I woke up trapped in Draco’s arms, I blew at his face a few times until his eyes fluttered open.

“What?” he groaned.

“I’m leaving, I can’t get up.”

“Don’t leave please,” he pouted, squeezing me tighter.

“Fine, just let me get up and take a shower.”

He groaned and rolled over letting me out of his trap. Terence was probably back in his dorm. I grabbed a shirt from Draco and headed to the bathroom. I rinsed my body and put on his shirt and dried my hair with a quick-drying charm.

I wanted to go to the great hall, but Draco was still sleeping but he told me not to leave him. I sat on his bed.

“Wake up,” I poked his limp body.

He threw me off his bed, and I hit the floor.

“Bitch,” he giggled.

“I’m hungry and we have class soon.”

“Go get dressed, I’ll meet you there soon,” he grumbled, stuffing his face back into his pillow.

I hit him with a pillow and ran back to my dorm applying makeup and clothes, putting my hair in a slick ponytail. I walked back to his dorm and knocked a few times. The door flew open, and he was in his uniform, his hair slicked back like his old years.

“Are you ready?” I asked him.

“Do I not look ready?”

“Stop being a dick.”

“But you love the dick,” he chuckled.

“You’re absolutely vile,” I hit him with a book as we walked to the great hall. Cormac sat at the Gryffindor table and shot me a small smile. Draco glared and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“Draco stop it,” I pushed his arm off me.

He grunted and took his seat next to Pansy. Terence entered and sat next to me and Alyssa

“Where were you?” I asked Terence.

“I saw you and Draco getting it on and thought it was best to leave,” he whispered.

“It wasn’t like that. He had a nightmare and he didn’t want me to leave him.”

He shrugged his shoulders and took a bite of his apple. Alyssa whispered something to Blaise and they headed somewhere close to the prefect’s bathroom.

“Damn they are constant,” Pucey chuckled.

Classes went by in a flash and before you knew it it was the third period. We had care for magical creatures with hagrid.

We walked to the back of the school where his hut was.

“Good afternoon students,” the big man said, his voice echoing throughout the woods. He explained a few things for this class before explaining a duo project.

“This project will take up most of your grade. Each pair will get a random egg and they will raise that egg and decide if they wanna keep it.”

Draco tapped my shoulder before saying “You and me, partners.

“Yeah sure.”

Alyssa and Blaise were together, Terence was with Marcus, Crabbe with Goyle, Adrian and Miles.

“Come on up er,” Hagrid said.

Each pair walked up to Hagrid and he gave them each a mystery egg.

“Now listen here kids, once the eggs hatch you have to tell the class what animal it is, you then have a choice to keep your friend or get rid of em.”

I went up to Hagrid because Draco has an irrational fear of the giant. I thanked him and went back to Draco. The egg was scaly and gold, it was pretty heavy but it was glistening.

“Isn’t it pretty?” I asked him.

“Reminds me of filthy Gryffindors,” he spat.

“You can trade eggs but once they hatch you have to keep them until presentation, where you decide whether or not you are going to keep your new friend. Partners will have to take care of the egg and if the egg breaks or if the animal dies before presentation it’s an automatic F. These eggs will require special care and you won’t know the animal until it hatches,” Hagrid instructed.

He showed a few demonstrations and then the class ended.

Herbology was today with Gryffindors including Cormac. He stood next to me as class started.

“Today’s class we are learning about wolfsbane.”

Terence shot me a worried look, and I returned a comforting one to him.

“I’ll be back,” I said to Cormac before leaving to go stand with Terence.

“It’s gonna be okay. Terence just breathe,″ I gave his hand a squeeze and rubbed my thumb over his hand. I could tell he was panicking, and his hands became shaky.

“Nobody will know, it’s gonna be okay. I will keep you safe, I promise,″ I held his hand a little tighter, his breath slowed and his hands didn’t shake as much.

“Thank you, Kyra,” he gave me a hug and nodded his head. I gave Cormac a sympathetic look. She continued to talk about the wolfsbane potion and what it does. Class ended, and everybody swarmed out of the greenhouse to the great

“What do you think it is?” I asked the table group.

“Maybe a snake or like a dragon,” Miles said, pulling his egg out from his bag. It was light brown with gold specks, almost looking like a quail egg but larger.

Marcus flint brought out his egg, which seemed to be horns rooted out from the egg with ridges.

“What is that?” Draco asked with a disgusted face.

“I don’t know, Hagrid said we won’t find out until they hatch,” said Terence, taking a bite of his chicken leg.

Goyle pulled out a very tiny egg from his pocket, it was grey with black speckles on it.

“Why is it so tiny?” Terence asked.

Golye shrugged his shoulders and ate some more mashed potatoes. Blasie brought out a shiny egg mixed with all sorts of metals. He threw it around in the air for a while before Alyssa smacked him across the head and took the egg.

“I can’t fail this class,” she said, rubbing where she smacked.

He chuckled a little before giving her a kiss on the cheek to calm her down.

“How are we supposed to take care of them?”

“Maybe wrap them in a blanket, like chickens,” Alyssa replied.


Today was Saturday so I planned -a stay in bed type day, it worked for most of it until everybody barged into the dorm.

Alyssa, Blaise, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Terence, and a few others barged into the dorm making me scream.

“What the fuck guys,” I Shouted.

“FUCKING LOOK KYRA, ITS HATCHING!” Terence screamed, running around the room flaring his arms in the air, only stopping until Miles Bletchley tackled him. An ouch emitted from Terence’s lips. I stared at the small egg Goyle held in his hands.

A small ear poked out of the eggshell.

“Is that a toe?” Terence asked, poking his head out from under Miles.

The creature broke out of its egg and plopped on my bed spreading blood all over it. It looked like a fetus.

“You’re buying me new fucking sheets Goyle,” I glared at him.

“It’s a fucking bat,” Crabbe said, visually disgusted.

“It looks like an abortion,” Miles chuckled making the rest of the group laugh as well. Most people left the room after seeing it hatch leaving Draco, Goyle, Crabbe, Terence, and Miles.

I got up from my bed and picked up the gross looking bat creature holding IT in my arms.

“It’s kinda cute,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Fucking weirdo,” Draco mumbled. I flipped him off and started walking to the dorm bathroom. I turned the water to warm and washed the little guy. Its eyes were just forming, and from what I could tell it was a doxy. It had an extra pair of legs and arms and a long tail rooting from the backside.

“It’s a doxy,” I told Crabbe and Goyle.

“It’s one of those biting fairies isn’t it?” Crabbe sighed.

“Yeah but if it likes you it won’t bite, it might even bring some good luck,” Terence added.

“At Least it’s not dead,” Draco pointed out.

“Go buy me a new comforter and some chocolate frogs and I’ll take care of your new fellow.”

Crabbe and Goyle shook their heads and ran out of the room.

“What are you gonna do with it?” Draco asked, trying to poke the creature.

I smacked his hand and dried the doxy off, wrapping him in a small rag placing him in the gentle hands of Terence.

I grabbed a shoebox from under my bed and an old blanket. I made a bed for the little creature and took him from Terence’s hand, resting it in the shoe box.

We sat in the room and talked for a while until Goyle and Crabbe entered the room out of breath.

They handed me my blanket and chocolate frogs.

“What are you gonna name it?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know, don’t want to get attached,” Goyle replied.

“Keep it in this box until it grows its eyes, feed it flies or bugs, he should stay alive if you follow the instructions.”

They shook their heads and left the room taking the shoe box with them.

“What time is it?” I asked the boys.

“It’s lunchtime, around 12,” Draco answered looking at his watch.

I put a sweatshirt on and some slippers not caring how I looked.

“Wanna go eat?”

They nodded their heads, and we walked out together to the great hall. I probably looked like a maniac compared to the boys next to me.

One week passed

“Actually we should go on a picnic,” Terence said. He conjured a small picnic basket before running off out of the great hall.

“Do we go with him?” Draco asked with wide eyes.

“We can’t just leave him.” I conjured both Terences and mines eggs and grabbed Draco’s hand running after Terence.

We sprinted after Terence finally caught up once he stopped by the field.

“This is nice,” he shielded his face from the golden sun and nodded his head.

“You couldn’t have found a better spot?”

“Draco, that’s not nice he tried, let’s go over there,″ I pointed to a spot close to the black lake, surrounded by flowers and trees.

When we arrived at our destination Draco conjured a large blanket and laid it down on the floor. I set the eggs down and grabbed the picnic basket from Terence’s hand, laying its inventory on the blanket.

“I think I figured out how to make my egg hatch,” Terence said, pulling out his wand.

“You’re supposed to wait until it decides to hatch,” Draco said, grabbing an apple slice and taking a bite.

“But that’s so boring.”

I chuckled and asked Terence what the spell was.

“Well, first we have to age it up, then I use a hatching spell,” he fiddled with the wand in his hand.

“What if it dies?” I asked putting my egg in my arms to give it some warmth.

“Then it dies, but if it doesn’t I get a friend earlier than everybody else.”

“Go on do it,” Draco conjured a small chicken egg and handed it to Terence.

Terence took the egg gladly and cast two spells that I didn’t quite recognize. A few seconds later shells started peeling away, revealing a small chick. I aged the chick up so we didn’t have to care for it.

“Bravo,” Draco said, clapping his hands slowly. Terence did a bow and tried the spell on his egg. The egg hatched and it worked out perfectly, the shells started falling off and the top was exposed.

“I got a fucking leucrotta!” he exclaimed, casting a quick aging charm and pulling the creature out its shell.

“I got a fucking leucrotta!” the little creature in his hands shouted.

He chuckled a little before bringing the creature to us. It deeply resembled a moose with very long antlers, but leucrotta are hybrids of hyenas and lions. They have no teeth but a large strong bone that made their mouths absolutely massive. Their large mouths were covered by a lion’s mane. We learned about them in our third year as well as most animals in the wizarding world.

He put the animal down and fed it a carrot, the aging charm made it age to about 8-9 months. It was cute but a little creepy, it had eyes that seemed to be placed into its antlers.

“What’s its name?” Draco asked.

“It’s not it, it’s a he, and his name is gonna be,” he paused a little before deciding its name. “willow.“.

“Hey Willow,” I cooed in the little leucrotta’s ear.

“Hey Willow,” the little guy repeated in the same tone.

“Should we open ours?” I asked Draco.

“Meh, what’s the worst that can happen.”

And with that Terence placed willow into Draco’s lap, his face turning into pure disgust from the creature. Terence took his seat next to me and did the enchantments placing the egg back into my hands once the first few shells had cracked. I peeled away the golden eggshells to reveal a small chimera.

I did a quick age charm, aging it up by 3 months, and a cleaning charm.

I pulled her out of the egg and set her down, she wobbled a little before curling into my lap. I fed her a carrot and her teeth pricked my skin, letting a droplet of blood form.

“What should we name her?” I asked Draco.

“We aren’t naming her, because we are returning her.”

“Yes we are, I mean look how cute she is,” I raised the small baby as the monkey did from the lion king.

“No we aren’t,” he growled.

“Yes we are, do you know how rare and dangerous these babies are. She will be killed if we return her.”

“That’s not my problem.”

“I’m naming her Cyprus,” I started feeding her another carrot chunk.

“I’m not keeping her,” Draco said taking another slice of apple.

“Didn’t ask,” I pet Cyprus, stroking her to sleep.

this picture is what I imagined when I wrote the picnic scene

The man below is also what I imagine Draco as, Some scenes in this book I can't quite imagine Tom Felton as so he is another person you can imagine Draco as.

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