Black Swan

Chapter 9- Hot chocolate


Why Lucas was at the party is beyond me. Why he was slinging his arm around Fae, was WAY beyond me.
And why Fae was back, and more importantly, why she was slinking but to my ex. Made my head spin.

Fae became friends with me and Sarah in year 3, and then Lucas joined later on in that year. And so it became the 4 of us. Causing havoc and telling each other everything.
Fae had told us during the summer that her mum had decided to home school her and keep her away from Hogwarts because of what happened in the previous year. And we didn't blame her.

If I could I would have stayed at home too.

I left Lucas near the end of the summer. Writing a letter filled with spelling mistakes and tear stains.
I loved him. I did. But he just didn't fit into my life as my boyfriend anymore, and as much as I hurt, he has a right to hurt more.
I just didn't think he would hurt with my close friend around his waist.

The past summer had such a range of events that it truly changed me, and even returning back to Hogwarts had given me hurdles to propel myself over.

Like Marcus.

But Draco had helped me. Saved me even, and even let me in his room. Why?
And why the fuck do I torture myself like this? He's king asshole, prince of Slytherin. A bully. Someone who made my life hell for so long.
But he helped me, and surely there is more to him than dickhead?

I climb into bed, nuzzling my pillow hoping to sleep.
I need to find a way to pay Malfoy...fuck...Draco. Back.


I wake up groggy, rolling over checking the time.

10:13 Sunday

I slept for almost 24 hours, and I'm hungry. Really hungry.
I swing my legs off the bed, stretching looking around my room. I was still wearing the clothes Draco offered me, not bothering to change out of them when I got to my dorm.

I slither out of them, stalking to my wardrobe hoping to find something comfy. I settle for an oversized white jumper and a beige jogger bottoms. Cozy yet warm.

I brush my hair throwing it into a messy bun, wanting my hair out my face as I apply lip balm, feeling my lips clap for the moisture.
And soon I'm heading out the door, purse in hand


I knock on the big door, the noise echoing around the empty room.
I hear shuffling inside and then the door clicks open and I speak before I freeze.

"You hungry?" I ask twisting my jumper in my hand

"Uh. Yeah I guess." Draco replies looking confused in his joggers.

"Well. I know a nice little cafe in Hogsmede. Get ready, you have 20 minutes. And don't worry. I'm paying"
I smirk ushering him in as he chuckles and closes the door.

His smirk. Ugh.


We walk through the streets of Hogsmede, frost crunching under our feet.
Draco wears a black jumper underneath his blazer. He looks warm.

I should have brought a jacket.

"So. Where are we going?" He asks breaking the silence. Glancing over as he walks around a puddle frozen over.

"Just a small cafe. And they do the best cooked breakfast. Oh and their hot chocolate is amazing!"

Draco laughs. A real true laugh, the noise tricking through my ears making a blush rise on my cheeks.
"Aren't you too young for hot chocolate Ms Ophelia?" He snickers.

I pout and fold my arms. "Maybe. But it's amazing. You'll see when we try it. It's just there cmon"

We walk towards it, entering the store and shaking the frost off of our clothes, Draco rubbing his hands together his rings making a tng noise as they hit together.
Walking to a small table, Draco takes his blazer off and I sit, opening the menu, pretending like I'm not going to order what I do every time.
A young woman bounces towards us, a notepad and pen in hand, her hair tied in a french braid.
"Good morning. What can I get you both"
"A hot chocolate for drink. And a full breakfast please. I'm starving"

She jots it down and then turns to Draco. "And you sir?"
Draco glances at the menu. Sighing and then placing it down.
"A black coffee with-"

"NO!!" I shriek out. Staring at Draco.
"No. He doesn't want a black coffee. He wants a hot chocolate. Like me. Like I told him he would want"

The waitress glanced at me and then back to Draco, jotting down "2 hot chocolates" as Draco shrugs chucking.
"Fine. A hot chocolate, and eggs Benedict. Hold the sauce"

The waitress takes our menu and walks away into the kitchen.


"Why do you wear black on black?" I blurt hoping to say something, anything that won't be awkward.

He smirks. Resting his ringed hand on the table, leaning back. "Why is your hair brown" he resorts.
I lean back defeated, unsure on what to say next.

Our hot chocolates are placed in front of us by the waitress. She leaves and I take a sip.
God I kissed you hot chocolate I think. Letting the sweetness melt the cold in me.
"So whos your ex." Asks Draco watching me.
I spit out hot chocolate, wiping my mouth with my wrist and I regain myself. "How did you know I?-"

"Slytherin party. Drunk you mentioned it to me while you downed firewhiskey. Who is he"

Oh. The party meltdown. Sheesh. I just remembered.

I stare at Draco. Blankly. And then sigh "Lucas Charles. But I ended it over the summer I-"
"Why" interrupts Draco. Not moving his gaze from me.
"I ugh....a lot happened over the summer and I just didn't...he...I just....he just doesn't fit in my life anymore, as my boyfriend. So I called it off" I finish looking down at my hot chocolate, the marshmallows sinking to the bottom as the heat melts them.
Draco nods. Finally taking a sip of the hot chocolate. Wiping some off his mouth with his thump. Placing the hand back on the table in a fluid movement.

"What happened over the summer?" He presses.
I look down. A form building in my throat as I recall it.
"My dad was one of the people in the Ministry of Magic attacks, the one that Harry Potter saved Arthur Weasley from? My dad. He was saved, he's still in hospital it's....not looking good" I finish out in a whisper not looking at Draco in fear he would see my cry. Again.

The waitress returns with our food, Startling us both.
We eat in silence, Draco glancing at me every time he swallows his food.
"I'm sorry about your dad. Now your drunk meltdown makes sense."
I shrug shoving a piece of bacon into my mouth and then chewing...swallowing.
"I haven't cried about it. I just, can't? I just decided to go back to Hogwarts and pretend all is well in the world."
He nods. Almost like he understands. And we continue to eat.
I shift in my seat, finally deciding to ask him. "Since we are playing 20 questions. Why did you help me on Friday? With Marcus?"
Draco finished his Hot chocolate. Looking my dead in the eye as he speaks, "I can't stand the idea of anyone every hurting you. Making you feel bad. And he was hurting you, and he was making you feel bad."
I glare at him. Anger bubbling. "But Draco you were horrible to me for 6 years, what makes you able to do that...I mean Marcus and you are VERY different. Don't get me wrong, but you hurt me too. For a long time and-"
"I know." He blurts out. "I regret that Ophelia. I do. I want to...I want to make you feel good, feel better Ophelia. Happy even."

"Oh. I sigh out.
"Oh" echoes Draco not breaking eye contact.
We finish our breakfast. Cutlery scraping against plates.
I go pay as Draco puts his blazer on. Opening the door for me as we walk back into the cold air.
We walk back towards Hogwarts in silence.
"Did you enjoy the hot chocolate?" I asked. Watching his reaction.
He thinks. And then nods
"you know. I did actually...but...I enjoyed your company more. AND, I'm still a coffee person"
I burst out laughing, hiding the blush as we continue to walk.

He enjoyed my company!
We walk in comfortable silence to Hogwarts, and as we enter the grounds we watch students sit and talk, some walking around to keep warm.
I shiver, pulling my sleeve down my hands.
"Fuck. Are you cold" remarks Draco mentally facepalming himself.
"Aw no it's fine, own fault for not bringing a jacket" I shove out the sentence. Not wanting him to hand me the blazer.
If you hand me your blazer I swear I will crumble

He does. He hands me the blazer. Wrapping it around my shoulders
"Well. You can wear it for the next 30 steps to The entrance. And then next time, I'll pay and you can wear my jacket the entire way there AND back" he responds.
"Next time huh?" I quiz watching his face blush and his head snap forward as to not catch my smirk.
"Next time sounds good Draco. I can't wait"
We walk into Hogwarts, catching glimpses at each other.
We walk towards the Slytherin common room, stopping at the door.
"I uh. Have something To do. But I'll see you later yeah?" Draco says.
I nod "okay. Sure. I'll see you"
He goes to lay a hand on my arm, and then stops. Opting for a wave as he turns to leave. Leaving me alone in the corridor.

***Draco's POV***
I wanted to pull her in for a hug. Smell her hair and feel her body against mine. But I didn't.
Instead I opted for a "see you later" approach and a handshake.
A fucking handshake!?

I pull a silver spoon out my pocket. The spoon from the hot chocolate.
I look at it. Feeling the metal on my fingers, and then drop it back into my pocket.
Something to remember today by.

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