over his shoulder, the new position letting him hit deeper. His grunts and my moans filling up the room as he gripped my hair.

He would take his cock out almost all the way and rammed it back into me. I was a moaning mess as he hit spots I didn’t even know existed. Groans and shaky breaths left his lips, as he found my g-spot.

“Don’t I feel good?”

I couldn’t answer with the amount of pleasure flowing throughout my body.

“Answer me slut,” he started ramming even harder into me, gripping harder at my hair.

“YES Draco, you feel so fucking good,” I moaned almost shouting.

He continued to ram into me hitting my g-spot every time. His mouth absorbed my moans making me feel amazing. A knot formed in my stomach, tightening from every mesmerizing thrust he put into me. As if I couldn’t feel better he reached down to my clit, the overstimulation driving me to the brink.

"DRACO I’m comin-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he started kissing me.

“Me too, fuck. Cum with me.”

I couldn’t even hear the ending of his words before I came and I came hard. My walls clenched around his large dick. I bit his shoulder, definitely leaving marks. I felt his liquids squirting into me but he continued to pound into me as me and we rode out our high. He waited a few seconds before pulling out. He pulled out his wand and cast an after charm.

We regained our breaths as he held me in his arms, drifting off to sleep.


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