Her eyes were open all the way now, like someone was prying them apart. She jerked her body to see what was under her, if there was anything under her. No appeal. Blaise said something about the camp now that she thought about it.

There was her stomach, barely visible. The edges of her waist blurred because of the sweater in the wind. The realization had dawned. She could feel nothing under her. Even the air was nowhere.

Kyra, chest tightening, breath speeding, managed to force her eyes shut, bracing for impact. She was powerless, she was falling.

Though she might’ve been overreacting, given the fact that she was dunked in freezing cold water only a few moments after.

Cold water is the most efficient thief of warmth we know. It takes everything, even what it does not need. The blood in her veins was almost frozen, her hands loosening from the ones that held hers previously. The water surged around her skin as her parted lips swallowed it. Her clothes being drenched and the side of her cheek being nicked by a pebble.

She crawled out of the water, the boys already on the grassy land.

She was covered in blood, lying there on the cold freezing ground, Terence chuckling, Draco coughing. But it was okay. Better than okay. Yes, she killed a few people, but so did they. Alyssa was right. Nothing matters. The moon, the light in their darkness. The only thing good to come out of this world, this shitty world.

Her chest contorted, and she could feel the water coming back up. Her head was pounding, and she could swear there was someone inside knocking on her brain. The action made her throat feel rough and a burning sensation coursed through her. Numbness coursing from her fingertips to her toes and the tip of her nose.

And a hard smack was delivered to her back, releasing all the water from her system.


“You sounded like a dying cat,” Draco told her, his palm still resting on her back.

“You’re a dying cat.”

Water was stuck in her ears and a loud ringing remained in her head. The wet sweater sticking to her skin and she was desperate to have some warmth.

Terence was still laughing on the ground, tears forming from his laughter. Kyra sat back up, facing the laughing lunatic.

“What’s so funny Terence?” she asked him.

“Yeah what’s so funny?”

“You should’ve seen the look on their faces. They didn’t think we were going to escape. Shit, I didn’t even think we were gonna make it,” he said, his hands resting on the back of his head, chuckling slightly.

“Don’t get comfy, they’re not giving up that easily.” Draco got up and grabbed Terence’s hand before yanking him up, so he could stand. Kyra stood up after, putting her hands close to her mouth to try to regain warmth. She was tired, she wanted to take a nap. A long nap with the actual Cyprus. She could also use some weed and some food.

Then a splash came from the water, a large belly flop, followed by bubbles rising to the surface. And then another splash came from the water. They didn’t need confirmation to tell them what it was, so they dashed. Dashed through the trees and bushes, their bodies warming from the motions.

Terence was laughing like a maniac. Draco pointed to a tree, nothing too special about it. Until she remembered what she and Draco did on it. She took the lead, running in front of the boys, trying to remember the way back. She took a right, then another right before the light of the campfire peeked through the trees.

Dashing through the trees she finally got to the opening, her friends were still sitting around the campfire.

“RUN!” She said flaring her arms. The campfire was blaring and the music was booming throughout the opening.

“What? What’s happening?” Miles asked, panicking.

“Fucking run, trailer now!” She picked up her wand and rushed the others to the trailer.

“What about our tents?” Blaise asked, picking up a few bags and drinks.

“Fuck the tents,” Terence said, taking his friend by the arm.

“What the hell is that?” Adrian scurried up, pointing at the hybrids that were chasing them. Draco tossed him over his shoulder before running to the trailer. Alyssa and the rest of the girls were already there. The trailer shook from the increase of people inside. Miles threw the radio inside the car, the music echoing through the metal container.

Draco threw Adrian in the car and ran to the driver’s seat. He moved the gearshift before stomping on the gas, driving as fast as he could. His large hands gripped and steered the wheel.

And then a hybrid ripped the door open and grabbed Pansy’s leg, trying to drag her out of the trailer. Pansy’s screams echoed through her head, she wasn’t thinking straight. In a panic Kyra ran up to the door, kicking the monster in the face a few times, to no appeal. She grabbed the knife from her bag and stabbed its arm repeatedly. Grabbing the radio she threw it at the monster’s head. Its grip let go and Its body dragged and rolled against the road, the screams following.

She was tackled to the ground. The headache in her head increasing, and she was becoming drowsy.

“Oh, I love you, I love you.” Pansy delivered many kisses to Kyra’s face and pulled her into a tight embrace. “Thank you, Liner. Is there anything I can do to repay you? I love you.” She gave her one more kiss on the lips before finally pulling away. Miles was watching, smirking while he watched the girls.

“Drive faster dumbass.” Terence gave Draco a smack on the head.

Kyra got up from the floor and took her respective spot next to Draco. She also grabbed a bag of chips, feeding Draco a few while he drove.

They were far enough from the camp and fast enough to escape. They regained their breaths and thoughts as they thought about what just happened in the past thirty minutes. After Alyssa checked Terence for wounds and injures she moved onto Kyra.

“Why are you covered in blood? Kyra, what happened to your cheek?” Alyssa swiped her thumb against the cut on Kyra’s cheek. Then the side of Kyra’s arm burned, a raw and rough burn. She flinched from Alyssa and pulled off her sweater. Catching Draco staring at her bra she gave him a smack on the head, so he would focus on the road.

Her arm had a deep cut, the tissue of the cut flexing when she moved her arm to examine it. It was seeping with blood and the touch of air Alyssa created when she moved her arm hurt painfully. She felt as if she was being burned alive.

“Shit.” Alyssa examined the cut. “Blaise! Get me the first aid kit. Now!”

She cleaned the skin around the cut first. The cut was cleaned with a cotton round and vodka, the vodka making Kyra flinch in pain. She turned her head from Alyssa and looked down to stare away from the wound. Her eyes caught gaze to a large red blot on Draco’s t-shirt. It was a large contrast compared to the white shirt, and it was developing fast.

She used her unoccupied hand and pulled up the side of his shirt.

“Kyra, I know you can’t keep your hands off me but at least wait until we’re not about to die,” Draco said with a smirk.

“Oh please, you wish.” The raised shirt revealed a medium-sized gash on the side of his stomach. It seeped and surrounded the area in blood. Her face scrunched at the sight making Draco wonder what she was looking at.

“What? What is it?” he asked.

“You got cut, Draco. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t even know I had it.”

Alyssa finished the cleaning and wrapping on Kyra’s wound, and Kyra ordered Blaise to take the wheel.

They sat on the nearby couch with the first aid kit and a random show playing on the TV. He was focused on the television while Kyra was focused on his stomach.

“Does it hurt?” she asked, wiping the surrounding skin with alcohol.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” He gave her a wink while his arms rested behind his head. Her hand rested on his leg to get a better look at the cut. She sat across from him, while he focused on the TV.

While inspecting the wound she sees a small piece of wood sticking out of the muscle. She grabbed a pair of tweezers and attempted to pull out the wood.

“You bitch,” he hissed, grabbing her hand and keeping it in place. His chest fell as he took a few breaths to regain himself. His other hand pushed his hair back, the muscles in his shirt flexing.

She pulled back. “Well, I have to take it out.”

“You could at least be gentle.”

“Don’t get an attitude with me Malfoy.” she plucked the wood out from his skin before banishing it with her wand. He clutched his stomach in pain before she applied antibiotic cream and wrapped his stomach. She downed a few ibuprofen to calm her headache.

She got up from her seat and grabbed water from the fridge, throwing water to Draco as well. Terence paced back and forth in the car while explaining what happened. Tracey paced behind him, constantly checking his temperature.

“The animals weren’t real,” he explained. “They were real, they just weren’t ours. It was a setup, they were watching us. They were following us.”

“That still doesn’t explain the blood.”

“Pucey, for fucks sake, rub your two brain cells together and think. Do you really think three teens would be able to escape twenty wolves? We killed them,” Draco snapped, still looking at the TV.

Adrian took another bite of his sandwich before Kyra took a bite. He felt personally offended before putting his guard down.

“How?” Miles asked.

“What do you mean how?”

“We did what we had to, and you would do it too,” Terence said, his arm draped around Tracey.

Alyssa’s eyes gazed onto Kyra’s, Kyra didn’t want to look back. It would confirm what she did. “I think we all need a smoke.”

“I think I need a nap.” Kyra wrapped herself in a blanket before resting on the couch and closing her eyes.

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