I awoke in Draco’s arms, my mind processing, my legs sore.

I put on his jersey and rushed back to my dorm and darted to the shower. My mind raced with thoughts, ′what if we ruined our friendship, what if I meant nothing to him, what is he going to think of me’. I washed every inch of my body scrubbing the love bites he left on my body. The way our bodies melted into each other, our mouths absorbing our doubts.

I stepped out of the shower, wrapping myself in a towel. I applied a quick glamour charm to hide the marks Draco left behind and some makeup. I put on a simple outfit and headed to the great hall. I sat with Adrian and the rest of the Slytherin quidditch team.

“Good morning,” I said, waving a slight hand.

“What’s got you in a good mood?” Adrian teased.

“Anyways, Kyra, there is gonna be a Slytherin house party tonight. Are you gonna come?” Miles Bletchley turned to ask.

“Yeah, I’ll be there. But please make sure no first years are there.”

“It happened one time,” Miles shook his head in his hands. The table chatted about summers as we ate pancakes the great hall provided.

Draco strolled into the great hall, Pansy clinging onto his arm, he sat next to Terence Higgs and proceeded to make out with Pansy in front of the whole table.

“Gross, I’m eating here,” Adrian gagged.

Draco glared at me while he made his kisses sloppier, I gave him an awkward smile.

“Draco there’s a party tonight at Slytherins house, you should come,” Terence suggested, stuffing his face in some more food.


“You can bring pug- I mean pansy” Terence corrected himself.


“I’m gonna use the restroom,” I said awkwardly, walking out the great hall to the girl’s bathroom. I entered the bathroom and my throat grabbed almost immediately by Draco’s hands.

“You left me,” he said with a harsh, irritated voice.

I held Draco’s hand around my neck with both my wrist, “Draco I- can’t,” my words struggling under the pressure.

He realized he was gripping a little too hard and let go. He crossed his arms and impatiently tapped his feet, “Why weren’t you with me?”

“I don’t know, didn’t wanna wake up and be awkward about it.”

He rolled his eyes, “do you regret it?”

“No, I don’t regret it,” I said looking down at the floor. “Do you?”

He grabbed my chin tilting my neck slightly so he could examine it.

“You covered them? How will anybody know your mine,” his eyes full of lust, each word drawn out

“I’m not yours, Draco. I’m not anyone’s.”

“What a shame,” He went close to my ear, ”I don’t sleep with girls twice.”

I bit my tongue, unable to hold back the words,” what about pansy?”

“She’s an exception, she’s everybody’s,” a devilish smirk appeared on his lips, his hand on my chin tucking a loose hair behind my ear.

He was right, she was everybody’s. She had no boundaries, she wasn’t a nice girl either, she hated my guts. “You shouldn’t talk about girls that way Draco. I’m gonna go, but Draco I’m going to the house party tonight you should come.”

He chuckled a little ” She hates your guts, Kyra, She trashes your name every chance she gets. She slut-shamed you ever since the first year,” he grabbed my wrist, straining it slightly.

“Noted, But I’m still not yours.”

He smirked once again as He looked at me through his beautiful lustful eyes, traveling his hands down my blouse as he palmed my breast. He teased the inners of my legs. Pushing away my underwear as he dipped a finger into me. “Wet already, such a good girl.”

I sucked in my breath as he started pumping his finger into me. “Draco people might-” Before I could finish my words he added another finger pumping at a faster pace.

“Be a good little slut for me and take my fingers.”

I arched my back so my front could press against him. He massaged my clit with his thumb, curling his fingers just at the right spot so he could hit my g-spot. Heavy breaths and silent moans left my mouth, taking a lot of my strength to stay quiet. The adrenaline of getting caught added to my pleasure I was already ready to come and Draco must’ve known that too. He slowed his pace to taunt me, still curling his fingers at my g-spot. I whimpered at the slowed pace.

“Are you mine?” he asked, almost growling in my ear.

“Draco,” I let out a breathy moan. “No, I’m not yours.”

He took out his fingers and sucked them clean, “you will be mine one day.” he left the room leaving me flushed and horny, Two can play this game.

I applied more makeup than usual, concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and a lip tint, adding a strapping black dress.

I grabbed my wand and headed down to the roaring common room, filled with teens, drugs, and beer. Music and drunk teens echoed throughout the room.

Miles was playing beer pong with his friends when he saw me, “Kyra you made it!” Miles set his drink down to give me a side hug.

“Here drink some of this,” he gave me a small shot glass.

“What’s in it?” I asked him.

“Dragons blood, the strongest wizard whiskey.”

I drank the liquid as it burned my throat, it hit and it hit hard, “Fuck that’s strong” my face distorted in disgust.

“I know, cost me 20 galleons.”

“Dam-” before I could finish my words were thrown over somebody’s shoulder, “Terence put me down NOW.”

“Feisty elf aren’t ya?” he chuckled.


“Calm down will ya? The group wants to have a meeting.”

“I’ll calm down when you put me down.”

“There’s no need, we are almost there.”

He threw me on a green leather couch that sat most of my friend group, Draco, Blaise, Adrian, Alyssa, Terence, and a few of their girlfriend’s miles following behind me.

“You asshole.”

“You told me to put you down,” he raised his hands in surrender.

I stuck my tongue out at him as he sat right next to me. I turned to face the rest of the group where they stayed, Alyssa and Blaise cooped up snuggling, Adrian, Miles, talking about quidditch plans, and their girlfriends laying their head on them. Draco on the other hand holding Pansy by her waist as she grinded against his lap.

“Why is pug face here?” I asked Terence.

“I don’t know? They’ve gotten closer haven’t they?”

I took the butterbeer from Terence’s hand and took a sip. It didn’t taste like the butterscotch drink I loved.

“What the hell is in this,” I twirled the glass bottle in my hand.

“Wanted to try mixing things, fire whiskey, and butterbeer.”

“It tastes like ass.”

“How do you know what ass tastes like?”

“It’s a figure of speech dumb ass.”

“I don’t think so,” he waved his pointer finger in my face. He got up and ran around the couch chanting Kyra’s an ass eater, Kyra’s an ass eater. I got up and chased him around finally tackling him on the couch.

“Say it again, Higgs. I dare you.”

“Kyra’s an ass eater,” he chuckled. Before I could say anything he flipped us over so I was at the bottom, I yelled as he began tickling me, making me wiggle against his grasp.

“Terence let go,” I said through a fit of hysterics, leaning back into the couch.

“Fine,” he sat back down on the couch and continued to drink his disgusting concoction. I looked around to see Draco giving me a death stare. I looked away and sat in silence.

“What are we here for,” I asked the group.

Alyssa got up to give me a quick hug. “We are planning on going on a trip for winter break, but we don’t know where we should go.”

“Well we could go camping, but we could also go to my parent’s cabin,” Terence suggested.

“Or we could just do both,” Draco added.

“Yeah, we could spend a few days camping and the rest at your cabin,” I chimed in.

Everybody nodded their heads in agreement.

The group continued to talk, and by the time most of us were tired, Blaise and Alyssa went to the dorms, Adrian went to go hook up with a random Hufflepuff and the rest of the Slytherin team went to bed. Which left me Draco and Pansy.

“Draco, can I spend the night in your dorm tonight?” Pansy batted her eyelashes.

“No, I’m not in the mood tonight, and Kyra is already staying there.”

My eyes opened in surprise, “I am?”

“Yes, where else are you gonna stay?”

“You’re right, well I’m gonna go to bed then, goodnight,” I walked down the stairs to Draco’s dorm, took a shower and put on a shirt, and headed to Adrian’s bed.

Draco entered not too long after and plopped on his bed.

“Why are you sleeping there?” he grumbled.

“Why not?”

He got up from his bed and picked me up, throwing me on his bed.

“Ass hole,” I rolled my eyes. He shushed me and fell asleep. I decided to get some revenge for the bathroom incident. I traveled my hands up and down his back slowly making my way to his boxers. I unbuttoned his shirt and teasingly pulled it off.

“Don’t even think about it,” he growled tugging at my hair.

“About what?” I batted my eyelashes at him and nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck, aligning kisses across his jawline. I sat straight up so our faces were aligned, He grabbed my face with his large hands. His lips giving sweet passionate kisses. I removed my hands from his hair and moved down to his lower half. Giving little pecks while I traveled down his toned body looking up at him. Making my way to his boxers, I pulled them all the way down. His dick leaving his boxers, I gave it a kiss and swirled my tongue around it before taking it into my mouth. He groaned and pulled my hair, to which I protested and took his hand off my hair. I left from the position I was in and put both my legs around his body.

“Do you trust me?” I asked him, grinding against his dick.

He groaned a little before shaking his head. I conjured a pair of handcuffs and grabbed both of his wrists while still grinding on his dick. I cuffed them together and traveled back down, I reached his cock stroking it a few times giving it kisses and licks before taking the whole thing in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the tip and hollowing out my cheeks, my hands managing what I couldn’t fit. He bucked his hips hitting the back of my throat, I could tell he was getting close so I slowed my pace before fully pulling off.

“Fuckk why’d you stop,” he groaned.

I put my legs around him adjusting myself so my pussy was right above his dick.

I slowly sunk down on him, taking him in inch by inch. I didn’t realize how massive he was until he was all the way in, moaning his name when I took him all in.

I lifted myself up from his thick cock, bouncing on him as he let out groans and grunts. He adjusted himself so he could buck his hips against mine. I picked up my pace and adjusted myself so he could hit my g-spot making me moan in pleasure.

I knew he was close so I pulled off him, giving him a kiss goodnight.

“Kyra please,” he begged as I dozed off into a peaceful sleep.


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