Black Swan

Chapter 12- Sunny skies | Dark Clouds


She tasted sweet, airy. Almost like she belonged in the forbidden section of the library.
We kissed. The moment crashing around us. She needed someone, and I think, I do too.

But as much as I wanted to wrap myself around her and let her feel my heart. I had to keep her at arms length, for her safety.
The dark lord wants what the dark lord wants. And he wants that cabinet fixed, not me finding my love.
The pressure of my task created a never ending feeling of doom, a cloud hanging over me. When I should be on cloud 9...I felt like I was burning in hell.
The death mark had stamped me as a murder. A nothing. A puppet. And I don't want Ophelia ever finding out.


I sit with Ophelia at breakfast, the hall still rather empty. She picks at her food, glancing down the table and then around the hall. Nibbling her lip.
"Are you okay?" I ask breaking her thoughts.
She glanced at me and slowly nods. "Hogwarts is getting less students each week. People are scared. They say something is starting, that there are talks of an uprising."
I gulp, a lump forming in my throat. My saliva congealing.
"Do you think something is going to happen?" I press. I need answers, I need to know where her thoughts lie. If she's scared.
"Well..." she begins nibbling her lip again. "Voldemort is back, so something is gotta happen. I mean, if you think about what happened at the ministry with..."
she stops talking as she recalls the letter of her father.

"I don't know what's going to happen. But I know something will happen and that I'm scared." She finally states looking ahead, clearly firm in her answer.

I sit and ponder her reply. And then inhale. "Ophelia, I won't let them hurt you." I say. Looking straight ahead. My eyes dark and my mind made up.

Nobody will lay a hand on her.

She snaps her head towards me. Eyeing me. "Draco. Do you know something? Who's "them" Draco? If you know something then you need to tell me"

I freeze. Fuck.

"Draco answer me" she pressed placing a hand on my arm.

I hiss at her touch, jumping away like she had burnt me. Her hand fell onto the bench, her face showing her hurt by my sudden refusal.
"Ophelia! We can't be seen doing that!" I snap swinging my legs over the bench.

She looks down, her lip trembling. "I'm sorry. I just though-"
"Thought what Ophelia!? We aren't even together, so just leave it" I bark, standing and storming out the great hall.

We aren't together Ophelia. But I want to be. I do.



His words hurt. But he was right. We aren't together, but his words felt like a dagger in my heart, splintering the possibility of us ever being together.
I want to be with you Draco. I do.

I was going home this evening, for my father funeral. The end of the week arriving quicker than I anticipated. The knot in my stomach would tighten every time I thought about it. Knowing that tomorrow would be the last time I ever say goodbye.
Saying goodbye to my father was something I imagined would happen when I was older, and had my own children.

But no.

"Hey Ophelia. I haven't seen you in ages. I em, I heard about what happened at the Slytherin."
I look up, Sarah sliding into the seat next to me.

I look back down.

I had kinda abandoned my best friend, the events of the party and after it created a tornado in my head, and it blew my friend out of my mind.
"Hey Sarah. I'm sorry. I just. Didn't want to talk about it. And I don't think I want too yet. It all just, happened so suddenly. And then my dad and then classed and just. Everything is a lot. But I miss you"
I gasp as she engulfs me in a hug, her scent wafting back into my nose. Her warmth radiating into my chest.
"Don't apologise dumbass. It's okay! Im just glad you're okay. And I know now isn't the time, but I saw Malfoy leave the hall. He was sitting beside you right? Are you 2 suddenly friends?"

I blush. Not daring to speak.

"Oh my holy fuck!" Sarah squeals pulling away from me, mouth gaping.
"There is SO something going on!! Ophelia Clark! If you don't spill it right now I will shout from the rooftops that the one and only Ophelia Clark has tamed the blonde bint that is Draco Malfoy"

I laugh, enjoying the feeling as I scoot closer to her. Eager to finally tell someone.

"Okay please don't freak. But yeah... I guess there might be something happened. I don't know WHAT so don't freak. But Draco...I mean wait I do mean Draco, might actually be getting closer to me. And he's kind. And he actually is the one who saved me from Marcus, so I owe him a lot"
Sarah grins, grabbing a grape and popping it in her mouth. Biting it and then chewing. Her eyes gleaming
"I swear. If you ever get the Draco dick I want every single little detail. Front and back. Nothing left out"
I blush. Covering my face with my hair, Sarah laughing as I zip up my bag.
"Sarah oh my god. Shut up! I need to go. I'm going home dads funeral is tomorrow"
Sarah stands with me. Giving me another hug and rubbing my back. "I've missed you Ophelia. Text me yeah?"
I nod. Walking away.
I gave Sarah a phone during 2nd year, swearing that it would be our own way of talking in secret. No owls. No magic. Just. Muggle.
Growing up with a parent of each, I grew up with both. Letters and phones. Even music from both worlds. And to me, it created my own perfect little world.

All that was missing was Draco.


I stood in my dorm packing, the room sad and desperate.
The happiness from earlier with Sarah fading as I folded and packed some clothes.
I didn't know how long I was going to be away for. And so I packed a lot. Jumpers and cardigans. Trousers and pants. Tops and vests. Unsure of what or where I would go after the funeral.

Suddenly a knock emitted from the door making me jump.

I walked towards it, opening it to see Draco standing there breathless.
"I lied" he said. Pushing himself in and spinning to face me, his hair falling over his eyes as he swept it out the way.

I close the door and face him. "What do you mean you lied?" I quizzed, my eyes darting up and down Draco. He looked a mess, like he had walked 100 miles and then some more.
"Something is happening Ophelia. Something big, and I don't want you there when it happens, because I do care you and I-"

I hold my hand up to silence him "what is going to happen Draco. Tell me"
And so he does. Draco tells me everything.
The cabinet.
Killing Dumbledore.
The death eaters.
He tell me it all, my head reeling from all the information. Shock sparking through me as he talks and talks. Vomiting all the information out without stopping.

He eventually stops. Allowing me to process.
"Why can't you just not do it Draco? Why can't you just hide at Hogwarts. Dumbledore will help you. He'll hide you, and I'll help to and we can all say you ran away. And then when it's over you can come out and it-"

"Ophelia! It doesn't work like that"
He says blankly.
"Why not. Draco it might actually work. It might actually be something we can do."

"It can't Ophelia. It can't!"
He shouts. Pacing around the room.
"Why not Draco. Why can't you. Do you want to kill Dumbledore? Is that it"

He stops and stares at me. The room losing all air.
"I don't want to kill. Dumbledore Ophelia. Don't be so stupid. But I can never hide. Ever"
"Why!?" I ask again. Walking towards him, this time not backing down. I want answers.

"Because of this Ophelia" and he rips his shirt open, yanking it off and holding out his arm. Standing bare chested as he allows me to see.

The death mark. Scratched into his arm. The hallow eyes borrowing into my soul.
I stumble back shocked. Hand over my mouth.

"I didn't want it Ophelia. I didn't want this I swear. I didn't choose it. I had no choice. Follow or be killed."
I shake my head. Leaving against the door as the world spins on its axis.
"Ophelia please. I'm still Draco. I'm still me. Please don't be scared of me. Please"

Draco shuffles around in his pocket pulling out a small grey phone.

"Look. Sarah gave me this. For us to talk? Just us. No owls. No letters. Faster. And I hated the thought at first, something muggle. But when I realised it allowed me to talk to you. I needed it. Please don't be scared of me Ophelia. Please"

"I'm not scared" I whisper. Looking at the phone in his hand. It looked tiny. His big hands wrapped around it.
"You''re not scared" he repeats. Disbelief laced through his voice.
I shake my head. Standing. "No. I'm not scared Draco. I should be. But I'm not. I know the mark, I know what it does to a person. I know what can happen if you don't follow it"

He exhales, letting out the breath he had been holding, relief swiped
across his face, clearly relieved to finally tell someone about what he had to deal with.

He walks towards me, engulfing me in a hug, his chin resting on my head as his arm wrap around me, warmth and mint.

I look up at him, tip toeing to allow myself to reach his lips. His hands unwrapping as he holds my waist, letting our lips melt together.
His hand trailing up my top, his cold hand making my gasp into his mouth.
He kisses me again, pushing me back slowly towards the bed, his hands wandering over my stomach as I walk. Careful of where I put my feet. Placing my arms around his neck to make sure I don't fall.

I land on my bed. Draco crawling on top of me. Planting kisses down my neck, his hand sitting on my hip and his other hand sits beside my head keeping him up.

"Draco. I haven't ever" I say.
He sits up quickly. Sitting on the bed. At the bottom of my feet.

"I'm sorry. We don't have too. We don't need to. I just"

"Draco. For god sake. I do. I just haven't ever...I've and Lucas we never."

He looks at me. Nodding slowly. "It's okay. We can take it at your pace. Okay? If you don't want too. We don't have too. Okay. Just say the words and we won't."
He sits looking into my eyes.

I am safe. I nod. Understanding.

"Draco. Just come kiss me already. Please. I want too. Trust me. I do" I blush, looking at his chest remembering that he ripped his shirt off earlier.

And he does. He crawls back onto me, placing kisses up my neck and then on my lips, our breathing getting heavier as he trails his hand down my stomach, dancing his fingers around the waistband. Finally slipping his hand under.

I gasp. His hands freezing against my hipbone.

"Are you sure Ophelia" he asks one more time, and I nod. Letting out a moan as he slips a finger into my heat, his cold hands creating a sensation that made my stomach coil.
He starts with one finger, pumping slowly as he nibbles my neck, pecking the sensitive bits as I let out soft moans, squirming under the pleasure, the knowledge that Draco Malfoy was about to fuck me creating a whole new excitement to everything.

He tangled a hand in my hair, pulling it back slightly to get more access to my neck. Entering a second finger into my heat he speeds up slowly, my moan getting louder, his mouth circling my chest. His wet lips leaving little marks.
Our breathing getting heavier. He removed his hands from my pants and he rips open my shirt, a gasp escaping my lips in excitement.
"I'll buy you a new one" he says. Trailing his eyes down my body, eventually leaning in to kiss me.

You're so fucking beautiful" he breathes into my mouth, his hand wandering over my breasts, sneaking under my bra and playing with my nipple.

As he plays. I move my hands to his joggers, feeling his hard length under the clothing. I tug his waistband, signalling for him to take them off.
Draco sits up, pulling his joggers off. Coming back on top on lighting speed, letting out a groan as I begin to play with his cock under his boxers.

How am I going to take all of this.

We continue to feel each other, moans and groans escaping our mouths, the air getting hot and heavy.
He pulls my waistband, lifting my hips he pulls them off in a fluid motion. Moving my pants aside as he enters 3 fingers, pumping fast as delirious moans escape my mouth. My head arching back as I grip into his arm as he pumps.

"Does that feel good" he asks, watching my reaction to each pump.

"Mhm" I let out a whimper. Bucking my hips in time to his pumping, my stomach churning as the coil tightens even more.

"Draco I'm going to cum" I moan. Pants escaping my mouth.

And then he stops. Sticking his fingers in his mouth and then taking off his boxers, his length bouncing out from underneath.

I gulp. Jesus take the wheel.

He climbs on top of me again. Placing his tip against my soaking wet pants.

"Do you see what you do to me Ophelia Clark" he grunts out. Kissing me hard and fast.
"Do you see how much you turn me on. How long I've wanted to taste you. Feel you pulsing around me as you scream my name"
I moan just thinking about it. Kissing him back with force. Showing him I want this.

"Draco please." I whimper. Bucking my heat against his tip. Thin cotton fabric being the only thing between us.
He pulls me up, unclipping my bra the cold air making me shiver.
He slides my pants down my legs, the fabric being discarded in a heap on the floor. Forgotten.

"Are you sure you want this" Draco asks, lining his tip up to the middle of my legs and waits for my reply.

"Yes Draco please" I whimper out.

And that's enough for Draco. He enters me slowly. Letting me adjust to his size. His head rolling back.
"You're so fucking tight Ophelia." He groans. Moving in deeper.

I gasp at the pressure, never feeling the sensation before.
Draco takes my hands in his, kissing me as he enters me fully. Giving me a few seconds before he begins to thrust slowly back and forth, the pressure becoming pleasure and I adjust, my pussy fitting him like a glove.

I moan and whimper, feeling him hit parts of me I didn't know could be discovered.

"I've wanted to do this for so long" he moans out. His hand tangling in my hair and giving it a slight pull. His thrusts getting deeper and faster, his groans and thrusts churning my inside as the pleasure spreads.
"Draco dont stop" I plead, arching my back and grabbing the sheets and he speeds up again. Feeling my stomach tighten and pulse.

"Draco I'm going to cum" I plead out. Bucking my hips as loud moans of pleasing and begging escape my mouth, the thrusting being messy and rushed.

"Cum together Ophelia" groans Draco. Sitting up and gripping my hips as he thrusts harder, the coil in my finally snapping as strings of moans and Draco's name leach out my mouth. Panting and groans emitting from Draco as he too finishes.
He finished and pulls out, flushed and sweaty.

I lie there for a moment, letting the stars dance around my vision. Draco grabbing a towel and offering me it.

I sit up. Dazed and filled. Wiping myself down, my body sensitive.

I stand, my legs shaking as I go to my bathroom giving myself a proper clean and then grabbing a top and a fresh pair of pants from the dresser at the side.

Draco sits on my bed in his joggers, his breathing returning to normal.

"Did you enjoy that?" I ask coming to sit on the bed. Covering myself with covers as the cold air whips around us, the heat from
Earlier dispersing into memories and blushing.

"I did" he replies. Coming up the bed and tucking himself under the covers.
"I enjoyed it too" I stated. Welcoming his heat as I make myself at home on his chest, letting him draw circles on my

We lie there. In comfortable silence, listening to each other breathing.

"I go home tomorrow...for my
Fathers funeral" I say.

Draco pulls me closer, kissing my
Head. "Okay. I'll learn how to use that telephonetic and you can talk
To me when you're away." He says.

I let out a laugh. "Draco it's called a phone. And I can show you before I leave." I suggest. Snuggling into my bed. And into Draco.

"Okay." He replies. Gripping me
"Sleep for now Ophelia. We can think about tomorrow when it starts. For now. Sleep. It's been a busy day."

And with that I feel my eyes getting heavy, content with Draco.

Happy. For once.
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