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❝open those pretty eyes for me, angel❞ he instructed, and i obeyed without even thinking twice. it was strange, yearning for someone like this when i had only been able to have one taste. but, when i opened my eyes and saw his warm brown eyes gazing down at me - i knew in that moment, that kissing george weasley felt like coming home. i was his, even if i didn't say it out loud. and i hoped, so intently; that he was mine. slowburn | smut | lowercase intended. [all harry potter characters belong to jk rowling - however mia collins, alongside this plot; are mine.]

Romance / Erotica
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author’s note

this story has been something i have grown so attached to over the coming months i have been writing it. i have never written a fanfiction before which i have published and fallen in love with like i have with this one.

to start, there will be smut, mentions of blood, vomit and violence (fights) swearing, adult themes and sensitive topics. trigger warnings will ALWAYS be listed before the chapters they are needed: this will be where sensitive topics are included within chapters.

these sensitive topics include:
- mentions of forced oral sex
like i said, trigger warnings will always be listed when they are needed - inside the chapters as a whole there will be a bold, italicized trigger warning before the events take place and when it is safe to read from. please, do not read if you are upset by these topics.

to add to this, the characters from the very beginning of the book will be 17/18 years old. i know they are in their fourth/fifth years but i do not feel comfortable writing them off to be 15/16 with the topics and themes within the story.

this story is completely an AU. voldemort / death eaters do not exist and draco is not one. characters have things like phones and earphones - and fred is completely fine and well.

the main character, mia - is depicted, in my head to be liv tyler (how she looked during the 90s) - however, you can picture her to look however you wish.

george weasley is depicted by oliver phelps, and looks specifically how he did during order of the phoenix.

i hope, wholeheartedly, that you manage to fall in love with these characters in the way i have; and that you enjoy.

all my love,
cait x
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