Black Swan

Chapter 25- Cold to touch | Hot to touch



The riot at the great hall caused a massive wave of anger in Hogwarts students were hurt, Neville had his eye gouged out, Pomfrey frantically fixing it. Giving Neville every single potion she could think of, spending days upon days fixing it. He could see but not as well. Some said that he could make out colours and shapes, but the detail and sharpness had diminished in that eye.

Seamus had his arm broken, twice. Each one being heard down the hall by students that were absently walking past. And Ginny... she got it the worst, Harry Potters little girlfriend of course. She returned from the office three days after the riot, shaken and bruised beyond belief. But she refused to talk about what happened, only shaking her head and telling everyone that it didn't matter. She was different, refusing to acknowledge whatever is is that they done. But she still had the fire behind her eyes.

Sarah was fully dead. That was confirmed by McGonagall herself after she returned to my dorm room, shoulders drooping as she relayed the information Pomfrey had given her.

"Excessive blood loss...seemed to be a quick death...We will find out what happened Ophelia"

I zoned out after her third apology, my mind skimming out towards the black lake, begging for a release.

My place of comfort became the black lake, the silence being a change compared to the heathens that walked around Hogwarts. I hadnt spoken Draco since the bathroom fight, my body shaking anytime I saw a glimpse of blonde only to sigh in relief when it was someone else.

He hardly attended classes, sometimes gone for days at a time and returning shaken or frail.

I walked down the embankment, the grass crisp against the frost that traced the grounds, the lake shining in front go me. A fake beach, a tiny glimmer of the outside world.

I stopped at the edge, the tip of my shoes disturbing the flood plain, the water circling my shoes and then inching back into itself, the pattern repeating its self as I watched, allowing my breathing to follow the cycle.

Water hits the shoes- breathing goes in- water retreats- my breathing leaves my lungs until it hurts.

The water was calm, the creatures below it asleep for the night. The moon giving me light as I walked into the lake, shedding my jacket as the cold nipping at me legs as I pushed forwar, stopping when it lapped at my shins, watching the waves retreat further away and then come back. I gasped at the temperature change, the water jumping up my jeans as they grew wet, the tingling of the cold melting with my toes as the water engulfed my shoes.

I inhaled and then exhaled, lifting back my head and allowing myself to see the stars. Tiny balls of gas burning and igniting, hitting off of each other while we humans, smaller than dust looked at them for direction and guidance. Relying on a spark in the sky more than we seemed to reply on humans. Not surprising.

I walk forward, letting the water rise as it sits at my waist. My jeans stuck to my body.

I stood and watched the still water, the black ink of the surface still, undisturbed. Even through everything that was happening, the lake still remained still. Perfect. A glass mirror staring back up at the sky.

The air still, clear. Almost like it hadnt been touched by the despair that had become the magical world. Everything inter the water untouched, almost like it was a shield of all things shitty. A protective spell over the fish and mermaids.

A gust of wind swept past the tress and skipped over the lake like a skipping stone, the ripples vibrating around the entire lake disappearing from view as others followed suit. A chain reaction of simplicity among a sequence of death and blood and chaos. A fucked up twisted thread of murder and wand whipping, thousands of spells being fired at people while they fell dead. Their ripples slowing down, nothing following. Just...death.

I walked forward, the bottom of my hair skimming the water as I swayed my hands against the tip of the water, my fingers dipping in and curling out, the water washing against my palm. Washing away the tension.

The bottom of the lake levelled out, the stones becoming smoother and more rounded, a yellow brick road for me to follow. The lake allowing me to be clear, to stare back at something that wasn't bleeding, or snarling, or smirking. To look at something that was still intact and pretty, still alive. Still breathing, moving. A piece of the world that was still okay, inviting. Peaceful. Silent.

My nipples jerked at the water coming into contact, the padding of my bra lapping up the water as my yellow top stuck to my skin, shivers running down my body and goosebumps forming on my arms. I audibly gasp, my breath coming out in a gust of heat, the cloud dispersing into the cold air as I tuck my hair behind my hair, my wet hand sending droplets down my neck.

I lean back, allowing myself to float, be weightless. My hair becoming like rat tails as the water licked it up. My scalp turning into brain freeze as the lake sucked my breath away. This was the closest I had gotten to being peaceful since before the summer.

I dunked my head under, my lips pursed closed as the water engulfed me, muffling the world and opening my ears to a underwater world of...sanity.

My dad floated into my mind. His teeth white as his laugh rang out into the open, creating tiny little ripples around the lake, his arm going around my mums shoulder as she leaned into him, her hair pinned up, the clip in her sparkling like the moon.

My mind skipped and trickled to Sarah, the waterfall of memories freezing into an iceberg in front of my eyes, frozen in time. No more new ones to make. I screw my eyes shut, opening them again once the image of her dead body left my view. Her warmth and strawberry scent instead wafting into scent, waving my hand around in the water is almost felt like her hair...almost. Almost like she was standing in front of me, her lips pulled back in a laugh as she screamed my name in delight, probably to tell me one of her master plans, or a story that she would have already told me a thousand times before, but I would listen every time. Enjoying her excitement.

Someone else dead. Someone else gone and not coming back. Stiff as a board. Dead as a door nail. Till death to us part, ashes to ashes. May the worms eat your corpse while I continue to live and breath, don't mind me. Ill just live without you. Bitch.

My mind jumped and changed to Draco. He always reminded me of the lake, cold to see but warm to touch and be next to once your body adjusted to the temperature. His jaw shaped like the edge of the lake, his hair stark and blonde. Electric and identifiable even in the darkest of rooms. His laugh reminded me of the splash the big squid made in the lake, big and powerful, creating a tension in the air around him that would make people smile when they heard it, allowing it to disperse around the room like a ripple, people smiling or laughing in reply.

I could stay under here forever, the silence of the lake a comfort in the dark.

I have so much I want to say, do. So much I want to achieve and accomplish, I want to win and survive. I have so many memories still to make, memories to relive and wishes to make come true. Lights to turn on and accomplishments that

But I am so fucking tired. Exhausted. Pissed off at the continuous up hill battle, never quite getting all the way up before the boulder comes crashing back down to the bottom and I have to start all over again.

An easy way out. I can see it now "Hogwarts girl found drowned in the lake."

I wouldn't even get a news article, who am I kidding.

I closed my eyes for a second time, feeling my body fill with lead. Feeling my hands finally be released from the tension.

I would go find my dad, search in the clouds for his smile, his laugh. Search for his arms as he wraps them around me, kissing my head as he pats my back.- "Breathe Ophelia"-

Letting him pull me towards the table, Sarah already making a table up of all my favourite foods, her smile contagious- "Ophelia breathe, come on"- Let Sarah engulf me in a hug, crushing my chest and squeezing all the air out of my lungs. – "you better wake the fuck up. Come on you stupid"- Let them hold me, warm me up. Wipe the coldness of my arms and shake it out of my hair. – "Ophelia please, please darling come back to me"

Let them sit me down. Let them give me—-

I gasp.

Raw. BURNING. Fire ripping up my throat. Someone chocking. Water all over my face. Someone praising? Cold. FREEZING. Cold ground. Grass. Blurred vision. Hitched breathing. Pain.

Alive. Breathing.

"Don't ever try anything like that again. You idiot"

Draco? What was I doing?



There on the edge of the lake: Ophelia's jacket, covered in mud and wet.

I watched the lake. Searching for her. Scanning my eyes around the perimeter as the world lay still. No noise. No life. No Ophelia.

"Ophelia?" I shouted out. No reply. A gust of wind blew and rippled across the water.

I shouted again, still nothing. Taking a step toward my shoes met the edge of the water, gasping as the freezing cold water bit my toes and foot.

And something in my chest seized. Something in my brain snapped, and suddenly I was pulling my shoes off, throwing back onto the grass followed by my socks.

Aiming for my jacket next I wrenched it off and flung it to the ground before running in.

I could spot her hair riding the ripples my feet had made moments before.

The water was ice cold, soaking my shirt as I took one long dive into the lake.

It was dark. Muddy, only able to see my hand in front of my face for a few seconds before it would disappear in the flurry of moved mud and stones.

I flaked around, reaching out my hands and then bringing them back when the grabbed onto nothing. Moving further my body began to ache, the cold seeping into my bones making me move slower.

But being slow wasn't an option.

I stuck my hands out again, squinting my eyes praying that they would allow me to see and save her. But still nothing. No Ophelia, no hair, no hand.Nothing. Almost like she hadn't been there in the first place. As if I had dreamt it all and seen nothing but weeds in the water.

I turned my feet downwards ready to kick off, my feet hitting something.

And there she was floating. Almost like she was asleep on a bed of nothing, her hands and legs slowly spreading apart as her hair reached up towards me screaming for my help.

I gulped again, forcing my lungs to keep in air and pulled her up into my chest, gripping onto her as I swam up.

We broke the surface with an almighty splash, oxygen filling my lungs and the water whipping around us as I moved back towards land, towards warmth.

Ophelia was limp, cold and almost doll like, her body slumping against me as I clambered out of the lake, the air no longer silent but instead screaming in every direction. The wind and tress telling me to save her. Do not let her die.

I hauled her up the embankment, her hair tangling around the grass as I heaved, laying her down on the dryer area dropping it my knees.

"Breathe. Come on breathe!" I thumped her chest again, latching my mouth around hers and blowing my head going dizzy at the loss of oxygen.

"Come on Ophelia, fucking breathe" I pumped my hands against her chest, pushing her chest in counting with each beat.

1..2..3..4 Blow. Back to pumping her chest 1...2...3...4

"Please Ophelia come on, open your eyes"

Blow. Exhale into her mouth, feel her lungs fill up. Pump her chest again. 1...2...3...4...

"Do not fucking die on me you hear me!" I scream, wiping the hair from her faces and running my thumb down her cheek and under her chin.

She was blue, her lips a deep purple. Hints of frost and ice catching her eyelashes and hair, the cold sucking out her rosey cheeks. She was dead. Ghostly. She looked peaceful, like all the worry had been smoothed out of her face with a iron, the darting of her eyes as she looked around when she walked was instead just...dead.

It was raining. The rain falling from my eyes as I stroked her hair, my hand resting on her chest.

"No. You are not getting to die like this, not like this."

I shook her, rag dolling her shoulders back and both, her neck stretching and then relaxing, her movements caused simply by my own hands.

"Please Ophelia. If you wake up, I promise you. You can hex me so hard. Slap me even. Ill even let you kick me in the nuts if it will make you feel better. But you need to wake the fuck up." I shout, shaking her and then latching my mouth onto hers, blowing air and then inhaling through my noise. My cheeks ached from puffing them up with hair.

My heart pounded, blood thundering in my ears as my body turned to lead, my hand beginning to bruise as I punched her chest again. I could feel every single inch of my body, another punch, the pain pinging like an elastic band around my heart. Another punch, I could hear every single mechanical thing my body was doing to live. Breathe. Punch. Beat. Punch. Move. Punch. Think. Punch. Feel. Punch. I could feel it do what hers had stopped doing.


It was like the world had stopped, air rushing out my lungs as if someone had sucker punched me right in the ribs.

Her chest heaved and her mouth sputtered open, water throwing forward as she gasped and retched.

Her eyes flung open and and her body contorted up and forward, her lungs rearing like a horse back into action.

I clutched my chest, watching her gain her surroundings, her hair stuck to her neck and she looked around.

"Don't ever try anything like that again. You idiot". Why were you in there"
I cried out, lurching forward and grabbing her shoulders, almost sobbing at the difference, her shoulders now warm and heaving.

"Draco i-" She sputtered and looked around, her arms wrapping around herself as she took me in, her eyes coming back losing focus and then coming back in.

"Ophelia why the fuck were you in there? It's almost freezing temperature in there, you were DEAD. You had died, and I just had to bring you back. Why the fuck where you in there, why did you think drowning yourself was okay. Why did you even think for a second, for a single SECOND, a millisecond. Why did you think that drowning yourself was okay. That it was sane?! That it was-"

"I wasn't trying to drown myself" She replies, finally making eye contact. Angry.

"What do you mean you weren't trying to- Ophelia you were in the water! Freezing! Cold! Water! I had to jump in and save you! I had to bring you back, I was banging on your chest I was-"

She sits up, readying herself to stand up. "Well thank you very much for trying to save my life Draco. But I already told you that I don't need your help, and I wasn't trying to drown myself I was..."

She fades out, looking back towards the water and then snapping away picking up her jacket and shoving it on and shivering.

"You were what Ophelia. Tell me, what were you doing. Mermaid hunting? Because from my point of view it was like you were-"

"For the final time Draco. I wasn't trying to drown myself. And I certainly do not need your fucking point of view."

And with that she stormed up the bank towards the school.

I sat, my body shivering and cold. My head bowing and them coming back up so quickly it almost gave me whiplash.

"You know what, no. You are not walking away from me. Not after that, not after this." I shout, standing and grabbing my shoes and jacket, half running half hopping as I shoved them on, my frosted feet protesting at the sudden movement. I run after her, following her as she whips her hair behind her, the squelching of our shoes almost in time.

"Draco not now. You helped me, thank you. Very much. Really. But I don't need your help." She protested, turning her head to look at me as she stepped up the stairs and entered the courtyard, the lights dancing around us in comparison to the dark moonlit lake that we had just faced.

"Ophelia. Why are you." I grunt as I fit my shoe onto my foot properly, catching back up with her again, turning the sleeve of my suit jacket the right way, watching the mud and trapped water sprinkle out of it.

"Ophelia will you wait!" I shout.

She had reached the door, stepping into the hallway of the school, the warmth engulfing her as she let out a sigh, rubbing her hands together and then groaning when she spots me.


"What?" I reply, stopping four steps away from her.

"She stands and looks at me coxing her head to the side. "Your suit jacket is inside out." She declares, turning on her heels and storming towards the stairs.

I groan, taking it off and turning it the right way as I follow her, not breaking my eye contact from the back of her head, my anger beginning to act like a radiator, heating up my inside as smoke blew out my nostrils.

She reached the stairs, the case still moving as she gripped the side, jumping up them.

"Ophelia, why are you running from me. Can we at least talk about this? You tried to KILL yourself. You tried to-"

"DRACO. For the last fucking time. I did not try to kill myself. Do you want me to say it in fucking Russian? How about goddamn french!? "

I opened my mouth to speak but she beat me to it

"je n'ai pas essayé de me tuer". She shouted out, portraits on the wall stirring and mumbling about loud students.

"tu es un mauvais menteur!!" I scream back, fixing my hair and staring back at her, the portraits now fully awake.

We stand and stare at each other, the anger zapping between us as the portraits settle again, a couple of them declaring their intention of reporting us to the carrows.

"Fine Ophelia. You didn't try to kill yourself. But can we please go and talk about this, because you nearly died."

"Fine." She shoots back, turning back on her heels and walking back up the stairs, my body lurching into action to keep up with her.

We passed corridors and alleyways, Ophelia clearly knowing where we were going to talk.

Perhaps she was going to kill me. I wouldn't put it past her. I thought, unbuttoning a shirt button remembering that my clothes were wet and cold. Very cold.

We stopped outside the doors to the Room of requirements, my breathing lurching and my throat tightening.

"does it really have to be here?" I question as I shuffled from one foot to the other. Deciding her answer was a swift know as she pushed open the door and walked in, my legs following like muscle memory.

The room was dark, the soft outlines of objects visible as she cast a light spell, the candles around the room roaring with fire as the room dipped into a light.

It was the cluttered room that the cabinet was, but things had been moved or cleared out, a fire installed on the wall with a sofa and a rug. A table already there filled with towels.

"I come here a lot" Ophelia said, walking towards the couch and taking her jacket off dropping it on the floor before she takes a towel.

"It reminds me of where it all started, you know?

"Where I started it all." I comment, pointing to myself watching the fire flicker.

"Keeping this room the way it was before...well, before you know. Makes me feel sane." She continues, watching the fires too. The cold on our bodies suddenly becoming privelant.

"Ophelia why were you out there, you almost died. You would have if I wasn't there. You nearly drowned"

She rolled her eyes, turning back around and taking her shoes off, kicking them under the couch.

"Draco I already told you, I wasn't trying to fucking drown myself. I was looking, I wanted to see what was in the lake i-"

"Ophelia that is so much bullshit and you know it. We studied the fucking lake with Hagrid. And as much as that giant knucklehead drones on and on, we all know. So stop bullshitting me."

She turns to face me, her hair fanning behind her as her eyes bore into mine, my body shrinking back at her anger.

"I didn't want your fucking help' she cried out, stepping towards me with fury. "I didn't fucking ask for you to come and be my knight and shining armour Draco. I wasn't sitting in the lake wondering if you were gonna come be my saving grace and pull me out of the dark deep depths. Not everything evokes around you, you fucking asshole"

"Oh well you got my fucking help. And a thank you would go a long way you know. I'm an asshole? Well youre an ungrateful bitch."

She stands two steps away from me, her eyes wide as she breathed out her nostrils in a quick motion.

"Ungrateful? IM ungrateful? Sorry, but I think if its any thought, that the only person who should be ungrateful about all of this is Dumbledore. WHO by the way you murdered. Not cool F.Y.I Draco."

I close the two step gap between us with one long stride, closing in on her face so our eyes are level.

"I did not kill him." I reply. Standing up straight, my patience and time zero.

"You didn't kill him?" She asks, unsure if she heard me.

"No. I didn't. You told me to choose an option that would keep me alive and keep us together, but I couldn't do both. So I was gonna kill him therefore keeping me alive. But snape beat me to it. And then I left you because things got too much and there is a war happening if you didn't realise Ophelia. While you've been moping around there is a war happening. So I left you to save you, and since then you've been waltzing around the school like a fucking punchbag"

"You didn't kill him" She breathes out, her body relaxing as she leans back slightly her eyes dazed.

"No I didn't Ophelia." I reply. Confused as she swept her hand down her hair, getting stuck on the knots as she removes her hand, placing it on her chest.

"I thought- I assumed. The letter you. And I never asked after it. I just- I thought you did." She looks relived, her chest heaving with the intense inhales and exhales as she looks me up and down.

"No Ophelia. I didn't kill him. Snape did. I couldn't- I couldn't bring myself to do it."

The silence feels almost deafening as she process and churns the cogs in her mind. Her mind leaping her imaginary red thread as if she had the entire crime mapped out in her mind like a link analysis, my image stamped on the board with MURDERER, while the white bearded victim lay in the middle of it.

"I did not kill him Ophelia. I swear it. I couldn't I-"

" I believe you" she blurts out. Her eyes trained on my own, a cocktail of emotions crashing behind her pupils.

"I believe you" she repeats again, lunging towards me taking my breath away as she crashes her lips onto mine, them moulding together like clay.

"I believe you" she mumbles into the kiss again, wrapping her hand into my hair and gripping. "I believe you Draco" she says again, breaking away took at me before going back in.

I close my eyes, tears threatening to break over as I curve my body into hers, engulfing her with my arms as I kiss back harder. Hungry.

" I couldn't. I couldn't- I wouldn't" I say, my words mumbling into one breath as I glide my hand to the bottom of her back, a moan escaping her mouth as I move down to her neck, nibbling on her pulse point just below her ear.

I grab her ass, pulling her up until her body is pressed against mine and her legs wrap around my waist, her breathing getting heavy as our hands travel over each other, hungry. Missing the touch we hadnt had in so long.

We stumble back onto the couch, the soft cushions catching Ophelia was I leaned back, kicking my shoes off for a second time that night and then diving back down, crashing my lips to her.

Our tongues dance around each other, pushing against each other while my hands snake up her torso, stopping at her neck as I give a tight squeeze with both hands before trailing them back down her beck and breasts.

She moans again, her eyes fluttering open and then shut again as I push her top up, exposing her stomach.

It felt like years since I touched her, forgetting what she smelt like. Forgetting the feeling of her moans against my lips as I pressed against her.

I leaned back, pulling her forward and then pulling her top up over her head, throwing the top somewhere on the ground with a wet slap. Her white laced bra now on show, her breasts perfectly placed in them. A chest hiding its treasure.

I dip back down, licking and nibbling her stomach as I moved up, her pants eager as she tugs at my hair. My hands a dance around her jean button, the denim wet and sticking to her. I wrestle with her, Ophelia lifting her hips as I yanked it off.

She giggles as the too are tossed to the floor, her white pants matching her bra making my mouth water.

"Ophelia you're perfect" I groan out, feeling my self get harder as she lies below me. Smiling. Her hair tousled and damp still.

"Hard already Draco? You must be so desperate." She smirks, her eyes travelling down to my hard length.

I lunge forward grabbing her by the throat, her eyes rolling at the sudden force.

"Oh really. Desperate? Don't act like you're not soaking for me Ophelia. Let's not forget who started this." I hiss through my teeth, my lips brushing her neck as I feel her pulse quicken.

"Oh wish I was wet Draco. So many fantasies about me and then-"

She doesn't finish her sentence, I lean back and rip her pants off her body, the lace fraying in my hand as it comes away easily. It too follow suit of her clothes, finding its place on the ground.

I use my left hand to spread her legs further, feeling her groan at the fired muscle pain as I stretch them, looking her dead in the eyes as I plunge two fingers into her heat. Her moan bouncing off the wall as she arches her back, giving her no time to process further before I'm pumping my fingers, beckoning for her to unravel underneath me.

"Oh fuck Draco" she moans, hands running up her waist and massaging her breasts, her lip being caressed by her teeth as she moans and squirms.

"You are wet for me see." I grin, her wetness soaking my hand in seconds, my rhythm not changing as I mean forward.

"I'm the only one that can make you feel like this aren't I ophelia" I groan, feeling my length press against her stomach.

She shakes her head, her legs shivering as she buttons her mouth closed.

"Oh so you're playing that game hm" I grit out. Taking my fingers out of her pussy and licking them clean, letting her watch as she shudders.

she reaches towards my belt buckle, her fingers grazing my hard cock before I slap her hand away, pining my hand on her throat and leaning forward.

"You. Do not get to touch this.." I say pressing my length against her heat forcefully, hearing her whimper and groan while I continue.

"You do not get to touch this until you are begging for it." I declare as my body slinks back until my lips are back at her stomach, tracing down her hips and placing a kiss on each one before biting: leaving a mark on MY territory.

She mumbles my name and I dive my tongue into her heat, not giving her the pleasure of teasing as I kitten lick up and down, her juices covering my mouth and sliding down my tongue like gold.

She moans loudly, her body arching as she grabs my hair, rolling her hips in time with my licks, my tongue diving into her and then swirling around her clit, feeling the buds of nerves pulse against my tongue.

"God Draco- oh. Draco- Oh god yes" she moans out, her eyes rolling as she grips onto the side of the couch, her panting making her breasts sway.

"Say it Ophelia. Tell me I do it the best. Tell me that I make you cum harder than anyone before" I demand. Biting her clit and then dipping back down, my groan vibrating around her pussy as she pushes my head further down, hips jerking as I hit each sweet spot.

"Draco I'm gonna cum- I'm gonna- oh my god" she pines, her body beginning to jerk as I feel her stomach tense. Closing in.

I suck her clit again and then step away with a pop, grabbing her hair and pulling her forward, using my other hand to start my belt buckle.

"You aren't cumming yet slut. Not until ive fucked your mouth and then fucked you senseless. Breaking you for another man"

She groans again, rolling her eyes in pleasure as she she takes my belt buckle, undoing the latch and then the zip with a quick motion, pulling it down with urgency. Licking her lips and then looking at me, pulling my boxers down and letting my dick bounce up and hit the tip of her tongue, taking the plunge and wrapping her mouth around it.

I groan, her wet mouth and tongue ice skating around my cock, her mouth bobbing up and down as she licks and sucks, the noises getting sloppier as I wrap my hand in her hair, pulling her back to look at me. Before I push my length into her mouth fully, her gag reflex tightening around my tip as she gags, her eyes watering as she continues to bob. My hand pulling her head back and forth at the speed I wanted, her tongue simply swirling.

I fuck her mouth. Hearing the slurping and gagging as I grunt and feel my dick twitch against her mouth, the movement erratic and uncoordinated.

"Fuck Ophelia. Your so fucking good at this. Look at you, so fucking stunning kneeling there with my cock in your mouth. Do you like that hm? Does anyone else fuck you in the mouth like this" I ask, gritting my teeth as my stomach begins to curl.

I pull her off me, pushing her back onto the couch and settling myself in between my legs, feeling her pant and groan as I slide my tip along her entrance, leaving a string of moans and pleads escape her mouth.

"Who fucks you the best" I ask again. Teasing her with my cock by sliding it in slightly, pulling back out before she can buck her hips and take more.

"Please draco." She groans hissing out her teeth as I stroll my length over her entrance again.

"Do you want me to fuck too Ophelia? I assume, feeling the need ooze out of her mouth, her panting becoming angered and flustered, her pinked cheeks matching her lip colour.

"Please Draco. Just fuck me" she begs, her back arching as I grab her waist.

"If you want me to fuck you, then you can do all the work" I reply blandly, grabbing her up and sitting her on my waist, allowing her to position herself over my dick.

She bites her lip and lowers herself over me, both of us hiding as I slide into her like a glove, feeling her tight pussy take my entire length, feeling my tip hit her cervix.

She throws her head back, groaning as she moves her hips forward, sky rocketing my senses as my hands cling to her waist, lifting her up and the down.

I take one hand when grab he throat, forcing her to look at me as I make her bounce, the slapping of our bodies mingling with the panting and crackling of the fire.

"Draco you feel so good". She melts out, the words dripping off her tongue as she bounces, her breasts jumping and twitching as her hair falls in front of her shoulders, her mouth parted as my I hit her sweet spot.

"God right there. God yes don't stop" she moans out, her hips twitching as she climbs the mountain.

I pull her forward, locking my arm around her lower waist as I move in her, rapid and fast, drilling her as she screams out and throws her head back.

"Draco don't stop- don't. Oh god. Don't stop- yes. Yes- right- right there. I'm so close Draco I'm so-"

She groans out as she reaches her peak, tumbling down the side as she writhes and shakes above me, her head bending into my neck as she shudders, my length step pumping in and out of her riding out her orgasm over my dick.

"Good girl Ophelia. Cuming all over my dick like that." I praise, slowing down lifting us both us as our lips meet again, her breathing melting into my mouth as I swallow it all, her shivering body ending electric currents through my body.

I walk with her around my waist, my length teasing her sensitive clit as I place her down behind the couch, slowly turning around and pushing her head down towards the cushions she was gripping onto moments ago.

"Tell me Ophelia. Has anyone ever fucked you like this, while youre lying there helpless. Getting pounded so hard you cant walk the next day"

She shakes her head and bites her lip, watching me stroke my length before I enter her slowly. Lapping up her moans of pleasure as I brush against her nerves, still sensitive from her unraveling.

She throws her head back in pushes her hips against me, my groan echoing around us as I grab her hair, moving myself out of her almost fully before slamming back in. A scream unloading from her lips as she shivers, her head bowing and hips coming back...wanting more....needing more.

"Fuck me Draco. Fuck me like nobody has or can before. Fuck me. Hard" She begs, her eyes looking at me, her needs clear. The same as my own.

I pull out again and pump in, creating a fast rhythm, pulling her hair back as I grit my teeth, her wet pussy sliding around me as my stomach dances and heats up, the months of being deprived from her bubbling into this moment. Of needing her. Wanting her more than oxygen. Needing to hear her scream my name in pleasure, her heavy breathing caused by the orgasm I gave her, me alone.

We fuck hard, my hand dancing over her ass before giving it a quick slap. Ophelia groans and I do it again, my dick pounding into her, making her legs shake as I grip onto her hair, my hand slapping her ass again as I moan out.

"God Ophelia. So fucking tight- so good. Ive missed you so- so- so much. Your skin- your moaning. Hearing you moan my name- ugh- hearing you.." I stop talking and pump her harder, letting my hand grip her waist as she arches her back letting me go deeper.

"Draco I'm so close. I'm so close- I'm gonna cum again" she whines, her eyes rolling and her hands gripping onto the couch for dear life, scared that if she lets go. She'll float away.

"Cum for me Ophelia. Cum on my dick. Scream my name. Let the whole fucking world know who you belong too"

And this sends her over the edge.

"God yes Draco. Yes. Draco yes- there. Don't-oh-ugh- don't stop. Draco, Draco"

She spills my name over and over again, her body jerking as she howls and screams, her pussy clenching around me as I feel myself reach my peak. tumbling down as I unload inside her, groaning as I lean into her, kissing her neck and trailing my teeth down, feeling myself twitch and release. Our orgasms leaving us speechless as we stabilise ourself.

We pant and regain our sight, sweat dripping down the back of my neck as I straighten myself, allowing Ophelia to stand and turn around, her arms lacing around my neck as she pushes her lips against mine.

"I need to sit down" she breathes out, her legs shaking against mine as I laugh.

I lift her up, walking around the couch and placing her down, looking at the table that once had the towels on it, only to find that they had been replaced with a huge blanket. I grab it and drape it across us, letting her lean against my side arms wrapped around her as she plays with my hand.

"You know. Angry sex is great" she declares, smiling up at me as she takes my hand twisting my rings around my fingers.

"Hm. I agree" I say, leaning over and placing a kiss on her lips.

We sit in silence. Allowing our company to speak more words than needed in that moment.

I breath in. Deciding to speak. "Ophelia. I didn't mean that letter, I did it to help, to protect you. I didn't think that maybe-"

"I know." She replies, gripping my hand and turning to face me, both our backs now against the couch, her legs draping over mine.

"Can we pretend it never happened?" She questions. Placing her head on my shoulder.

I nod, before realising she cant see me "yes. Please. I cant go that long with having sex with you ever again. I promise I will never leave you like that again" I declare. Cuddling her closer and lying against the arm of the chair, letting her lie on my chest.

"Good" she breathes, sleep laced in her words. "I will become your worst enemy if you do". She says

I glance down at her, moving the hair from her face before breathing in to ask.
"Ophelia. Why did you try to drown yourself" I ask, feeling her body tense before she looks at me.

"I really wasn't trying to Draco, i went to cool off. Get some quite from everything going in, its probably the most untouched place from all of this. And i just, went in..needing to feel the cold. Needing to feel something that wasn't loss or pain, confusion or anger. I sat thinking about everyone. You. My dad. Sarah. The war. How fucked everything was. And when I went under, i felt how cold it was, how shocking and ordinary it was. Through out everything, the lake hadn't changed. It hadn't become a hot boiling mess. It didn't have tons of dark magic in it like Hogwarts now has. It was just, cold. And plain. Quiet. Simple. And I was under the water thinking about everyone, almost like I could see them Draco. Almost like i could hear Sarah laugh, hear my dad say my name. And for a second. Just for a SECOND...I thought...whats the point? Why come back up for air when the only people that gave me life are gone, or no longer with me"

She shifts her weight and glances at the fire before looking back at me.

"I swear I planned to come back up, I didn't even know i was out for the count until you were in front of me shouting at me...I thought i was with dad...and Sarah"

I sit and let her talk, feeling her body lean into me as I grip her shoulder, pulling her in closer.

"I believe that" I say, finally leaning against her and watching the fire blaze, happiness mixed with hear as I think about her home.

She nods, happy for the conversation to be over, letting me guide her down to lie on her chest again, sighing as she wrapped her hand in mine.

"Don't leave me again Draco. I dont think we deserve anymore pain after this, not when people are already dying and hurting around us."
She sighs out, sleep laced in her voice as she begins to relax.

"I told you I wouldn't Ophelia. I mean it, i promise. Sleep.."

She nods slowly, letting sleep take her as I look out towards the junk still in the room far behind us. The cabinet that started it all possibly still hiding in it all.

I am the only happiness you have right now Ophelia. I don't plan on taking that away from you. I think, closing my eyes and allowing sleep to consume me, peace at last.

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