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My depressed Omega


it's. a bakudeku story! deku is a depressed Omega who has yet to meet his mate. he is abused severally by his "friends" what happens when he meets his mate and his mate find out everything? kacchan dekus alpha is here to find his omega what happens when he finds his Omega laying half dead on the ground? ⚠️⚠️⚠️ warnings⚠️⚠️⚠️ smut self harm rape suicidal thoughts abuse

Romance / Fantasy
Kat Rooks
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Self harm and rape

Dekus pov

I was with Matt and shean they were my 'friends' they were just people who kept me safe from other alphas when I was in heat. They haven't marked me bc why would they mark me. Im a rare Omega so only my mate can mark me. They hated me and it was obvious. The way they looked at me and all the glarring they do ud think their my mates but their not. I wish my mate would come into my life soon I hate living like this cause one day they'll abondon me and that's ok I just hope not like the last people who abondoned me.

Rape ahead you been warned

Suddenly I was pulled into an ally I knew what was about to happen. I looked at matt as he kissed my neck. These two love the thought of getting caught. He bite down in my scent gland making me moan loudly as he nibbled it as shean stripped me. I felt completely powerless. As matt rammed into me fucking me hard. My face pressed against the cold bricks feeling something cold in ny back I look up and it was snowing great they'll leave me naked in the snow I though as I received a rough slap to the face."your such a whore" shean said kissing me roughly. He bit my lips so hard I tasted the irony taste of my blood. I didn't hurt I was used to this kind of treatment matt pulled out ramming back into me making me scream as shawn shut me up by ramming his dick in my mouth throat fucking me. I screamed repeatedly pushing shean over the edge making him cum in my mouth"swallow it!" He said grabbing my face roughly as I swallowed it as matt was ramming into me hard as he filled me up and pulled out allowing my body drop to the ground

End of rape

I fell to the ground in pain and passed out there while they left me. I felt someone pick me up they had a sweet smell like an alphas calming hormones. I calmed down and clung to him passing out.

??? Pov.

The boy I picked up clung to me calming down as I released my calming hormones. He passed out in my arms as I carried him home. And laid him in a bed. I believe this boy is my mate. But I won't know for sure till he wakes up and releases his scent. I hope he's my mate. He's adorable I wonder who would do something like this to him. They were alphas their scent is on him god I hate their smell. No wonder he was stressed. It's obvious theyve rapped him multiple times.

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