Not Alone

By Cassiel16


Chapter 11


Well, I was correct about the wolves finding out about me returning… just not in the way I imagined. You see, Carlisle and Esme made me return to school, and while that wasn't so bad, I mean I've been to school before; I was the talk of the town again. Apparently loads of rumors had been circling some that were more realistic than others. Some said that Rosalie had chased me away, that one was one of the most accurate ones, that I had beat some kids up and had to leave town etcetera, etcetera. So the bad thing was that since I was the talk of the town the Quileutes had heard, from Mike no less, when some students had gone down to the beach. Alice nearly ripped him limb from limb… that was a great day.

In any case, we found out because the night Mike told them there was a lot more howling and growling. Well, that, and the fact that Mike was talking about how one of them had picked him up with one hand and demanded to know if I really was back and not just kidding around.

Now it's only a matter of time before Sam's patience runs out or Sam comes up with a strategy to wipe us out… I'm voting for Sam's patience running out--he doesn't really seem to be the scheming type. Since the night they found out I'm back we decided to start training. Today is the first lesson. One I'm sure will frustrate Emmett to no end and I am so totally looking forward to it.

"What are you chuckling at?" Alice asks from beside me, looking up from her book. I glance at her and shake my head.

"Nothing, love, just about later today," I say turning my gaze away from her and focus, instead, on the ceiling. I hear her book shut and the bed shift. Soon, she is leaning over me.

"And what, my dear, are you planning today? How to choke you out, escape from a bite?" I smile at her and lay back further into the pillows.

"Nope. Basics first, love, always the basics." I say. That is what Rachel taught me, you start with the basics. You can't make a five-course dinner without learning how to boil water first (trust me, Alice tried.) I'm thinking about showing them how quick and agile we are. I know that vampires are quick, but they are like granite. I move more fluidly.

"Bella, come back to me," Alice says smiling while resting her chin on my chest.

"Sorry, Alice, just thinking is all," I say apologetically. She just shakes her head until a sultry smile graces her lips.

"I bet I could give you something better to do." She breathes, inching forward. I can feel my own smirk making its way onto my face.

"Yeah? Like what?" I ask leaning forward slightly. Her smile widens and she moves close enough so that our lips are only centimeters apart.

"Why don't I show you." She whispers before leaning forward and sealing our lips together. I wrap my arms around her and pull her further onto me. I sigh into the kiss; it's been a while since we've had time alone… apparently being gone for three months makes for a lot of make-up work. I pull her tighter against me and nip her lip before moving to her neck. Her cold body on mine only adds to the intensity of the fire running through my veins. I kiss along her jaw and down to where her neck and shoulders join and bite down… hard. I hear her gasp and I can't help the smile that reaches my lips. I lick the spot and move to the left, kissing across her collar bone. I can feel her hands roaming my body, coming dangerously close to my most sensitive areas. She toys with the hem of my shirt and more fire runs through me. We have never gotten this far, believe it or not. We've just had some really hot, and I do mean hot just ask Emmett, make out sessions. When her cool hand brushes my stomach, something snaps in me and before I can stop myself, I bite her right shoulder and flip us so that she is below me. If her gasp and pants are anything to go by, she is just as surprised as I am.

I kiss her shoulder and move back up to her mouth. I kiss her lips hungrily and swipe my tongue along her lower lip, begging for entrance. I feel her smile before eagerly opening her mouth and allowing my tongue access to her cool mouth. I feel her hand creep slightly higher on my stomach before she ceases all movement. I pull away immediately and cup her cheek with my hand that had, previously, been resting on her hip and moving north.

"Alice? What's wrong?" I ask almost desperately, praying that she wasn't having a vision. Talk about killing the mood. My worry is lifted, though, when I look into her eyes and see that they are wide and focused on my stomach, no distant look at all. "Alice?" I ask quietly and her gaze shoots up and locks with mine. In the blink of an eye, she has flipped us and she is scooting down my frame. She pulls my shirt up just below my breasts and continues to stare at my stomach. "Alice, what the hell?" I sit up and look at her, and I don't think I've seen a sexier look. She is staring hungrily at my stomach.

"Bella," she pauses and swallows, "you have a belly-button ring." I laugh at her; she looks so close to drooling.

"Yeah, I do, now can you get back to distracting me," I say and she looks into my eyes. I was wrong; the look she is giving me now is the sexiest look I have ever seen. It's a mix between lust, hunger, and a predatory stare. She grins at me and leans down and starts to kiss my stomach. She starts at my hip bone and moves across to my belly-button. Gently, she tugs at the ring and I can't help the moan that escapes my lips. She looks at me again and releases the ring only to start kissing up the expanse of my stomach. She reaches my shirt and glances at me I nod and swallow. She smiles and, slowly, starts to remove my shirt. She finally gets it off and throws it across the room. When she looks back down her eyebrow furrows and she frowns.

"Why in the hell do you wear these things?" She demands and I laugh.

"I'm not about to train in a nice lace bra, Alice, a sports bra is really the best option."

"God damn things aren't as easy to get off. Do you even own a lace bra?" She asks playing with the edges, annoyance in her voice. I lean forward and kiss the corner of her mouth.

"You'll just have to find out, won't you?" I whisper in her ear and I hear her growl in response.

"I will count on it." She says kissing me hungrily. I feel her grasp my bra and start to pull it up when our bedroom door opens.

"Alright you two, knock it off. Carlisle says it's time to start." Rosalie says not even blinking at our current position. We don't move for a couple of moments and she sighs. "Do I have to dress you myself? I'm not leaving until you both are dressed and out the door." I hear Alice growl and she glares at Rosalie but I cup her cheek.

"Come on, love, maybe we can continue this later." She responds by getting off of me and throwing me my shirt. She hisses at Rosalie as she passes her to put on her "training" clothes. After a few minutes, we are all dressed and ready to go.

"Oh thank God. You are finally ready. Let's go." Rosalie says and I can hear the smile in her voice, the bitch.

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