Black Swan

Chapter 15- That little blue bubble


Ophelia had been M.I.A completely. No calls. No texts. Nothing.
She hasn't even replied to the ones I sent.
I was so worried about her, my day consisting of her and the cabinet.
Each one fighting for dominance over what would worry me more.

She would.

I stopped messaging her after the fourth day. Deciding to give her full space. She lost her father but I wanted to be there for her. Hug her if she needed and be the one to make her laugh and feel okay. Even if it was for a little while.

But she hasn't replied.

I sigh and stuff the phone back it i my pocket, bending over and pointing my wand into the cabinet again.

It was nearly fixed. I was just prolonging the ending, hoping that if I took too long they would decide to pack it up and just not do anything.

Not likely.

" Harmonia Nectere Passus" I say waving my wand, watching as the glowing light dances around the cabinet, causing it to vibrate and shake.
Wiping the sweat from my forehead I step back.

Another couple of days and I wouldn't be able to put it off any longer.

Adjusting my tie, I stretched my neck and closed the cabinet.


I stare. Unsure if my mind had just made that noise up.
I pull the phone out my robe pocket and stare at it, the little blue bubble popping up.

"I need you. Can you come to me? Please..."

I read it over and over again, a smiling rising on my lips. She wants me. She doesn't hate me.

I punch in a reply asking for her address. And within 20 seconds Ophelia sends her address and I'm running out the Room of requirements, eager to hold her again.

I race down corridors and look around, making sure nobody is around to watch me.

And with a crack. My feet are leaving the ground and I twist and turn, landing in front of a small house in a small street.

The curtains move and suddenly Ophelia is standing at the front door, her hair scraped into a bun.

I walk towards her, embracing her in a warm hug, kissing her forehead and resting my chin on her head.
"I've missed you" I sigh out, hugging her that bit tighter.

She begins to sob into my chest, her body shaking as tears seep out her eyes.
I shush her. Picking her up and placing her legs around my waist.

She stinks. So bad. But I can't tell her that. She needs me.

I hobble up the stairs, finding a open door with the walls painted pink.
I stumble in, deciding that this must be Ophelia's room.

She continues to sob, her arms wrapped around my neck.

She looks exhausted, her eyes are puffy with bags under them, her face sunken and starved.
I sit on the bed kicking my shoes off and lean back, letting her lie on me as I rub her back shushing in her ear as her cries turn to small whimpers.

I don't move my hands from her, scared that she'll disappear like smoke. Instead deciding to hold onto her tightly, making sure she knows that I am actually here.

"Ophelia. Do you want to talk?" I question. Hearing that her crying had stopped.

"I just want to stop crying. And being sad. I just want to stop hurting Draco" she replies, her voice small and frail.

I hug her tighter. Deciding that I would make her feel better. I would heal her. I would stop her from hurting.

I sit up. Keeping her steady as I lift her. She looks up from my chest, deciding to not speak.

I walk back out her room and search for the bathroom eventually finding it and placing her on-top of the toilet.
I turn on the shower, letting the water heat up as I locate a towel and things to wash her with.

She sits not reacting. Watching me and then looking down at her lap.

"Ophelia. I'm going to take your top and shorts off okay?"

She nods and I pull the shirt off of her, helping her stand so I can then pull her shorts off, and untying her hair letting it fall into a heap.

She stands naked. Her body thinner than last time I saw her. I gulp at how sharp her bones stick out of her skin, and I open the shower guiding her in.

She walks in and then sits straight on the floor. Hugging her knees as the water sprays over her, her hair wetting and sprawling across her skin like an oil spill.

I get to work. Picking up a sponge and wetting it, pouring the pink gel to soap up the sponge, lathering it in peach body wash.
I start with her back lathering it and then moving onto her neck, turning her head this way and that way ensuring I get behind her ears and below her chin.

Her arms are tiny and light in my hand as I lift it. Washing them entirely and then placing it down, not caring that some water was spraying on my shirt soaking it.

"Ophelia. Darling can you stand for me?" I ask and then quickly help her up as she stands, legs shaking.
I lather her stomach and legs, careful not to make her jump as I get her thighs and lower stomach.

I let the water wash away the bubbles as the room grows warm and fruity.
Finding the shampoo I squirt some into my hands, rubbing them together and then rubbing my hands through her scalp and down her hair, kneading the soap and water deep into her scalp feeling her relax as I do it.
The water also rinsed this out as I find the conditioner, knowing that if a girl doesn't have it, hell apparently erupts from their hair.
And then I repeat the motion, lathering her hair, feeling it soften and become her hair again.

I turn the shower off enclosing Ophelia in a towel, rubbing her shoulders helping her to get dry.

Soon enough she's sitting in her room with fresh clothes on. Her hair partially dry.

"Are you hungry?" I ask moving a piece of hair away from her cheek, cupping her face in my hands.
She shrugs and looks out her window.
I notice on her bed the shards of glass, shifting my eyes back to her.
"Ophelia, what happened. Are you hurt? Did you use-"

"No. I threw the candle" she mumbles looking behind her at the broken mess on her bed.
I sigh and rub her shoulder, picking up the pieces of glass and placing them on the plate of expired food on her table.

"I'm gonna go make you something to eat, and you're going to eat it. And I'm going to watch you okay" I say sternly picking up the plate and opening her door.
She doesn't answer, and instead I leave the room heading down the stairs in hopes of finding the kitchen.
Ophelia's house is small. Filled with photos of family and holidays, everyone smiling and laughing. A ticking clock hangs on the wall, giving the home a feeling of "lived in." Unlike my own home.

"Can I help you" I jump at the noise and turn to see a woman standing in the doorway of the living room.

Ophelia's mother.

"Sorry I uh. Ophelia asked for me to come over, i uh....I should have had I'm sorry. I'm ugh.." I splutter out hoping to hide from the woman.

"You're Draco Malfoy. I know who you are. I know your father."

I bow my head, my fathers reputation exceeds even me. The son of a death eater, who is now also a death eater.

"Ma'am, I'm here just to see Ophelia."

She nods. "I know. I read a letter you sent her. You love my daughter?" She asks looking between the plate I still held and myself.
I nod slowly again. "Yes. I do. And I'm here just to make sure she's okay."
Silence emits the room as she purses her lips. And then smiles. "Very well then. I won't let the actions of your father define you. But if you set one toe out of line, I won't hesitate to hex you far away from her. Kitchen is that way"
And she nods her head towards a half opened door. She turns and closes the living room door, clearly wanting to be left alone.

This house is filled with sadness.

I shuffle around the kitchen, throwing away the food and broken glass, eventually finding enough condiments and utensils to make a sandwich.

"Pretty tasty looking if I do say so myself." I mumble examining my handwork and heading back up the stairs.

I enter Ophelia's room and notice that she's crying again, fat tears rolling down her cheeks as she hugs herself.
I walk over to her at hug her tightly, wiping her tears and then lifting her chin.

"Okay. You leave me no choice darling. I didn't want to do this. But if it's the only way..."
and I pull her up placing her in the middle of the room.

She watches me, hands hanging limp.

I pick up her phone, clicking it open and pick the first song that comes up.

Let's hope this isn't for nothing....

The drums and music start and the beat turns into an uproar of dancing.
I begin to boogie. Awkwardly and rigid. My hips bucking side to side as I swing my arms around my body, like a bee was attacking me.
She stares in bewilderment, her eyes big and round.
I grab her hands and swing them with me, pulling her around the room as the song celebrates.
I dip and turn, pulling her away and then close, spinning her around and then catching her. Moving around the room fast and crazy.
A smile begins to appear on her lips. And I jump and turn almost knocking into the wall.
She laugh, the harmony dancing around us as I smile back.
And we dance. Jumping and clashing into each other, swing our arms and ducking under each other, her hair spinning as she begins to move her feet and her arms.
Her dancing is timed. Elegant. Mine is a fish out of water.
But we move together, safe in our little bubble.

The song stops, both of us collapsing onto the bed, my arm wrapped around Ophelia.
I hand her the plate and she takes it giving me a smile.

"Eat. And then you can pick the next song."

She smiled again, pecking my lips and then takes a bite. Chewing and swallowing.

"Thank you Draco" she says cuddling into the side of me.
I don't answer and instead kiss her forehead.

"I love you" she says.
And then she freezes realising that she said IT.
I chuckle. And then kiss her

"I love you too"
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