“Really,” he said, his hands still wrapped around my neck.

“if I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t have fucking said it Draco.”

He stared at me with dead silence, but it was soon interrupted when the rest of the group from Hogsmeade came through the common room doors. He let go of my neck and walked away grabbing Pansy by her wrist and dragging her to his dorm giving me a wink as he went.

“Draco’s is getting it tonight,” Adrian chuckled.

“You’re not actually going on that date with McLaggen?” Alyssa asked.

“Why not, he’s cute and sweet.”

“Yeah he’s sweet but he’s Gryffindor.”

“Alyssa don’t act like you wouldn’t date a Weasley or a Granger.”

“Shhh you’re being too loud,” she whispered. “But at least let me dress you okay?”

“Yeah, whatever.” I talked to the group for some time before Pansy left Draco’s room, her hair matted and her shirt unbuttoned. She rushed to her friend group that was also in the common room. Oohs and aahs left their friend group. I talked with the boys and Alyssa for a while before heading to bed.

I entered the great hall Terence walking beside me.

Miles Bletchley saw me and jogged to talk to me, “No way you’re going on that date with Cormac.”

“Why, what did he do?” I asked worriedly.

“Nothings wrong with him, you can just do so much better,” he winked.

“Oh please,” I rolled my eyes. He wrapped his arm around me, and we continued to walk down to the Slytherin table. At the tables sat most of the friend group. Alyssa had an off period for the first period, so she wouldn’t need to be down here for a while. I sat down and ate my breakfast.

“How was Pansy,” Adrian wiggled his eyebrows at Draco.

“Pucey shut it. That type of shit is private,” Terence elbowed him, making him wince in sarcastic pain.

Draco snickered before answering, “One of the best,” he gave me a grin and took a sip of his coffee.

“So Kyra, what are you going to do on your date with McLaggen?” Terence asked, giggling a little.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing about when was the last time you went on a date?”

“Tell me if he’s a good kisser or shagger,” Pucey pitched in.

“Why try to get some action for yourself?” He hesitated before slouching down and eating his eggs. Pansy got up from her seat and walked over to Draco. She sat on his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck. Miles fake gagged and gave judgmental looks to both Pansy and Draco.

Classes started soon so Terence and I walked to the history of magic, sitting together at the back of the class.

“Moms have gotten better,” Terence said with pure happiness in his eyes. “Her scars have cleared up over the break and she’s remembering me.”

“Did St. Mungos, let you take her home for break?”

“No, they said she has too many episodes, it wouldn’t be safe.”

“I’m sorry Terence, you and I can visit her over break if you want to.”

He agreed and We chatted for some time until Draco and Pansy entered. Miles and Adrian didn’t get this class because they flunked their fourth-year O.W.L’s. Professor CuthbertBinns taught this class, most students were bored out of their minds. The class was dismissed and we headed to potions with Snape. Terence and I took a seat, Draco joined, and so did miles.

“Quiet!” Snape yelled. “Today students will be making the wound cleaning potion,” he droned around about instructions before telling all the students to start potion-making. Miles and Terence left the table to go get the ingredients for the potion. ”

You’re actually going on that date with Cormac? Pathetic,” he spat.

“It’s quite pathetic how you taunt me about going with Cormac, yet you choose to spend all your time with Pansy.”

“There is a difference.”

“What has Cormac done? Last time I checked Pansy slut-shamed me and Alyssa for years on end, and yet you still spend time with her.”

Terence and Miles came back with all the ingredients for the potion and got started on making it. The potion was looking perfect, so it was time to test, I took one of the knives and cut a line across my leg. Blood slowly trickled down from the gash. It stung but not for too long once I put on the potion.

“Kyra, what the fuck are you doing?” Miles squealed.

“That’s hot,” Terence smirked.

“First you scream like a girl, second How are we supposed to test it?” I asked.

“You could’ve just poked yourself,” Miles looked at me with a horrified expression.

I took a small dropper and applied the potion to my leg. It had stung and itched for a few seconds before the blood went away. Draco looked at me with wide eyes as I got up and demonstrated it to Snape this time doing a slight gash on my hand. He passed our group and gave me a few extra points for the gruesome demonstration.

Each person from the group got to keep a vial. The bell rang and we all headed to charms that professor Flitwick taught. The seats were arranged like an American high school gym. He taught in the middle, having to stand on books, so the students could hear him.

“Good afternoon students,” he said in his squeaky voice. “Today we are learning the engorgement charm.”

“You could use some of that couldn’t you Draco,” Terence snickered.

“Why don’t you ask Kyra?” Draco replied.

My eyes went wide and my heart started racing.

“Haha very funny Draco,” Terence said sarcastically.

I felt relieved, and I laughed along with the rest of the group. He taught the charm and class was over. For the last class we had defense against the dark arts, Alyssa sat next to me and the rest of the group splattered around, Cormac sat on the other side of the room and gave me a small wink. Cormac made an origami lion and flew it across the room right into my lap. It wrote meet me in the great hall at six with a small smiley face. I smiled and nodded at him. Class ended at four so Alyssa and I left for our dorm. For my outfit she chose a sweater with a skirt and knee-high socks, she applied some heavy makeup and curled my hair. The boys were down in the common room, and she wanted to “talk” to Blaise so she pushed me out of my dorm and told me to get Blaise.

“Blaise, Alyssa wants you in the dorm right now,” He shook his head and speed walked to my dorm.

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” Draco asked.

“Draco just back off, I don’t know why you care so much,” Terence defended throwing me a piece of candy from where he was sitting.

“It looks like you’re trying too hard.”

“Thanks, Draco, I really appreciate it,” I said, sarcasm thick on my tongue.

“I think she looks wonderful,” Terence grinned.

I thanked him and left the common room, heading to the great hall to meet Cormac for our date.

“You look amazing Kyra,” he handed me a bouquet of roses.

“Thank you, but if you keep buying me flowers we just might have to start a garden together,” I gave him a small smile and we started heading to honeydukes.

“I’ve wanted to ask you on this date since forever,” he said, taking a sip of his drink.

“You could’ve just asked, I would’ve said yes,″ I smiled as warmth crept onto my cheeks.

“I would’ve asked sooner but you always had the boys wrapped around your finger.”

“Could say the same for you Gryffindor, what happened to Lisa?”

“Summer happened, we drifted,” he took another sip of his drink. “What’s with you and Malfoy?”

“What about me and Malfoy?”

“Well, most of the school saw you kiss him.”

“Oh, It was a cover-up, it didn’t mean much to both of us.”

“That’s a relief, he was probably the biggest threat including Terence.”

We talked a little longer before leaving honeydukes. It was around 8 pm and it was pretty cold. I must’ve been shivering because he gave me his sweater and wrapped it around my arms.

“Thank you,” I blushed as He wrapped his arm around my shoulder. He walked me all the way to the Slytherin entrance.

I gave him back his sweater but he rejected it. “keep it, it looks better on you,” he gave a kiss to my hand,” Thank you for the amazing night.”

“No, thank you for the amazing night, we should do it again later.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and entered the common room. Draco was sitting on the common room couch. and as soon as I entered he got up from his seat and walked towards me.

“Was he a good kisser?”

“I didn’t snog anybody today. The date was great thanks for asking.” I stormed off to my dorm but before I entered I could hear bed squeaking and moans leaving the room. The least they could do was use muffliato, or put a sock on the knob. I groaned and left back down to the common room, making a small bed on the couch. Draco was still there but ignored his presence.

“Why are you sleeping there?” he asked, poking me.

“Don’t touch me,” I smacked his hand. “They are shagging again.”

“Why don’t you just sleep in mine?”

“If I sleep in there, we can’t sleep together,” I muttered.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it,” he smirked.

“You already had Pansy in there, I’m okay here on this couch.”

“You’re so dramatic,” he picked me up and entered his dorm. I didn’t even put up a fight at this point, I wasn’t going to win.

“Don’t put me on your bed, you filthy animal,” I spat at him, still in his arms.

“Why not?”

“You fucked her there.” He dropped me on his bed, but I wasn’t having it. I slept on the couch that was at the edge of the dorm.

He went to take a shower and the door busted open and Terence entered, he was wearing Santa pajamas and had blankets and snacks in his hand.

“YOU’RE HAVING A SLEEPOVER WITHOUT ME?” he screamed and threw one of the blankets at me.

“Owww No, we aren’t, it’s just that Blaise is getting busy at my dorm.”

“Oh, don’t matter, I’m still sleeping here.” He sat next to me on the couch, and we talked for a few minutes before Draco came out of the shower with a towel around his waist showing his v-line and toned abs. I caught myself staring and mentally slapped myself.

“Why is he here?” Draco asked, pointing at Terence.

“Why are you here?” Terence asked.

“It’s my dorm stupid.”

“He thought we were having a sleepover, and he wanted to join,” I explained, my eyes drifting to his abs. He caught me staring and snapped his fingers, diverting my attention to his face, and gave me a wink and a smirk.

Terence and I slept on the couch. Sleep was interrupted by Draco’s screams. I jumped up from the couch and ran over to him sitting on his bed shaking him to wake up. He fluttered his eyes open and sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Sorry, a nightmare.”

“About what?”


I walked away but he grabbed my hand. “Stay with me,” he whispered. I shrugged and entered his bed, one of my legs going over his legs, and my arms hugging him. “Thank you, Kyra,” he whispered.

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