Black Swan

Chapter 24- The keys to the gulag


The door to the bathroom slammed shut as Ophelia stormed out, her rage radiating off her.

I didn't follow her. I stood and waiting, my mind wiped blank with pain at her words.

"I don't want to be the next person dead at your feet"

I didn't blame her, she was right. Anyone that comes near me either ends up dead or with the death mark.

I breath in, feeling my head spinning. I let a growl erupt from my throat, spinning and kicking the porcelain sink behind me it shattering and slumping to the floor with a crack as the spray of water from the tap launched out of it, drenching my shirt and the floor, puddles forming around the bathroom.

I turned and hurled my fist at the mirror, watching it crack along with the skin of my knuckles, blood seeping down and mixing with the water droplets.

The water sprays everywhere, sounding like a snake as a crack erupts from the back of the bathroom, Fae walking into my eyesight.

"Oh come on now little Lucius, cheer up. You missed all the action my love" She saunters, her smile clear in her words. Fucking bitch.

"Not now Fae, piss off. " I grunt, wiping my bloodied knuckles on my white shirt, no doubt staining it forever.

"I wish I could, piss off, as you would say dear old Draco. But HE sent me, he wants you. And as much as I would rather not be your little Hermes delivering all your messages and shit, the Dark lord wants whoever he wants, and he requested a personal meeting with yourself."

My mouth runs dry and my chest heaves. My third meeting in a month, today he might actually kill me.

I nod slowly, kicking pieces of porcelain away from me as I reach for Fae's hand.

"lets hope he isnt as assault happy as he was last time hm?" She sighs, grabbing my hand.

And then we were being sucked through a tube by the base of my neck, the pressure pressing my eyes forward and then our feet were landing on solid ground. My stomach lurching at the small house in front of us.

Ophelia's house.

"Why are we here" I gasp, forgetting for a second that nobody knew about me and Ophelia.

"I told Voldemort about it, the house of the person who sold my father out, who caused some of his men to be killed. I felt it fitting that he takes solace in the house while the daughter breathes her final breathes in Hogwarts."

I feel sick, walking up behind fae into the house, the hallway black and charred, like someone had burned it intentionally while making sure that the images on the wall were specifically targeted, the faces of all of them scratched out or crossed out.

A target wall.

"He's in the room upstairs on the left, used to be all pink and shit but Bellatrix soon changed it, and I trashed all the stuff that was in it."

I gulp again, stepping up the stairs one at a time, inhaling and exhaling slowly trying to regain my composure before I faced good old snake boy.

The door to the room had been blown open shards of it left littered down the hallway, the air suddenly thinner and stale.

I walk forward and enter, the black of the room drowning out the once happy song and dancing I did with Ophelia.

Oh Ophelia. Your room...

The walls are covered with charred and black soot, the floor crisped and burnt. Remains of what seems to be bones lay littered around the room, Nagini clearly finished with her lunch. The trinkets and ornaments that once sat on the table and window sill are gone, burned photos like the ones in the hallway hanging on the wall, Ophelia's father scorched out specifically in each image, burning marks beginning to trickle onto imaged Ophelia herself. The next target.

Her curtains are ripped and tattered, the moonlight shining through the rips creating reflections against the floor and they dance around Voldemort's feet, illuminating the scaled and twisted feet, his names four sizes too big. The happiness of the room sucked out like a vacuum, the smell of dread and despair thick. Like you could cut it with a knife. Musty. Different. No longer smelling like peaches. No longer smelling like Ophelia.

"Draco Malfoy. My boy"

His voice is stone, cold water thrown over your head when you least expect it. Crawling up your back like a spider you cant shake off, tapping at your nerves as it it clicks up towards your pulse point.

I kneel not making eye contact, scared that if I look he would suddenly discover everything I had done in Hogwarts.

"Dear Draco. I am delighted to see you again my boy, tell me. How are things are Hogwarts."

I grit my teeth and look up, his slitted eyes holding a tally of all the people he had killed. Perhaps I would be next.

He looked gaunt, sicker than before. His cheek bones sharp and angular, his skin so pale that every vein on his face and hands could be seen, like worms digging about in the mud. His hands clasped onto a wand, the bones of the wand just as protruding as the bones on Voldemort, his breath stale and deadly. Like his lungs had already died and rotted away, but he wasn't ready to let go.

"My lord, how can I be of service?" I ask, my voice coming out more confident than I actually was.

Voldemort sits back in the chair, the black torn robe covering his body draped around him like a comfort, Nagini reared her head from the robe, her shape becoming obvious around his torso as she tightened around him and hissed, her tongue licking the exposed part of Voldemort's chest, the man closing his eyes and then opening, breathing in and then answering.

"It seems that you school friend Harry Potter has left the comfort of his Hogwarts home. He and his friends are hunting something of mine, and I am afraid that they may be too close. Tell me Draco, how do they know about this?"

I don't answer, his question leaking into my brain, my mind swiping between glinting memories that involved Potter.

"I don't know my lord, he never mentioned to me. That boy made my life at that school a living hell. I never paid attention to his dim witted words" I reply, genuine truth actually given. I really never did listen to his whining.

"I see. And the school? How do things fair there?" He asks, his expression bored.

"Unraveling my lord, a riot broke out during dinner time. It obtained, but we lost 2 death eaters and many are injured. We also lost the life of a student"

I think of Sarah, the small pang of pain wedged in my ribs making it hurt to breath. Ophelia will never be the same.

"You sound like you care for the girl Draco. Did she mean anything to you?"

I shake my head quickly "No my lord, just a Slytherin girl, but she could have been an ally with us if given the chance. She was quick with her wand, and her mouth"

The lord doesn't speak, he slides 2 fingers down the head of Nagini, the snake slow blinking and then curling back around his body, the muscles taunt against its scaly skin.

Suddenly he lurches forward, gripping onto my chin and my brain alights on fire. The stabbing of Voldemort entering my mind causes e to groan.

Dumbledore stumbles backwards and falls over the edge, his white hair billowing out around him like a shattered halo as he plummets down...down..down. Hitting the ground with a sickening crunch and a scream of delight from Bellatrix.

Voldemort digs deeper, his energy vibrating around my locked cabinet of Ophelia, my weeks of training creating a wall around the memories, too precious for even him to look.

He buries deeper, wanting to reach my early memories.

"The names draco, Draco Malfoy... I extend my hand out to the spectacled boy, his nose turning up towards it. "I think ill make my own friends" He declares, the ginger twat Weasley standing tall

Voldemort shoved them to the side, diving sideways past the first few years, burning my retinas as he blazed past them. I could feel my knees getting weak, the pressure of blocking him out while remaining sane was weighing down on me.

The hot searing pain, gashes upon gashes littered across my body, Harry stood about 8 feet away, his hand still raised from the spell he propelled forward. Where the fuck did he learn that.

My body was on fire, my white shirt soaked in blood in seconds, my gasps and gargles the only thing that could be heard.

Snape bounds in, calling Harry an idiot before he kneels before me, his wand tracing the gashes.

Voldemort sways past it, hardly paying attention as he melts past the memory of me getting my dark mark, the bile rising in my throat as I watch the black lines bleed onto my skin while the heat burns my insides, my fate wrapped.

He steps back, my knees colliding with the floor as he sits back down, running his pointed tongue against his teeth.

"very well. You may leave."

I stand staying strong as I get to my feet, sweat beading on my forehead as I turn to leave muttering a "Thank you my lord" before walking towards the door.

"Oh and Draco" He says making me turn on the spot.

"I shall be moving to the Malfoy manor. As it seems I have no need for this play anymore, and besides, the woman who lived here is too loud. I need a place that actually can keep her...secured shall we say"

I nod and turn, my eyes growing wide. Ophelia's mum? Here? In the house.

Like a devil being summoned I hear a crack and then a scream, the noise echoing around my head as Bellatrix laughs manically. Sweat forms at the back of my neck as it trickles down my neck, causing me to shiver and I turn and walk down the stairs.

Ophelia's life is ending right in front of her, and she has no idea.

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