Black Swan

Chapter 16- Jesus Take The Wheel


I awake to Draco's arm draped around me, his breathing tickling my neck as he sleeps. Even and deep.

I slowly turn around, Draco stirring as I move.

I look at him, his eyes closed still and his mouth slightly open.

God he's stunning.

I lean forward and kiss his lips, his breathing hitching as he grumbles. Moving closer nuzzling my neck.

"Morning" I chirp, placing another kiss on his lips as he looks up, groggy and uncoordinated.

"Morning" he says, his voice thick with sleep.

Take me now.

"What do you have planned for today" I ask, scooting closer to Draco as he welcomes me.

"Be with you." He says, placing sloppy kisses on my cheek.

I nod. Deciding here and then that today would be a bed day.

I shift closer towards him, placing my leg over his and then hoisting myself up on top of him. Placing myself directly above his cock.

His eyes widen, and he holds my waist not breaking eye contact.

"So, what's your plans for today" he asks, licking his lips.

I lean down making sure I rub against his dick, planting a long kiss on his lips.

I don't answer, instead Draco wraps his hand in my hair, giving a slight tug earning a moan from me.
I grind again, feeling him get hard underneath me. This excites me and I whimper again as he bucks back, rolling his hips and pulling my hair again feeling his rings against my scalp.

His hand travel to my breasts, his hands sneaking under my top playing with my nipple as he moves from my mouth to my neck nipping at my sensitive parts.
I moan again, our breathing melting into one as he lets out groans. His length sitting hard against me, only a thin pair of pants and boxers sitting between us.
I sit up and Draco pulls off my top, revealing my breasts making me shiver as the cold air whips me.
He groans, our grinding and bucking becoming aggressive, my wet pants beginning to soak his boxers.

I stop bucking and begin moving down, Draco's hand not leaving my hair as I shuffle further down, facing his boxers I lick my lips.

I pull down his boxers and watch as his length springs out, the wonder of how I'm going to take it while wanders into my mind.
But it's wiped away quickly as Draco lets out a groaning


I look him dead and the eye and take his tip in my mouth, swirling my tongue around as I slide further down, letting him hit the back of my throat.

He groans letting his head go backwards, his hand tightening in my hair once again as I come back up, creating a steady pace of going up and down, the noises beginning to slurp as it gets messier. My tongue flicking back and forth as he begins to buck, his breathing hitching and then relaxing every time he touches the back of my throat and then bob back up.

He begins to buck against me faster, and I know he's close.
I stop and sit up, letting him adjust.
And then he grabs me, sitting my directly over his hard cock.
I moan loudly, and can't help rock
back and forth.

"You like that hm?"
He groans, leaning forward and planting hot kissed on my neck as he plays with my nipples, my pants becoming drenching as I moan and whimper.

"Please Draco. Just fuck me" I plead, knowing that he wanted it too.

He growls and rips my pants down, exposing me fully as I align myself with his length, slowly lowering allowing myself to adjust.

He hisses my pussy fitting him like a tight glove.
I begin to rock back and forth, feeling his length shift and hit me.
He grabs my hair and pulls me in for a kiss, our tongues colliding as we begin to speed up, Draco matching my pace as he too bucks. Our moaning coming into sync as we kiss.

"You're so fucking tight Ophelia" he whimpers, placing his hand loosely around my neck as he continues to buck, the heat in my stomach beginning to churn.

Jesus take the wheel.

I think as my eyes roll, deciding that his hand around my neck was something I liked.

I moan loudly and I sit up straight letting Draco grip my neck a little tighter, his hand leaving my hair to hold my waist in place as he bucks harder backing me bounce.

He continues hitting all the right places, feeling my stomach coil I moan out again
"Draco I'm so close" I moan, his name dripping off my tongue like honey.

This drives him crazy as he bucks hard and fast.
"Cum then Ophelia. Cum on my dick" he groans. His hand tightening around my neck again as my coil snaps. Spending me into a tidal wave of pleasure, riding his cock the entire way through.
Draco's name and profanities spill out my mouth as I feel Draco release inside me too, groaning and cursing.

We finish and then I collapse beside him allowing our breathing to return to normal.

"That was amazing" he states, placing a kiss on my lips and then standing to go clean.

"You should shower." He says, wiping himself down and then putting on his trousers.

"You go first" I resort, not telling him that my legs aren't ready to move yet.

Draco nods and places a kiss on my forehead and then leaves, the sound of the shower slowly melting down the hallway.

I stare off into the ceiling, reliving parts of what just happened, a blush smeared across my face.

Oh if Sarah could see me now.
I think hearing the bathroom door open as Draco walks back into the bedroom, a towel around his waist.

Don't make me go for round two.

I stand, feeling my legs wobbling but then steady.

"I'm gonna go shower too" I say, walking past him and jumping into the bathroom, not wanting my mum to catch me leaving my room naked.

The water feels amazing. Cascading down my body as I lather up, enjoying the peace after the loud fiasco that just happened.

After my shower I brush my
Teeth and fix my hair, towel drying it and then throwing it into a wet bun.

"Oh fucking hell"
I turn and run into my room in my towel.
Draco stands in the middle of the room, his hand over his arm.

"They want me Ophelia. It's time"

I look at him, eyes wide as I realise that his death mark is glowing.

Voldemort wants him.

"Do you have to kill him Draco?" I whisper, fear creeping into my veins like lead.

He nods. His eyes suddenly losing focus.

"I don't have a choice Ophelia. Look. Shit is about to happen and I don't want you there. Okay?"
He says sternly. This wasn't up for debate.

I nod slowly, and then watch him place his top on.
"I need to go. I'll write to you. Ophelia please just stay away from Hogwarts and don't contact me until I contact you first okay?"

He kisses my forehead and then begins to walk down the stairs, throwing on his blazer and grabbing his wand.

"Draco!" I scream out. Following him down the stairs and out the front door.

"Please. If you have a choice. Choose the choice that will make sure you don't die and we end up together okay?"
I say, throwing my arms around him once last time.

He nods and looks around. Giving me one final look before he disappears with a crack and a puff of black smoke.

I walk back into my house, closing the door I grip my towel tighter.

Am I hell staying put I decide. Running back up the stairs.

I grab the nearest top I can find and a pair of trousers, deciding there and then that I wasn't going to sit and wait for Draco to return.

I was going to make sure he DID come back to me.

And within seconds I'm standing outside my home, glancing at it. Perhaps for the last time.

I think of my mum. My Father. All the memories.
And then I shove it aside, placing my thoughts on Hogwarts.

And suddenly the ground is shifting around me, contorting itself into the high door of the Slytherin common room.

Shit just got real.

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