“Whose is that?” Draco asked.

“It’s my moms.”

“We should go back to the campsite,” I said, resting my hand on Terence’s back. He nodded his head, and we gathered our things, walking down the forestry mountain to the campsite.

The atmosphere changed, from one that was once warm and inviting to one that was distant and cold. Terence’s movements were strict, he was shaking slightly, his hands stiff. Adrian and Miles stopped their jokes, and Alyssa and Blaise silently walked hand in hand. Draco stood to the left of Terence as I stood to his right.

“We can visit her if you’d like, we can apparate there.”

“No, it’s okay. She’s okay. Right, Kyra?” Terence asked me.

“Yes, she okay. St. Mungos wouldn’t let her get hurt.”

We arrived at the campsite and Terence headed to the trailer. I changed into some comfortable clothes, hesitating and thinking of what I should say to him. I entered the trailer after a few moments and took a seat next to him. He pulled the blanket closer to him and watched the movie.

“Do you really think she’s okay?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I do. If anything I know she is. She’s a strong woman, don’t you?”

“Not really, St. mungos would probably benefit with her gone.”

“Don’t say that, we can visit her right now if you want.”

“No, we went camping to escape reality, not interfere with it.”

“Terence, I promise you, taking a break from camping to visit your mother is fine. Nobody will be mad.”

“No, we’ll visit her when we go to the cabin.”

I got up from where I sat and grabbed a drink for him, but by the time I was back he was asleep. I put the drink on the nearest table and left the trailer.

“I’m going to go somewhere, I’ll be back in an hour maybe.” I threw my bag over my shoulder and tightened the lace on my shoes.

Most of the group waved me goodbye, but Draco approached me. “You’re going alone?”

“Indeed I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Then come with me.”

He rolled his eyes before putting on a coat and grabbing his wand. I intertwined my arm with him and in a quick flash, we were in a nearby muggle town.

“So why are we here?” he asked me.

“To check the mail.”


“To see if there was a break-in at St. Mungos. I just want to know if Liv is okay.”

“I think she’s fine, they would’ve sent a letter to him.”


I walked to the nearest newspaper stand and went to grab a newspaper, my hand brushing against someone else. My eyes caught another boy, a smile appeared on his lips. A hand gripped my waist and dragged me away. He pulled me to an alleyway and pressed me against a wall.

“Stop doing that,” he grumbled, placing kisses on my neck.

“Doing what?”


“I was not flirting.”

He sucked the sweet spot close to my ear, making a soft moan leave my lips. I clapped a hand over my mouth and pulled away from him.

“Focus Draco.”

He rolled his eyes and plucked the newspaper from my hand, casting a charm to reveal the daily prophet. The top headline was a cult discovery in Knock turn. My eyes grazed over to the next topic ‘Hybrids spotted in muggle town, golden gale.’

“They were here,” Draco said, his eyes still glued to the paper.

I looked over to the bottom of the page and the topic wrote ‘St. Mungo’s break-in, no disappearances recorded.’

“Well, she’s safe, that’s what matters.”

We wandered around the city for quite some time, checking out shops and stores before apparating back to the campsite.

“KYRA LOOK! CYPRUS AND WILLOW ARE HERE!” Alyssa held Cyprus in her hands, babying the chimera.

“How? I thought they were a danger to muggles.”

“I have no clue, they just appeared while we were at the lake.”

Terence rounded the corner, Willow in hand. His hair was damp, a towel thrown over his shoulder.

“Yeah, they just showed up while we were swimming.”

“Strange.” I handed Terence the newspaper.

His eyes skimmed the text before speaking. “She’s safe.” His features lightened as he finished the newspaper. “How far is Golden Gale?”

“About three maybe five hours away,” Draco answered.

“We should be fine if we’re in the middle of a forest.”

Alyssa handed me Cyprus and I embraced her gladly, but something was off. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but it started with the animals. The animals were distant from their once self at Hogwarts. I whispered in Draco’s ear. “Does she look any different?”

“Nope, she looks the same.”

“Terence, does she look different?”

“Not really.”

I brushed the feeling off.

We set up a campfire close to the lake. Terence took a nap with the animals on one of the beach towels. Everybody else was swimming, except for Tracey. She was fiddling his Terence hair while he slept.

“One of the cults was busted,” Alyssa told me, tucking one of her curls behind her ear.

“Which one?”

“Akeldama. It was a pretty tiny one compared to the other ones I’ve seen.”

“What are they about?”

“Akeldama was about many things, mostly honoring you know who. Jeffery Kirtkoff was the leader for that one. Sometimes it was a sex cult, or they did blood rituals. Basic things you know?”

“You ask, you know? Like I’m in a cult.”

“Well I’m informing you, there are a lot more, some people even signed up to be sacrificed. They said it’s better than living here.”

“How many do you think are out there?”

“At least a hundred, just in Knockturn Alley. I couldn’t imagine what’s it like in other towns. Blaise and I barely scratched the surface.”

“Did you guys do anything?”

“Nothing more than partying, just a little more extreme than Slytherin parties. Blaise and I didn’t like to interact with the darker stuff often.” She bit her lip. “It’s some deep shit, Kyra. They’re willing to do anything for him.”


We sat around the campfire, roasting some sausages. I sat next to Alyssa and Daphne, Draco and blaise across from us.

I took mine off the fire and picked a piece off for Cyprus. She pricked my finger in an attempt to eat the sausage, her eyes flickered red when she had the taste of blood.

I brushed it off and continued my banter with Alyssa and Daphne. Pansy took a seat beside Daphne and handed me a decently fresh blunt, I took a drag and passed it to Alyssa. The effects settled in after about 30 minutes. I rested my head on Alyssa’s lap while she played with my hair.

“Want to see something cool?” Alyssa asked me.

“I’d love to.”

She got up from the log and dragged me away. Bringing me to the lake.

“You better not have brought me here to kill me.”

And in a quick flash, Alyssa stood above the forest, eyes engulfed in a golden glow.

She transformed into a beautiful dragon, with white iridescent scales, and horns ranging from her spine to her tail. A large black horn on the top of her skull. The trees tiny compared to the goddess.

She shot in the air spinning a few times, expanding her gigantic wings as the moonlight rested behind her. Gold wisps following her moves.


Terence knew he shouldn’t, he knew it would hurt too much, but he did it anyway. He walked through the doors of St. Mungos and signed in. They led him through the corridors until he reached a rather large door, with metal hinges. It was a quiet hospital, he liked quiet, for the most part.

His fingers twitched as he stared at the door, hesitating. She was filled with scars, mentally and physically. The attack aged her tremendously, her hair turned to a dusty gray her features dulled. She was still beautiful, she will always be beautiful.

She sat on her bed, weaving a blanket.

Her eyes flickered to her son.

“Come here,” she said gently, her arms were an open embrace. She wasn’t usually sane, she was usually afraid. Even though she might’ve not known what she was afraid of, it started with him, Terence.

This was a good visit. She was as human as she was going to get. He walked closer to his mother, and she pulled him into a tight embrace. He hugged her back, lovingly, knowing this might be the last time. He never wanted to leave her, he would spend every second with her if he could. But he couldn’t.

Tears running down his blushed cheeks as he held onto her. He hadn’t hugged her in years, he hadn’t told her he loved her in years. He wanted her to know he was right here.

“It’s okay,” she pulled Terence closer, letting him cry into her shoulder. He couldn’t stop crying, not that he wanted to stop. She was better for the first time in years, and he was there with her, holding her.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’ll keep you safe, I’ll kill that bastard,” he muttered in the tightly-knit fabric of her sweater.

“I knew your father before the change.” She rubbed his back as she used to when he was a kid. “He was a good man once, please remember that Terence.”

She didn’t seem to hate him, not like Terence did.

“He knew us before the change, and that didn’t stop him.”

He left after a few hours, went to a dark alley and bought a gun.



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