Black Swan

Chapter 7- Small glimmer of hope


The light streams through the window, birds chirping. I crack open my eyes, allowing the light to flutter through my eyelashes. White sheets, my quidditch uniform and my....
This isn't my room!
I jolt up. Fully taking in the room and my surroundings. Large, clean and rich. An oak wardrobe standing tall in the corner, with a chest of drawers beside it, photo frames and knickknacks littered around the Chest of drawers. The wardrobe door slightly open. Black and white shirts spilling out.
I stand stretching, walking over to the photo frames.

I'm wearing a black fucking shirt.
I grab it. Examining the shirt. Comfy, baggy. And now it's mine.

A rather somber family is standing in the frame....Draco Malfoy!
And with that realisation the bathroom door clicks open, Malfoy walking out.

"Oh. You're up" he resorts seeing me standing by my drawer. A pair of baggy grey joggers hanging on his hips, his hair ruffled and wet.

"Sorry. I didn't want to wake you, but I really had to are you feeling?"

I glance down, remembering what happened. Tears filling my eyes.

I sit back down in the bed, the room spinning.

Marcus. Drink. Him. Touching. No.

I stare off. Remembering what happened, remember Draco...saving me?

He moves towards his wardrobe. Picking out a black top. Slipping it on and walking towards me.

"Clark. Are you okay?"
He asks. His eyes turning softer...
"Do you remember anything? About what happened. Do you want to talk to someone about this?"

I shake my head clearing my throat, looking up at him through blurry eyes.
"No. No. I just. Want to forget...I remember...most of it? I remember you and you hurting him.... Is he dead?"
Malfoy scoffs, crossing his arms.
"No. He's alive. But he should be dead. Fucking disgusting piece of..-"

I choke out a sob, covering my mouth.
Malfoy sits. Leaning forward and offering me a handkerchief.

Well at least he's being nice.

I took it. Wiping away my tears and tucking the handkerchief in my fist.

"Sorry" I mumble looking out the window.
Malfoy shakes his hard vigorously "no. Don't apologise, you have nothing to say sorry for. It's him that should pay for it." He places a hand on my shoulder. His rings cold through the shirt.

"You saved me?" I question, thinking back to the night.
Draco nodded. Looking down at me; his grey eyes piercing me. His hand still resting on my shoulder.

"Thank you Malfoy. I owe you. Truly"

He moves his hand away slowly. Trailing it down my arm. "Don't say thank you. You owe me nothing, I should have killed him" he says matter of factly turning and fixing his hair.
"You can shower if you want. A bath towel is already sitting there?"
I decide to take him up on the offer, suddenly feeling dirty.
I stand, the shirt just covering my ass, shifting towards the bathroom.
"Thank you Malfoy. Seriously"
He holds his hand up "no need. Go shower. You smell of alcohol"

I let out a laugh. "Does this qualify us as friends?" I question. Standing in the bathroom doorway.
"No. It means I tolerate you" he says rolling his eyes and smirking.
I smile and nod.
"Okay then. Acquaintance. Then you can call me Ophelia. I'm sure acquaintances can do that."
And with that I close the door welcoming the hot water that sprays out of the shower.

I strip. Stepping in. Letting the burning water fall over my hair and body.
I grab the shampoo
Mint mystery shampoo 2 in 1

Oh fuck off with Draco Malfoy being a 2 in one guy. No.
I lather my hair in the shampoo. Scrubbing and then rinsing.
Grabbing the body wash I lather up, also smelling like mint.

I lather my body. The bruises of last night showing through the lathering bubbles like a lighthouse swinging its light out to sea.
I begin to scrub. And scrub and scrub. Scratching and clawing at me skin, begging for it to go away and to dissolve into a new fresh layer that nothing and nobody had ever touched.

But the bruises stayed.
I began sobbing, stomach wrenching sobs. My cried echoing around the shower, the tune of the shower and my cries making a noise that would break an angels wing.
I sit on the floor. Rocking. Feeling numb. The water spraying around me almost creating a forcefield of pain and dirt. My hair draped around me, deaths grip. Suffocating me as the water drips down my face, mixing with my tears and snot.

Time passes. I don't know how long. But my cries stifle into panting. The shower becoming numb to my skin.
I get up and leave the shower wrapping the towel around me.

Fuck. I have no clothes.

Groaning I open the bathroom door "Malfoy can you pass me..."

oh. He's gone.
The room was empty. A pile of folded clothes lay in the now freshly made bed. A piece of parchment lying on top.

I walk over and go read it, scanning over each written word with my finger.

I fold the letter, looking at the clothes. A black a size Extra small. Thanks Malfoy. And quidditch shorts. Also in a size "extra small"
It'll do.
I dry myself putting them on, ruffling my hair with the towel and then throwing it into a tied bun. I can dry it when I get back to the dorm.
I grab the note, stuff it in the short pockets, leaving the room making sure I shut the door quietly.

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