Willow welcomed him as he snuck back into camp, and Terence gave him a carrot to keep quiet. Terence hid the gun in his backpack, wrapping it in an old shirt. Kyra woke up not too long after, followed by Alyssa and Miles. He greeted them as if he never snuck out last night and bought a gun, he knew why he bought the gun, but he wasn’t sure if he’d use it.

“Terence are you okay?” Alyssa asked, snapping her fingers in his face.

“Shit, yeah. Bad hangover.”

She placed the back of her hand on his forehead, checking his temperature.
“You don’t look too good Higgs. Talk to me.”

He groaned and shook her hand off. “I’m fine, I’m just a bit tired.”

She shrugged her shoulders and walked to the campfire, he wished she stayed, even if he wasn’t going to talk. Not everybody needed to talk. Some things were better left unsaid.


It was night now, the group sat around the campfire, half sober. A majority of them were tired from when they went swimming earlier in the day. Stars sprinkled the night sky and the moon was at its peak.

“Where are the animals?”

Kyra looked around the area, seeing no signs of them until a rustle from the bushes. Terence got up first, her and Draco following. The rest of the group continued their conversations.

A meow came from the bushes, telling the three that it was Cyprus. They walked through the shrubs and a small tail waved through the air before running away, the sound of hooves following close.

“Do we go after them?” Draco asked, his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“No, we just watch them run. Of course, we run after them dipshit.” Terence ran after them, Kyra following. Draco let out a groan before running. The animals were following the trail up the mountain, twirling through the trees.

“Cyprus, willow!” they chanted, wandering throughout the forest. They stayed relatively close, and they listened to the paws of their animals. The trees glistened as the moon shined bright. They were closer to the top, Kyra adjusted her backpack and Terence readjusted the gun that was between his waistband. Draco? Draco was absolutely clueless.

And then, a small animal passed the view of Kyra. Cyprus. She duplicated, multiple times. Her clones surrounded the three. Then, a few of willows clones joined. Surrounding them and creating a circle around them.

“What is happening?” Kyra asked.

“I don’t know, maybe Hagrid gave us mutated eggs,” Terence replied, chuckling awkwardly.

“I don’t think so, they would’ve done this before.” Draco was nervous, his palms getting sweaty. “Why are they circling us? Why are there so many? Are they getting bigger?”

They were indeed getting bigger, becoming taller and closer.
The three pressed their backs against each other and their hands intertwined. The animals were only a step away, close to hovering. Then a howl came from the trees and the tall bodies turned to dust and wrapped the mortals before flying away.

“Draco,” its voice was drawn out and drawing. “Do you remember me?”

A few entities came from behind the trees. A few of them wore the mask of death eaters, others full of hair.

“Who are you?”

It stepped closer, the figure having metal claws and gold radiating off of it. “Your worst nightmare,” it said its words before disappearing. The dust from their disappearance cutting the three. It pricked and left knicks on their skin, beads of blood.

Kyra gripped Draco’s hand tighter to stop it from shaking, but then her father came from behind a tree. He walked closer to the trio and towered over them. A smirk was apparent on his face. And while his gaze was focused on his daughter’s friends, Kyra gripped the small dagger that rested on her forearm.

“Don’t even think about it,” he grabbed her chin and lifted it to face him.

“Why are you here?” She asked the monster she called her father.

But before any words could leave his lips a deafening crack came from beside them. Terence had shot off his gun, startling everyone.

A body dropped to the floor and blood pooled beneath it.

“Fucking run!” Terence shouted, grabbing their hands and sprinting. A trail of death eaters and hybrids followed them, and no matter how many trees they weaved through they still tailed.

Kyra threw the dagger, aiming for her father, missing terribly and hitting the werewolf behind him. The wolf stopped in its tracks before crashing to the floor.

“You killed him.” Terence’s voice was quivering.

“You killed one too, I-I didn’t mean to, I was aiming for my dad.” She didn’t know if she could actually kill her dad, but she wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Give me one.” Draco gave an opened hand as the three sprinted through the trees.


“For fucks sake, just give me one.”

Kyra cast a quick spell, pulling out a large knife from her backpack and placing it in Draco’s hand. They ran faster, Kyra gripped the handle on her backpack harder. They were more than halfway up the mountain.

“Hide.” Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her behind a tree and told Terence to hide.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Their backs were pressed against a large tree and their hands were intertwined. Their breaths were short, and they were running out of options.

“We can’t outrun them and I don’t want you to die.”

“S-so you left Terence to die.”

“I did not do that, he has a gun. We don’t. He never should’ve had the gun, where did he get it. Did he know this was going to happen?” He peeked his head behind the tree and his face dropped. His head pressed his head against the tree again.

“What? What was it?”

“Shut up.”

A few sniffs and steps came from behind the two and the air from their lungs disappeared. Her grip on her dagger tightened as footsteps edged closer.

Whispers and chats filled the cold air as the hybrids unknowingly taunted them.

“Stay here,” Draco told her before disappearing amongst the other trees.

And for what seemed like hours but in reality probably 30 minutes a few of the monsters stayed close. The few that stayed droned around her, turning their back right before they saw her. She was freezing, tired, and hungry.

And worst of all. She was alone. She was bored as well, her fingers playing with the edge of her shirt as she mentally counted.

Scraping her finger against the rough bark as she thought of different possibilities, things she wanted to do before she died.

Her thoughts were cut short when a deafening, starling sound struck the air. Echoing throughout the whole forest. A gun.

A few more of the monsters left. Kyra readjusted her feet, making the leaves under her crunch. Then the hybrid in front of her whipped its head to face her. A malicious grin widened his face and his eyes were red and dark.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing out in this forest? All alone.” He stepped closer, his heels making muffled impacts in the ground.

The features that the darkness covered slowly showing up when he stepped closer. “You’re liners kid.” His hand gripped her throat and pushed her against the tree. Her body heightened as one of her hands tried pulling his hand off, the other hand gripping her dagger.

Her breaths were cutting short, and she was sputtering curses. She needed to get out, now. So, she brought up her hand that held the dagger and struck his ear. The knife darted in his ear, but he still wasn’t letting go. She pulled it out once again and plunged it into his right eye, twisting it deeper. His hand dropped and his body fell backward. She killed him. Easier than she thought.

She looked back up and there was another. His eyes darkened and he was approaching fast. She had no time to pull out the dagger, where was her wand?

A few steps closer before ribbons of red poured out from his neck. A hand pulling the blade across the neck of the monster.

The body dropping to the floor, revealing Draco.

His clothes were bloody, as well as his quivering hands. She ran closer to him as he walked forward. He dropped the knife and pulled her close, his hands holding the side of her face, and rested his forehead on hers. His breath warming her face slightly.

“You got busy,” she chuckled.

“Could say the same for you.” He smiled back. “Come on.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her through the forest again. Leaving the bodies on the floor. As they traveled farther through the forest four more bodies sprinkled throughout.

“How many did you kill?” she asked, hand in hand with him.

“One of them is yours, two are mine, and I don’t know where that one came from.” He pointed to another one of the limp bodies.

“Where are we going?”

“The top,” Terence said, joining the two from one of the trees. Kyra looked back and five hybrids were chasing them, a few more emerging.

They were almost there, they were almost at the top. Their lungs were on fire and their legs were sore. She didn’t think she could run much farther, not that she would ever admit that.

The top, where would they go after? Kyra had two daggers left, Draco dropped his dagger before and Terence couldn’t have many bullets left. They’d be trapped, on a freezing mountain with wolf bitches after them. She’d at least hoped she killed her father before she died. Or had some kinkier sex in her lifetime. Why was she thinking about sex now?

The boys were letting out pants as well. Good to know she wasn’t the only one struggling.

She’d rather die than let monsters rip her to shreds, and the boys could agree as well.

They were there now, only a few meters till the edge.

“Your father never told me it would take so long to find you. I don’t get paid enough for finding snotty disgusting kids like you,” one of the cloaked men said. And then a large hand struck his face, her father’s hand.

“Don’t you dare talk about them like that, you filthy fucking half-breed.” He towered over the cloaked figure. “You might be a wolf, but you’ll never be pure blood. Don’t forget that, stay in your place.” He spat at the werewolf before turning and facing his daughter.

“My sweet dear, you haven’t visited in so long. Don’t you miss me?”

Terence raised his arm, his hand occupied by a gun before piercing a man beside him, right through the head. His body dropped and Terence cocked the gun, firing another shot at one of them.

Kyra’s father apparated out and the figures behind him rushed towards the three.

“Shoot them!” Draco shouted.

“I’m out.” Terence dropped the gun, his face paralyzed.


They backed up closer to the edge of the mountain before an idea struck Kyra.

“Jump,” she told them.

“What? No way” Terence sputtered still paralyzed in his stance.

“Yeah, what Terence said.”

“I’m not fucking going down there, I’m gonna die, no way Kyra. You’re fucking insane. I’m gonna die a virgin, I’m not even a virgin.” Terence was sputtering out more random things until Kyra slapped him. A hybrid was a step away from them, his claw scraping the edge of her arm.

“Jump.” She grabbed their hands and peeked over the edge before jumping.

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