Not Alone

Chapter 4


If I wasn't so nervous about how they would react, I would find this whole situation funny. The look on their faces, well, is hysterical.

Carlisle doesn't seem surprised at all, he is too busy looking and prodding at my shoulder. It was like he knew I was a werewolf and was just waiting for me to show everyone else.

Esme is looking worriedly at me. She steps closer and I'm worried of what she thinks of me now that she knows my secret. I smile weakly at her and she smiles back, grabbing my hand in hers.

Edward, well, has his usual frown and glare. I shift my weight back and forth nervously as he stares.

"Your face is going to get stuck like that." I say weakly and his frown lines deepen.

I look over to Jasper to find a small smile and he nods at me. I smile back.

Emmett surprises me. I look over to find the biggest smile I have ever seen, splitting his face. I cock an eyebrow and his grin widens.

"You being a werewolf means that we can wrestle now. I am so ready to kick your ass." I grin.

"You wish you could kick my ass, in case you didn't notice, I just beat three werewolves, two at the same time."

"All the better, you should be utterly humiliated when I kick your ass then." I widen my eyes at him in mock surprise.

"Emmett, knows a big word like humiliated, I guess you did learn something in school." He laughs and shakes his head.

I turn to look at Alice when suddenly Carlisle grabs my arm and pushes my shoulder back into place with a 'pop'. A stabbing pain runs from my shoulder down my arm.

"What the hell, Carlisle! That hurt damn it!" I scream at him holding my left arm away from his reach. He smiles and shrugs.

"I thought it would be best when you weren't prepared for it. The pain should go away in a couple hours, with your speed healing and all. Speaking of which, if I hadn't done it soon, your body would have healed it out of place, then I would have had to break it, then reset it. You don't want that to happen."

"Still hurt though." I mumble and turn back to face Alice, whose opinion I am fearing most. A tender smile adorns her features and I smile back at her. She rushes forward and grabs me in a tight hug. I wrap my arms around her as well ignoring the throbbing in my shoulder.

"You scared the hell out of me when you went off the edge. Please don't do that again." She says, her voice breaking.

"I'll try not to make a habit of it." I say into her hair, hugging her tighter. She pulls away and smiles brightly at me. I smile back when suddenly I am flying through the air, my chin throbbing.

I groan as I pick myself up off of the ground, trying to avoid moving my infured arm. Slowly, I stand and face my attacker.

"You bitch!" Rosalie screams at me and I almost smile at her unintended pun, almost. "Why didn't you tell us?" Rosalie says stomping towards me, and I stand there waiting for what she has to say. "We let you stay at our house, and you didn't tell us that you were one of those, mutts." She says the word with such disgust that I flinch and my anger flares. "You have been lying to us, all dogs are the same." She snarls, and I can hear Esme telling Rosalie to stop. I can also hear two sets of growling, onyl one of which is coming from me.

"I am the one that has been lying?" I ask, my voice higher than usual. "I walked into a house filled with vampires, and no one decided to let me in on this little fact."

"We have rules." Rosalie begins, but I cut her off.

"Yeah, you have rules, no telling a human or the Volturi get involved and the human dies. Yes I know the rules. But don't you think we have rules, too. My God, I mean, I had to leave Phoenix because I was practically chased out of there, by the whole damn city. All because I saved a humans life from a vampire. All of my werewolf life, I have been chased and hunted by your kind. So forgive me if I don't tell you that I am a werewolf in fear of having seven vampires hunting me down." I pause when I see Esme flinch. "I move here and think that you guys are different because you have golden eyes and go to school." I stop and stare Rosalie dead in the eye. "Apparently, I was wrong. You are a blood sucking parasite." I say coldly, directing it only at Rosalie. Oh, I can see that I have royally pissed her off, but right now I don't care. My inner wolf is pacing and begging to be let out again, injuries be damned, but I stomp the urge down and watch, seemingly in slow motion, as she launches herself at me.

I don't shift, because I don't want to hurt her, so I close my eyes and brace myself for impact… but it never comes. Instead a very loud CRACK sounds throughout the forest and I open my eyes to see Rosalie wrestling with Alice on the ground.

"God damn it, Rosalie, stop!" Alice yells, as Rosalie hisses at her. Emmett and Jasper rush forward, Emmett grabbing Rosalie, and Jasper grabbing Alice.

"Babe, quit. She didn't even change, you could've killed her." Emmett says, and I can hear worry in his voice. Jasper releases Alice and she comes to my side immediately.

Rosalie and I glare at each other for a moment before I roll my eyes and sigh. "I'm sorry, okay, it's really hard to control my emotions right after I shift" I say. Rosalie glares at me a moment longer before scoffing and looking away. I sigh again and turn to face Alice, who is carefully looking me over.

"Thank you for saving me from Rosalie," I grin weakly at her, "I guess that makes us even then."

"You're thinking of leaving again. Please don't." She says, suddenly almost pleadingly, to me. Surprised, I look away.

"I think I have done enough here, Rosalie hates me and the pack is not entirely thrilled with me either. I think it would be best for me to leave." I say quietly. I turn away, but am stopped by the hand grasping my wrist.

"You'll come back, right? I mean you just can't leave. I--I mean, Esme will miss you." She pauses and looks at the ground. "I would miss you, too." She says quietly and I kiss her hair.

"I don't know, Alice" I say softly, and jump slightly when Jasper speaks from behind me.

"Rosalie doesn't hate you. She is disappointed that you didn't tell her, but she understands why you didn't. She lashed out because she didn't know how to deal with it. She'll come around soon enough. But, I promise, she doesn't hate you." Jasper says with a small smile. Well that takes some of the weight off of my chest.

"Bella, please don't go. We can deal with the pack some other time." Esme says coming up to my other side and I close my eyes. I really should leave, it would make life easier for everyone. But I can't resist Alice and Esme.

"I have to go," I pause and I can see the hurt look on Alice and Esme's face, and the disappointment on everyone else's, even Rosalie's. "But I'll come back. I think that your neighbors need to cool off a little, and me being here won't do that." I turn towards Carlisle. "They have four now, but they have two or three more that should shift soon. I'm afraid that I can't protect you from seven." I stop and turn towards Emmett, ignoring the snort from Rosalie and Edward. "I apologize in advance for the clothes." And, without waiting for a response, I shift and run to where I parked my bike, I need to see an old friend of mine. If I am going to spend time with the Cullens and piss off the neighboring wolf pack, I need to be ready to defend myself, and the others.

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